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a bird.....worth two in a bush



Sunlight filtering through the Texas Sage Bush...casting shadows on a purple daisy.

- - -<><><>- - -


I rarely sit in front of a television set for more than an hour at a time, watching. Even with the 3 hour long baseball games, I need to get up and move. I just don't sit that long at one time any more while at home. But this past Sunday, I found myself glued to the TV for nearly four hours! Only getting up during the pledge breaks; the TV was on the Public Network System.. This special was incredible!! The quarter century edition of a classic made into a musical. The cast was such a talent!! Of course the leading man was the highlight. To me, he was an unknown...I'd never heard of him. THE LEADING MAN But, boy howdy, I know who he is now!! His voice!! All I can say is wow, wow, WOW! When he was singing, chills went through my arms. Tears flowed when he sang his solo prayer. He made it feel like a prayer all through the song...only to finish with a standing ovation of hundreds in the audience!! It truly was a masterpiece. Of course, not to forget mentioning a favorite song of mine...sung by a leading character in part one. After watching this showcase, I most definitely now want to pick up the book and read it. Even if it will take me at least a year to get through it's volume...have you seen how thick it is?!!!! This video I found on You Tube is fantastic; from the station's broadcast. Let me give you a reader's digest synopsis if you don't know the story... on why the prayer is sung to God...his estranged 'daughter' has fallen in love...there is a revolution in France...his daughter's love interest is going off to battle. The father [Mr. Boe -aka "Valjean" in character] prays to have his daughter's love to come back to her....
    God on high
    Hear my prayer
    In my need
    You have always been there
    He is young
    He's afraid
    Let him rest
    Heaven blessed.
    Bring him home
    Bring him home
    Bring him home.
    He's like the son I might have known
    If God had granted me a son.
    The summers die
    One by one
    How soon they fly
    On and on
    And I am old
    And will be gone.
    Bring him peace
    Bring him joy
    He is young
    He is only a boy
    You can take
    You can give
    Let him be
    Let him live
    If I die, let me die
    Let him live
    Bring him home
    Bring him home

Friday for the first matinee showing, we went to see our highly anticipated movie release, The Lincoln Lawyer. This is a pretty darned good flick if you want my opinion. The legal system, the lawyers, the courts...the very GOOD twist at the end. And what money can [or can't] buy!!! Pretty excellent. Except for one thing...the background music, the soundtrack themes...all more or less 'rap' and I don't like that genre...that, they could've done better in my opinion. I learned before the middle of the movie, to 'tune that out'!!

- - -

While out in the yard, toiling away [hehehehe], my vision caught a glimpse of a bright yellow object. As I turned to see what it was, the prettiest of small birds landed in the tiny crepe myrtle sapling. [the myrtle looks like autumn foliage, but it's new growth with orange and red coloration] Seems this past week, being outdoors a lot, the yard is a cacophony of birdsong and tons of activity of our feathered friends!! As I flew off. Of course, me being an amateur bird watcher, I wanted to know what I saw. I dropped my hand shovel and went indoors for my bird book and what the heck....just in case it returned....grabbed the camera too. As I sat in the shade of the bird of paradise plant, thumbing through the pages, I noticed it returned. Arming the camera, I focused in on it...with the click of the shutter, it flew up into the tree--- After searching where it landed in the branches, I took the 'backside' of it to help me identify it. Bud came over by then, and sat with me. As I described the bird to him he said "Look up Finches". I did---finding him just as pretty on the page as in our yard!! It's called a Lesser Goldfinch. Marking it off in our bird viewing chart with the location and year spotted, we both went back to work. What a treat for him to visit. Hope it'll return often. Will have to read up on it to see if it's a migratory bird or year 'round resident of South Texas.


  1. the flower picture is very pretty :)
    beautiful lyrics... and the bird captures are lovely

  2. Such a lovely flower for a table at a nook. =)

    I love that song, too! First heard that in Les Miserables. The lyrics so touching and yes the tenor is so soothing and so inspiring.

    A tearjerker in a way.

  3. The drops of water on that deep purple flower look delectable enough to drink!


    Of shadows an old man did sing;
    He chanted in Guelph and Beijing;
    The shade was his friend,
    He loved it no end—
    It made him feel rich as a king!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Some Shady Mangos

  4. The purple flower is lovely!

  5. Oh, WOW!!! Now I have to go blow my nose - fantastic.

  6. Hi Annie! Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry I missed this! I saw a different version of Les Mis, only with different actors/singers I mean... also on PBS, and I LOVED it! I would NEVER have known or appreciated the story at all, had I not seen it!! I have the songs from the one I saw downloaded on my MP3 player, which I listen to ONCE IN A GREAT WHILE, but you KNOW I love it, when I bothered to download it on to THAT!.. The Lincolon Lawyer does sound good, but I'm with you on the rap. I do like some, to a degree, but I couldn't stand listening to that same type of music throughout the ENTIRE movie!.. Finally, I LOVE the little goldfinch! How beautiful he is! What a treat to find him in your own backyard!... Sounds like you and Bud are enjoying your weekend. Glad to hear it! ~tina

  7. Beansieleigh I have seen the 'original' also, I think you're talking about Colm Wilkinson. This Alfie Boe [who sings in the video] did a much better job in my opinion.

