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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

...just OOZING with GOODNESS!!

I scream, you scream - we all scream for ... YOGURT!! Anyone here up for some sweetness? Dark Chocolate? Frozen vanilla yogurt? Shelled pecans from the front yard tree? Well then, come and get it!! I'm more than happy to share. But, fair warning -- BYOB [Bring Your Own Bowl - - so, you can take it with you. Like the saying goes "I don't do windows dishes!]


Around our neck of the woods, frozen treats like my macro photos above are a year 'round thing. Rarely does it get to the freezing point outdoors for frozen yogurt. Okay, it's fat free. But there is still tons of sugar. Speaking of 'cold outdoors'...It's really difficult to believe it's October already. For me at least. But, as you know October is a favorite month of mine. Besides Halloween, there was always a birthday celebration. My dad's. He's gone now - has been since 1994, but it's still thought of and the memories of my life with him always come forth. He so enjoyed his days on earth!! And trust me, he's the ONLY man I ever knew that NEVER used a swear word. To this day, I think back, and all the time I was around him growing up and into my adulthood, raising my own two children; a swear word never came out of his mouth! Not even the S H_ _ word. Anyway, there is also NAVY day [link]. At one time in our American history, the day was a holiday; but no longer is it observed as a Federal Day, off work holiday. But, in our house, it is recognized. Why you ask? Bud is a Navy man. Not to forget Columbus Day. Bud's mother was also born in October. On October 6th, it is German-American Day for those, like our family, who have ancestors from Germany that immigrated to America...all dating back to the 1600s when the first Germans landed on our coast and established Germantown Pennsylvania - the first German settlement in the U. S. In 1983, President Reagan re-established the 'holiday' in observance that marked the 300th anniversary of Germantown. Which brings me to another celebration...Octoberfest, which originated in Munich, Germany ---and its history stems around home brewed beer. It's common law that during the 16 to 18 day celebration; no beer, other than that of Munich's own can be consumed. By the early 1960s, the festival became world-wide!! Oh and lest we forget--------the World Series Begins!!!

scarecrow photo is of my crochet creation from three autumns ago: Cletus Bodene If you'd like to see more images of him with different angles and a close up of the crow on his this link. It should open in a new window.



  1. October is a busy month (my birthday is the 19th-though I try to pretend it isn't). I would be tempted by your "luscious" pictures, but I have already been to Orange Leaf ( a serve yourself yogurt place) today. Since it is a serve yourself, one always gets "way more" than a normal serving, but oh it was so good. Have a great week. Mickie :)

  2. This looks so delicious Anni. And darned, if I'm not on a diet!

    Happy MM

  3. OH! det där ser verkligen gott ut. Så snyggt du har fotograferat chokladen. Jag blir riktigt sugen. Ha de gott. Anita

  4. Looks rather tasty, great macro shots Anni-like the Halloween theme:)

  5. Those macros are making my mouth water!!!! I also love October...all the fall festivals that are going on and the colors n chill in the air are so invigorating after the intense heat of the summer. I am from German heritage and may even be making a trip to Stutgart Germany next year. My Step daughter has been shipped over there for the next 3 years with the AirForce! Gotta get my passport updated! Our little town we live in Hanover, is named after Hanover Germany...there is a very strong German influence in this neck of the woods of Pa.

  6. I`m bringing over the biggest bowl I have to bring to your house! hehe Oh my, but that looks so delicious. I love frozen yogurt, especially with chocolate and pecans on it. Now you have me drooling all over my keyboard!!!

    Every time October comes along I think of you because I know how much you love Halloween:-) I was at Home Sense yesterday after the auction and you wouldn`t believe the huge witches they had there, almost as tall as me! lol When you pressed their hands, they would start cackling and talking, so cool.

    Believe it or not, I never heard my dad swear either when he was alive! I`ve been told that he and the other men could swear a blue streak at the hunting camp but in front of us kids, he never did.

    Heyyyy you forgot another holiday in birthday! LOL Never mind, I`d like to forget it since it makes me feel older every year! hehe xoxo

  7. MOL Ms. Anni Mom's eyes glazed over when she saw the chocolate syrup dripping down the frozen yogurt.
    Hugs Madi

  8. What yummy goodness...I love Pecans. Great shots, good thing we can't gain weight looking at photos.