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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

“Way down yonder in New Orleans...

...In the land of dreamy scenes
There's a garden of Eden
You know what I mean."
     ~ Louis Armstrong

The park is located in TREME [tre may] district of New Orleans. It is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city, and early in the city's history was the main neighborhood of free people of color. It remains an important center of the city's African-American and Créole culture, especially the modern brass band tradition.

* * *

As early as the late 1700s, New Orleans was occupied with colonial homes and owners of slaves. History tells us that the masters of slaves would allow them the day off each week, on Sunday's. And they would gather by the 100s at an area of the city; called Congo Square. Now the reason I had to see this part of town was for the fact I had just finished reading a novel, the Voodoo Queen by Tallant. And if you follow my blogging any, you'll also know the book was about the factual voodoo priestess, Marie Laveau. She never practiced the 'bad' voodoo; always practicing the good voodoo for her clients. Marie had 15 children by her husband, became quite wealthy and eventually became the voodoo high priestess of New Orleans. This section, called Congo Square, is part of what is today, Louis Armstrong Park. The park is vast. It is beautiful. [once again, as I mentioned yesterday in my post - New Orleans is renowned for corruption and crime]. We were warned NOT to go in the park at night. So, we waited 'til the next day, in daylight, [the city closes the park at 6 PM with iron gates; what a shame high crime is so rampant that a beautiful, cultural park has to be closed down to the public in some areas.] - Walking around this large piece of land, you will find gorgeous Autumn colors [like I said before, Autumn doesn't come around in the South 'til late November early December]. In every nook and corner, bronze statues saluting the city's jazz and blues history...fountains and bridges, flowers and manicured and lush landscaping....

* * *

...within the park

Read more about CONGO SQUARE

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1. Will you be hosting any house guests between now and the end of December? Does that thought make you happy or crazy? Do you do anything special for your guests to make them feel at home? How long should a house guest stay? Nope, family is out of state, except for Erik and he has made other plans. I invited all my nieces and nephews to come and spend some time with us... but they, I don't think, will take us up on the see, they lost their mother [age 76 a massive heart attack] on Thanksgiving Day ---I lost my favorite sister-in-law...I will miss her a great deal. Denise is the one that taught me how to cook great Mexican food from scratch!!!

2. Walter Elias Disney was born this week (December 5) back in 1905 ...what's your all time favorite Disney movie?...and yes, you have to pick one. Oh so many from which to choose---just one? Torture!! I love the animated ones a lot because of the art work ---but to be entertained, I would have to pick this one: NATIONAL TREASURE!

3. What was the last thing you purchased that you realized was a mistake after the fact?
A car...years ago. Even if it was new off the assembly line with 3 miles on the odometer, it was still a lemon!

4. What percentage of your Christmas shopping is done online?
A big fat ZERO. I like shopping with 'hands on experience'...I want to see, touch, test and have it in my hot little hands as I walk out the store.

5. Amaryllis-snowdrop-poinsettia...your favorite winter blossom? Poinsettia [the red] is NOT a blossom as most's part of the leaf bracket. But I whole-heartedly LOVE poinsettias!! For me here in the South amaryllis is a Springtime Outdoor flower in our garden.

6. What is one thing on your personal Christmas wish list? I think we all want peace on earth so let's make this answer an actual item. I want for nothing. The gift of giving is more fun and makes me feel good. Besides, a wish list is more or less a thing of greed for personal satisfaction. Don't get me wrong...I'm just human and love material things and have been known to state that "I wish" for this or that, it's just that I don't wish for anything, really...I take it a day at a time.. And I'm a realist, peace on earth will never be...

7. If you could only use one word today what would it be? One word? WINDY!!!

8. Insert your own random thought here.
Speaking of Disney movies...what is YOUR favorite holiday movie? Mine is without a doubt a recent classic --POLAR EXPRESS! And I must get out the DVD and watch it again; it's become a traditional December movie for us.


  1. nope we will not be hosting any guest her at the golch household.

  2. Now how on earth did we EVER miss this in all our trips to New Orleans. On the list for next time. Sounds very interesting. Love your 'list'. Sorry about your sil joining Jesus, Anni. May she RIP.

    Have a lovely week
    TTFN ~

    PS Pop over for our GIVEAWAY

  3. Terrific captures, Anni! I have so enjoyed your photos of New Orleans!! Enjoy your evening!


  4. The word for here is Cold. The high today 54, low tonight 30. For Phoenix that is very unusual. Again loving the tour of New Orleans. The statuary is amazing. I'm surprised the vandals haven't ruined them.

