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...all the better to eat my Fancy Feast, dahlin'

She's an adopted medium haired tabby
But, I swear with her size and weight...
she has Maine Coon blood in her. LOL

She's huge!
And a "pretty kitty"
[That is what she responds to best...pretty ego here!]


The other day, while reading Dawn's blog on perfumes, flower scents, and anything that is over-powering in a fragrance and giving off allergic reactions, made me think about another item that I don't care for at all. While I, too, get headaches with the perfumes of others [men's and women's] when the person wearing it has it on so heavily that it just quells the freshness of the entire airspace. Oftentimes, I find the heavy scents giving me a headache, and sometimes I can feel quite nauseated. With the population as it is today, I think others should be considerate of wearing too much when out and about going to closed-in places AND realize that it's offensive to some. Just as cigarette smoke is to most all. Today, tho, I'm talking about the sewn in tags that are on the collars of garments. Also, in the side seams. Seriously, they MAKE ME ITCH continually. I don't know if it's age or if the manufacturers have added something to the finishing of the garment tags, but in the last decade or so...I can't wear clothes that still have a size tag/washing instructions!!! After I purchase them, and bring them home, I cut them out/off!!! The other day, I missed one. I bought a new pair of white bermuda shorts, and the waistband had the care tag that I missed cutting I am, downtown, and I'm scratching my belt line like I broke out in hives or something...realizing only too late that I forgot to cut it out. The neat thing about Hanes, and Faded Glory...they now STAMP the size and care info in the fabric...keeping the 'itch effect' nixed!!! Way to Go!! I hope other companies catch on to this.


  1. What a sweet Macro Tahoe !

  2. Love that cat's paw Anni!

  3. I haven't had a problem with comments but I know lots of others have.
    I'm with you on the tags - most annoying!

  4. Fascinating post. Love the photos. Thanks for this.

    All the best, Boonie

  5. Oh, yes - I haven't had that problem too much, but my son and grandkids are always having me cut theirs off. I do have to say that I have some new Hanes that have a small tag right on the side and it is a very stuff one, causing anguish to me. I think the stamping is an idea that has reached its time, for sure.

    I hope I'm not one of those you're unable to comment on (I know - don't end a sentence with a preposition!)

    That is one big kitty cat!

  6. Oops! Make that "stiff", not "stuff"! Checking before sending is always a good thing - which I rarely do.

  7. Now that is a fat cat! She has a great life...lucky kitty!
    I hear you on the clothing tags...I love that they are stamping them. So much more comfortable!

  8. What a gorgeous kitty! My BFF has a cat, Sammy, that I take care of when they go out of town. Sammy is bigger than my Tucker! But he loves me! Sammy doesn't talk to anyone outside the fam but me- when I go over I say, in my sweetest voice, "Foo Foo Kitty" and "Sammy-boo, where are you?" and he comes runnin'! LOL

    I'm having trouble with blogger commenting too---

    Oh, and I also have those same severe allergies to perfumes, lotions, etc. Hubs gets mad at me about it...lovely man. LOL

  9. I to am having trouble with comments on other blogs.
    I am glad to have the labels stamped in also as the tags really do bug me.
    I enjoyed all of the photos that you posted earlier they are as always just breath taking scenes.

  10. Hi Anni!

    Wow, Derek Jeter only has to make 7 more! Yay for him. I, too am sensitive to tags (especially the ones on pants). I have one pair of ladies Levi's (the tag is gone, if it was ever there, but there is a rough spot), where I always have to wear grannie panties with. Sometimes, I wear my socks inside out so that the seam across the toes doesn't bother me. I think parents of real young children who don't like to get dress should think about those things.

    As far as comments go, I have missed you...have you tried unclicking the "keep me signed in" box where you sign in? Some folks have said that cured their ills immediately.

    Have a wonderful week, my friend!

    Kathy M.

  11. Anonymous6/13/2011

    From Amrita of

    Hi Anni, I came by from Terry 's blog to say Hello. I like your family based blog. The kitties are so cuter.

    I am having trouble leaving comments in places which open up below the post , like yours. Here I can only post as Anon.

  12. Beautiful macro work!!

  13. Love the one of the furry paw! Yes, I`ve missed you visiting..hope you resolve the problem soon. Smiles from Marrakech.

  14. I've heard of quite a few bloggers who are having a hard time leaving comments on other blogs. Even poor Steve has only managed to leave one comment on my blog lately because every other time it won't accept it. It's a Blogger issue and hopefully they'll have it fixed soon!!

    Love those pictures of Tahoe. I'm telling you, in my next life I want to come back as a cat so that I can sleep and eat all day! lol

    I can't stand those clothes tags either and always cut mine off before wearing them. I always feel like there's something "pricking" me if I leave the tags on. I bought a couple of summer tops last week and noticed they had the size and washing instructions stamped on the material and as you say, that's soooo much better:-) xoxo

  15. Several of the clothes I wear have the stamped tags in the neck but still have one on the side giving washing directions.
    Lovely big.
    I don't use perfume and even though I can't smell it, it still effects me when I'm around too much of it...I get a scratchy throat and have to use my inhaler....
    Mama Bear