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Bog Shadows


[today, all shadow images are mouseover captioned]

[photos taken at Leonabelle Birding Area - Coastal Texas]


Mostly this week, I've been enjoying the more 'stay at home' kinda days. I did go out in the midday heat to drop off some garments at the thrift store drop-box, and decided to go in and peruse the knick-knacks. I found a small ceramic cardinal for 99 cents...that is already sitting on the masterbed headboard along with the rest of my beauties!!... and a cute little resin 'seaworthy chap' of a teddy bear. Also for 99 cents. He's lounging alongside some glass dolphins, the crystal mermaid and my Chinese blue and white tea carafe and matching cups. He was just too adorable to leave on the shelf.

Then, for our weekly dessert [I make a large recipe usually to last through the week] I drummed up a batch of date-oatmeal crunch. This recipe is microwavable, so no heat in the kitchen with running the hot oven. That I liked. Very much. At the trek to the grocers, I love this time of year!! Summer fruits are in abundance, and always a good price. I bought a huge bag of Mexican Key Limes...not for baking or anything, it's just that I really love adding the juice to ice water for a meal...and then swipe the rind around the rim of the glass for extra tartness. Peaches!! Mmmmmm. Tho a lot smaller than the Western Slope Colorado peaches of the season, six already ripened peaches...they are so sweet and juicy. Texas watermelon. Sweet and chin-drizzling juicy too!! Yesterday, we did get out and about, we drove to Mustang Island...on a Saturday no less when it's 500% more people. LOL But all we did was take a walk around the little burg and enjoyed a few minutes walking time before we headed back home to the inferno of the daytime temps again. We decided to not go to the Shrimporee because of the summertime humidity. Earlier, I added two photos to my photo blog...Light as a Feather


  1. Love that long pier shot.

  2. Love your shadow shots, what a gorgeous place to take photos.

  3. Great shot - especially that 3rd one looking down the walkway.

  4. The walkway in the next-to-last photo seems to stretch on forever. Presumably, so do its shadows!


    A shadow, a shadow, a shadow you say?
    A shadow is coming to dinner today?

    Oh, what shall we feed it, and what will it eat?
    Just toss down a few rays of light at its feet,

    And watch its dark mouth gobble up every ray,
    But be sure, my friend, you don’t get in its way;

    Keep out of the light so it won’t gobble you.
    (If I were the hostess, that’s just what I’d do.)

    A shadow is easy to feed, so they say,
    So welcome your shadow to dinner today.

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Sad Shadows

  5. Love the shadow shots. I am like you-no turning on the oven unless absolutely neccesary!

  6. Great set of eye is drawn to that gorgeous blue sky! Hope you all get some cooling rain soon! I cannot stand the heat anymore...thank goodnes for AC is all I can say!!!!

  7. Lovely boardwalk shadows!

  8. We are enjoying peppers and tomatoes from our garden and soon--squash! And cucumbers! And beans!

    Lovely pictures! I don't blame you for staying inside, I'm avoiding the heat and humidity too!

  9. So great to drop stuff off at our Value Village! I've noticed recently that instead of selling it for very reasonable, they are marking things up too much. I'm not thrilled with that - I want them to charge minimal so other folks who can't afford it can get a good deal. --- Mmmmmm, love all the fresh fruit around right now!!! Very pretty photos!!

  10. Anonymous6/12/2011

    Excellent shadow shots - and I enjoyed reading your tale of your week!

  11. Anonymous6/12/2011

    I love the stairs/deck stucture by the lake!
    Love the summer time fruits too.

  12. Such subtle but lovely shadows.

  13. You have some fun shadows today, but I think my favorite might be on the boardwalk.

    I see that big blue heron, too. I get irritated at herons. They eat the fish in our pond!! :)

  14. Annie , Stay at home kind of days are the best!

  15. Anonymous6/12/2011

    love the pictures. This is Denise

  16. Love the shadow pictures - I posted some pics of shadows of the clouds on the snowy peaks.

    You got some lovely things at the thrift store - I should really take the time to look for something other than kids' clothes when I'm there sometime.

    We're having such nice weather this week-end - 70s and 80s are perfect for me, with no humidity. I posted my irises and columbine on my Facebook today, but I don't think you're out there.

  17. You're having hot temps and we're freezing over here...still in the 50's today. I don't want high heat like you have but can you send us just a little bit of it??? lol

    Love your shadow shots! Don't know if you'd get me up on that observation deck though!

    You sure did find a couple of little treasures at the thrift shop. I was gone to ours this morning before going to the auction but didn't find anything I couldn't live without:-)

    I love fresh fruit as well and have been buying loads of it every week. Just finished the strawberries tonight, made a smoothie with the rest of them:-)

    Goodnight dear Anni!! xoxo

  18. Nice Shadow Shot!! Love all the seasonal fruit that is available now--so good!! Beautiful shot of the hawk. Liked your "funnies" too. Have a nice week. Mickie :)