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"Incoming"!!! [focusing on one boulder]

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Last week, on Thursday to be exact, the surf was a bit wild. Just a bit. Nothing compared to the summer waves when a storm is out in the Gulf, but it was still filled with some torrent of motion. While walking out on the jetty by the boat canal, I tried to focus on one boulder [the boulder is about the size of a semi-truck cab] so I could show you the action---


Oh, and when we walked to the very end of the jetty that juts out to sea, there was some action of swimmers also [photo isn't too clear; it's VERY difficult to time the shutter with them coming for air, and knowing just WHERE they'll come up at any particular time!!] We saw about 10 dolphins and a couple of those ten were calves [baby dolphins] --the black 'dot' behind the larger dolphin is one of the babies, and the larger, of course, is the momma...


  1. Those are cool shots - I can feel the action!

  2. Wonderful, I love watching the waves bury rocks and clash and spray.
    Dolphins are always great to watch.

    Thanks tor your visit.

  3. That is so cool! I've never seen dolphins in the wild, that must be so thrilling! Happy WW :)

  4. Great shots, what a wild day that must have been.

  5. I can't tell you how much I would love to be standing on those rocks looking out at that beautiful, peaceful, sight. Oh my goodness.

    Joining from Outdoor Wednesday.

  6. Great shots! The ocean is always so full of surprises.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.


  7. Morning Anni,
    Surfs up and hang 10!!!
    I wish I could take a walk with you on your beach. You see the most beautiful things.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  8. Wonderful. The majesty and power of the ocean is always a sight to behold.

  9. Great shots...nothing more exciting to see dolphins in the wild!

  10. You got action! Great shots of the water and the dolphins. A fellow Texan, Honey

  11. That looks pretty...Thanks for coming by...

  12. Just a bit, haha. Nice dolphin shot as well! Happy WW!

  13. Oh wow! How lucky to get the picture of the dophin!!!
    Beautiful shots, Anni!
    Have a fabulous day!
    Debbie's Travels

  14. I love your series and think you did a fine job of capturing that one boulder as well as the others. The water splashing around it makes for lovely coloration and contrasts. After hearing the news last night about the baby dolphins dying along the BP Oil Spill coasts, it warms my heart to see them well and happily swimming about as they should be going. Lovely grouping.

  15. I love those photos! Thanks for sharing and for stopping by. Always a pleasure.

  16. I love the water hitting the rocks. But in really it means that the sea is not calm and I'm afraid to ride on a boat.

    Thank you for visiting my Water Wednesday entry

  17. Gorgeous waves and photos. Looks cold though.

  18. Oh Anni, I do so love the crashing waves of the sea. Excellent images.

  19. Great idea to focus on that one boulder. Hope you used a zoom to capture these images; wouldn't want you to get swept away.

    Lucky you - seeing that pod of dolphins!

  20. Wow, it's a big splash! Great capture. If I were there, I wouldn't get any closer to the ocean....

  21. Looks like the water is rough but it makes my day to glimpse the dolphin. Great capture!
    Watery Wednesday

  22. I could sit and watch waves hit rocks for hours on end! Just seeing your pictures puts me in a tranquil mood...and, a dolphin...that's a perfect day!

  23. I have a couple of gray images of dolphins too, but I was so excited just to know they were so near! Happy WW!

  24. Nice to water that isn't frozen.
    Joyce M

  25. As always those were just beautiful photos.
    I really enjoy seeing the view of TX through your lens.I will probably never get down there.
    Have a great day.

  26. I love it when I see dolphins out at the beach here!

  27. Great shots!!! I would spend the entire day looking at the sea...

  28. It's always a joy to see dolphins in the water. I actually saw one flip...sea world style...just off the beach in St Augustine. It really took me by surprise!
    Jane (artfully graced)

  29. wild waters. Love it! What more can I say.

  30. Wow rough waves for the Gulf of Mexico in February. I love how you captured such good pictures for us to enjoy.
    My goal is to get to the beach before April because the water is calling me. lol
    Just to walk along the beach and feel your feet in the waves is a blessing
    You can tell I grew up on the coast
    Hope your doing well I miss you

  31. Wow! Incredible! Lovely action photos.

  32. We did have the same themes for our watery wednesday photos! I wish I'd seen the dolphins though, can you believe I have never seen dolphins in the wild before! Your photos are great, I love a stormy sea!!

  33. Hi Annie Sweetie...
    I love this share today. You know my love for the ocean. I can hear the waves as they rush over the big rocks and into share. I can smell the wonderful clean air and even hear a few seagulls over head. So beautiful my precious friend.

    I loved seeing the dolphins swimming. How gorgeous is that? I have never seen any in the ocean before, so this is a true treasure.

    I hope you are well sweet friend. Many hugs and SO much love, Sherry

  34. Great captures! the waves crashing on the rocks are beautiful.
    I love it when I see dolphins!

  35. Awesome! I know it is warm down by you, but the water still has to be cold! I would love to see the dolphins. If I had the plane fare, you would have a winter visitor! Oh, did you make your header? it is very pretty. I love roses, but can get them to grow??? hugs~
    Faythe @ GMT

  36. These are all great shots. And what a lovely sight to see baby dolphins swimming with their mommas. Love all your photos.

  37. I admire your shots, Anni :)
    Thanks for dropping by

  38. How I would love to spot a dolphin someday too! Thanks for sharing your sighting, Anni!


    A seeker of water, they say,
    Is likely to savor the day,
    If she can find dew,
    A few raindrops too—
    Or even some vast ocean spray!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Tiny Tugs Tumbling

  39. The only time I've seen dolphins is at Marineland in Niagara Falls but oh, how I'd love to see them in their natural surroundings. I love watching any kind of tv specials about dolphins, they just fascinate me.

    The photos of that boulder really does show the power of the waves as they pummel it, great shots!! xoxo

  40. Nice...looks pretty crazy out there but the dolphin is having fun. Thanks for stopping by at my WW. Enjoy the weekend.

  41. wow! very awesome was that....sorry for the delayed visit....:)following your blog.


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