  5. Oh, I just LOVED the voodoo story, and I'm glad you got to go and show me pictures from the places you went. My personal Christmas wish list is World Peace. Some day, maybe. :-)

  6. Cripes that is a large and fancy sign...

  7. I love your photos Anni.

    1. I am only going to prepare for a dinner for 5 people. That's it ^_^
    3. The diamond earrings hubby bought for me. The fact that I like jewelries and it's diamond but because it is TOO expensive I hardly wear it, because I am afraid I might lost it. Would be traumatic event for me I may need a SHRINK! So never like it and don't enjoy it ^_^
    4. Same here FAT ZERO!
    5. I don't have the three flowers yet. But I like to buy Amaryllis at Ace since they sale it now for $4.99 compare to other store who sell it for $7.99 ^_^
    6. Number 1 on my wish list is another camera lens..err lens yes lens hehehehe!
    7. COLD

    Mackinac Island

  8. Great post...the statues are amazing and your meme was very interesting...I also have not gone shopping yet!

  9. Such interesting pictures and info on this park!!! My favorite Christmas movie would be...well I can't remember the name but it's set in the fifties and it's about the little boy who wants a Red Rover gun, it's a classic and a comedy. I hear the new movie Hugo is just wonderful, I really want to see that one.

  10. I did know there are good voodoos until I went to study in Windsor Uni in Canada. In a psychology class, a witch was invited.

  11. I'm sorry about the loss of your sis in law.

    I love your answer to #4 - I also like hands on shopping better.

    My favorite holiday movie is Elf. ahaha ;)

    Happy Wednesday!

  12. I enjoyed your 'tour' of the park in NOLA. We have visited there 3 times to see the Saints play and do a little sightseeing as well. We have not visited Treme or LA Park, so we may need to put it on our list for next year. Such a great city! Thanks for sharing.

  13. Yes, the USS Arizona is very emotional. I cried. It is hard to view the memorial & the continuous rise of the oil slick ... God bless their souls & what they gave for each of us.

    I sent you a FB request, Anni.
    Merry Christmas
    TTFN ~

  14. Hopping over via Hodgepodge link up. It appears we share some common interests: Poinsettias and National Treasures. =D

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Anni, beautiful photos of New Orleans. Like you, I am a history buff and would love this city, I'm sure. I have heard that crime is rampant there.

    Again, you and I are a lot alike. I love to give and see the expressions on people's faces as they open their gifts. I would rather give than receive.

    Wishing you and Bud a great day.


  17. 7 December 1941

    Thank you for remembering, in my comments, Dear One.

    I will return later, to enjoy your post. And thank you for giving me the name of that delicious-sounding book.

  18. I've never seen Polar Express but I loved the children's book. Can't wait for the next National Treasure!

    I'm so sorry for your recent loss. Sisters are special, by blood or by marriage.

  19. I never saw Polar express although I bought the book for my nephew when he was a child. Maybe I'll look for it this year...I like Christmas Shoes...have to watch that one with granddaughter....I like the Hallmark movies but I miss Cramer....We use to watch ET every Christmas night..I know its not a Christmas movie but somehow it became a tradition.
    I loved reading about and seeing the photos of the park. Don't you love to read a book and then visit the place...I might look for that book too, sounds interesting.
    Mama Bear

  20. Sorry to bother you again, but I added my husband's memory of "Pearl Harbor Day", to my earlier post.

    He was 8 years old.

    It is here...

  21. Hi Anni, I must say that I am loving your New Orleans series! You are making me long for going back and seeing stuff that we missed.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Kathy M.

  22. LOL! How funny to see you have also taken part in Hodgepodge! So sorry to read about your sister-in-law! What a sad time to lose a loved one!

  23. Anni I sound like a broken record but you could write a travel book!!
    Lovely pictures,
    Hugs C

  24. Enjoyed this post.

  25. Love Polar Express!! I've own a lemon before....nothing worse than a new bad car!

  26. Hey there! I love New Orleans. The city has so much flavor and style. I visited the Marie Laveau Voo Doo museum the last time I was passing through. I'll be honest, it was creepy. Nice post!

  27. I keep learning things here! Never knew there was Good Voodoo.

    I just might have to read that book you mention, too. Sounds interesting. Such, is very interesting.

    "The holly's up, the house is all bright,
    The tree is ready, the candles alight:
    Rejoice and be glad, all children tonight!"

    ~~P. Cornelius

  28. I am loving your post on NOLA. My daddy was born there and attended Tulane University.My relatives were all French. I have been there only the one time a while back, and I spent all of my time in the NOLA library researching the genealogy. Boy, did I learn sone cool stuff....and some pretty depressing stuff...but that is part of it all. It is life on life’s terms...reality. I can still see in my mind the little cabin from your earlier post. Keep 'em comin'...genie

  29. There is no way I can narrow down my favorite Christmas movies to ONE. I just can't do it! I love them all and watch them all year long!

    I love the red poinsettias at Christmas too!