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Since my absence with working on my other blog work, I haven't participated in much of any memes. I missed out on so many. I had to go check to see what Tina's Tuesday PicStory challenge was from last week's post. And she stated that: "Next week´s topic is *Sunset*!" We've had some beautiful sunsets around here. But what I've seen from our yard is so long ago. Now, from our backyard, all we see are houses' rooftops and the sunsets are blocked from view. A couple of years ago, the wonderful field behind us was purchased by a land developer and the scenery has changed. So, I had to go back in time to find a sunset photo that I've posted; in the archives. This photo I chose was taken three years October of 2008!!

And speaking of absence, I'll be behind in visiting again!! But, I will visit those who have stopped by; promise!! Yesterday I started copying all my genealogy pages and making PDF files so I can have the pages published without any added text like Posted by and the date and time stamps!! I'm learning a whole buncha stuff. And once I got the hang of it all, it's quite simple. I 'practiced on the first few pages, the title page, the intro, and the dedication pages along with the first 7 pages of the first family being covered. Wow...I'm impressed it's going so well. But, I don't want to jinx it, and I HAVE BEEN TAKING notes to remember how it's done, from day to day. hehehehe


  1. Every time I come here lately, I get the biggest kick from those six little black kittens! Your sunset is absolutely stunning! The best ones all seem to have clouds.

  2. Annie, those kittens are adorable.

  3. Your sweet Halloweeny kitty-cattys' ears are like cute leetle witchy hats! Welcome back around, Miss Hootin' Anni! Lovely sunset! I once met a kooky man named Marv Shuwanka (<--spelling?), who said his surname mean "beautiful sunset" in Polish. Such a weirdly colourful man I had never met before (nor since)! After all these years, I have never verified the translation because, truly, The Marv Shuwanka experience would circled the drain for me, if he had indeed been pulling my leg! Every time I see a beautiful sunset (And yours is!), I am taken back to Shuwunkian days! Thanks for the ride on the Wayback Machine, my friend, thank you!

  4. P.S. *drops adorable pumpkin snowman into Trick or Treat sack* So very Halloweeny thoughtful of you! Thank you for the treat!

  5. That is a gorgeous sunset even if it is three years old, doesn't matter, it's spectacular! Love your Trick-R-Treat gift to us! I will download it right now, thank you soooooo much!

    Just heard on the news that some kind of ants are headed for the Gulf region, have you heard of it or seen any?

    We're headed to Florida on Friday so I will wave when we go by!! xoxox

  6. Anonymous10/04/2011

    Ooh my - this is a glorious shot!

  7. You are doing great on that project. Love the sunset!

  8. thanks for sharing this wonderful sunset with *PicStory* :)

  9. What a gorgeous sunset! I hate it when developers come in and ruin a perfectly wonderful view. You'd think we had enough houses and commercial buildings by now.

  10. Gorgeous sunset....this time of year both sunrises and sunsets are breathtaking.
    good luck finishing up your project.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  11. Oooooh, what a gorgeous sunset. I'm so sorry you have lost your field - developers did the same thing in our neighborhood a couple of years ago. Sigh.

  12. Oh, Anni, such a breathtaking sunset!! Like you I love sunsets but I never seem to be able to capture the true beauty of one like you did with this shot, absolutely gorgeous.

    I can well imagine how exciting it's been working on your genealogy but I also know it's a ton of work...well worth it though:-) xoxo



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