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Years ago, in Tucson, we went to a cactus nursery and bought a beautiful magenta/pink blooming cactus plant. Of course, since it was in a hanging basket, I got to move it here to Texas with us. And come each buds! And I highly anticipate its blossoms.

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On any other given day of the week, except for Spring Break Week, you'd be doing good if you saw 15-20 cars traveling across the beaches.

This is just ONE beach access across the island. There are about 8 from the causeway to Aransas Pass on Mustang Island. Each year, we have scenes like this---

All this week, during the Spring Break of staff estimate that between 6 tons and 15 tons of trash/garbage are collected each day by workers, depending on how nice the weather was the day before. More sun means more people and more trash. Workers begin at 7 a.m., with four to six employees combing the beaches for trash. It takes more than three hours to clean a half-mile stretch, or so it's reported. Also, during this time of year, the city utilizes the workers from ankle-chained inmates [ones who are 'low risk'] to help walk the sand and beaches to pick up after the students who don't pick up after themselves and leave behind all the refuse!!

I've often wondered if the police consider this 'watching' all the bikini and speedo clad revelers, keeping them in line, hazardous duty? roflmao

beach photos courtesy of news
[faces pixeled by me]


  1. That is one wicked looking cactus plant! Beautiful bloom, though!

    Man, that just frosts me that those kids come down and trash all the beaches, not only there but all over Florida, too. What in the world did their parents not teach them??? It reminds me of when I worked in the school kitchen when the kids were little - the elementary kids would leave their stuff all over the table. When I told them they needed to pick it up and put it in the trash can, they said, "That's the janitor's job!" Made m blood boil. I hope they've all gone back to school by now where they can trash their dorm rooms and apartments instead.

  2. Holy wow, Anni, that is a whole lot of cars and people.... and trash!

  3. What a beautiful blossom! Now that's a very good question regarding those officers!! LOL

    Happy Spring!


  4. What a sticky picture. LOL

    Oh my gosh I could not tolerate all bodies full of raging hormones and all the all must have one gigantic trash dump site.

    Happy Monday Madi and Mom

  5. Anni first I thought this was going to be a serious talk about "why do people STILL throw trash around ??!!" because I still can't believe it myself .. They should be hit with a BIG fine .. pinching the wallet hurts the most it seems ? haha
    Then the last picture of the police and the bikini girls .. well that was just too darn funny ? haha .. Still, all of those cars on the beach .. what about the pollution just from them ? let alone the trash issue ?
    Not good! ... thanks for the laugh though .. we have heavy wet SNOW falling and already this morning I heard sirens which means accidents .. you would think Canadians know how to drive in this STUFF ? ;-)

  6. Anonymous3/21/2011

    Oh I remember going there and participating during my college years. Was fun and yes we picked up after ourselves. Love the cactus.

  7. I love your blooming cactus - it would die up here in our cold winters. All lot of plants come inside in late fall and back out in April once all danger of freezing weather has past.
    We sure don't have those bikini'shere on our beaches! And it's amazing that they haven't the courtesy to pick up after themselves! Talk about not being raised right!

  8. Whoa- glad we don't get anything like that around here! Too funny about the hazardous duty---right. LOL

  9. are there no garbage cans for collecting all the trash? I suppose with that many people they'd fill up pretty fast anyway. I bet the locals don't look forward to these weeks in spring when all the kids arrive. except those who have businesses! the sight of all those cars is amazing. even when I was younger, this sort of crowded entertainment wouldn't have enticed me...
    have a great Monday Anni!

  10. Gorgeous cactus blossom. Happy MM!

  11. Hi Anni,

    I bet the prisoners are glad to get outside and window shop as they clean too.

    That is amazing, all those cars on the beach. I think that I mentioned before that in Oregon you can't even drive your car there.

    I see why you enjoy your cactus ... very beautiful.

    Take care,
    Kathy M.

  12. WHOA! That cactus looks vicious. :))

  13. What a lot of cars! Whew! Trash too!
    You have one big cactus! Grams

  14. Love your Spring flower. Wow, you certainly get a lot of people at your beach.

  15. Anonymous3/23/2011

    Beachparties with lots of cars and garbage. I have never seen pictures like this ;-)
    Thanks for your comments, Anni :-D



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