  8. Good morning Hootin' ~ Just got your comment.
    Pretty sagebrush you got there in Texas.

    I love 'Les Miserables'! Thanks for posting the video. His voice is incredible.

    Finches are pretty little birds. Glad you were able to get a photo and identify it.

    Enjoy your Sunday.

  9. Speaking of worth, those birds look better in the bush, if only they would let you photograph them. Sharpens your photo skill, doesn't it ?

  10. Look at that bold purple! Great SS!

  11. Hi Anni,

    Love that shadowy purple daisy !

    And loved seeing your bird captures too.

    Have a great day.


  12. The purple daisy is, I believe, a Gerber daisy! It is beautiful. I would
    prefer to listen to the opera in small doses, say, on a DVD! Apart from that I love PBS!

  13. Gorgeous flower and such a stunning color!! All that and lovely shadows as well! Perfect! Hope you have a great week, Anni!!


  14. oh wow! very nice shadow on a very gorgeous flower! love it!

  15. Anonymous3/20/2011

    Nice capture

  16. I love the purple shadows!

  17. Hey, Anni, AWESOME POST!!! From the info about the musical to the movie review to your great photo of the little birdie. I love coming to your house. If you lived closer, I really would! Have a wonderful week.

  18. Gorgeous flower photo!

  19. I thought The Lincoln Lawyer previews looked good but sometimes they are misleading. Glad you liked it, we will have to give it a look.

  20. So pretty shadow shot Sunday entry..

  21. We cheated, hubby captured it on his computer and made a DVD without pledge break and we watched in two sittings, We can't sit that long, either. I don't feel guilty as we made our pledge.
    We saw a stage production and like you, decided to read the book. It does take a while but as you can imagine, the stage version leaves a lot out.

  22. Anonymous3/20/2011

    Lovely shadow shot - and a cute little visitor to your garden!

  23. Beautiful daisy flowers.

  24. wow! what a post! Great shadow shot and thanks for your nice comments on my telephone pole! It's funny- there are scads of these layered upon layers telephone poles. At one point the city tried to make the folks take the posters down....good luck doing that!
    So there are probably hundreds of these poles with ancient history under current news.

  25. Hey Anni girl ! It sounds as if you had a very deep spiritual experience watching and listening to that special .. some times it shocks us how profoundly an experience like that can affect us .. I feel that way with incredible nature shows that display how truly intelligent and aware animals are about "us" the less beings on this planet really. Love seeing the birds .. ours are full of Spring for now until that snow hits this week .. brrrrr but i am excited .. the garden is waking up and that does it for me !
    Have a great week girl : )

  26. Love de birds Annie!

  27. Your shadow photo is very beautiful, I love the purple. Am listening to the video clip now as I type, he certainly sing so very powerfully. And i LOVE your birds, the little yellow is very special.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Hello from NZ and have a good week.

  28. A purple daisy! How beautiful!!

  29. I love that flower shadow shot, Anni! And your little glyph bunny is the cutest thing ever! :)

  30. Beautiful Voice. The lyrics are very poignant with all that is going on in the Middle East right at this moment in time. A prayer to echo!

  31. Such a gorgeous shadow shot! Beautifully captured filtered light with the wonderful colors of the! And that video...his voice....incredible!!! Thanks for sharing!


  32. Hi Annie, I haven't blogged for so long! But my daughter Karen took a look at my blog to see what was wrong and was able to get it fixed for me so I did a post!
    Nancy was very ill in Sept and had stents put in her heart and in Dec. she was back in the hospital with pneumonia. She is much better now and looking forward to Easter! Making eggs and putting stickers on them to put in the cards.I hope this find you and Bud in good health too! hugs Grams

  33. Lovely SS...I feel as tho I can almost smell it!

  34. I got totally distracted by the story of the bird (which I loved thankyou) and had to go back to the flower and shadow. It's lovely. Thanks for dropping in on me, I always enjoy your visits and comments.

  35. What a velvet. Your bird is so beautiful and well captured in the crepe myrtle...glad he came back for you. We have a bird checklist thingy we've got some different species checked off from you :)

  36. Hey Anni! What a pretty flower...and from a Texas Sage bush 'eh? Guess it wouldn't do so well up here in Ohio!?!! oh well...we'll just have to find something else comparable! Loved your you tube link...we both LOVE Les Mis - our favorite, favorite musical - such moving music...and so lovely to listen to tonight! Thanks!! Have a great week!
    Karla & Karrie

  37. Anni, Thanks for the nice comments on my posts--it's always nice to visit you--you have great photos and comments. Your daisy is beautiful just as it is, but add the shadows to it and it makes an incredible photo. Love the cute little goldfinch (I've got to get my birdfeeder out and entice them into my yard). Mickie

  38. Wow, the flower shadow picture is gorgeous. And what a beautiful bird!!

  39. I just love your Shadow Shot, the colour is stunning, but most of all I love the video clip from You Tube. The hairs on my arms stood up when he started to sing . And I couldn't believe how long he held onto the last note. Magical. Thanks for sharing.

  40. Anonymous3/21/2011

    Lovely weekend you had. :)

  41. Beautiful purple daisy....
    Sorry I'm late but had problems with my right hand - feeling better today!



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