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a gull, a ruddy turnstone and a grackle, OH MY!

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I loved the Spring-like day on the Beach last week. We combed the beach, found a few sand dollars and some glass pieces along with a couple of shells. We walked a couple of hours, then, unloaded our booty in the car trunk, walked over to the jetty and watched the birds, the sea, and people walking the shore [along with surfers]. The outing was peaceful and relaxing.

[seagull -top photo left side --gull-billed tern in far upper right corner -diving]
[ruddy turnstone -middle photo bottom right side]
[common grackle -bottom photo bottom right, peeking above the boulder]

- - -<><><>- - -

Master bedroom? DONE!!! Bud and I tore everything down, and moved everything, but the heavy furniture, out...mopped walls, scrubbed venetian blinds, cleaned curtains, washed windows, waxed furniture, moved a few pieces of furniture around...moved all the knick knacks out, the ruby glass, the movie 'toys', dolls, etc...all out into the kitchen - hand scrubbing each and moved 'em all back. Stripped the bed, put on a new mattress cover, and washed sheets, pillow cases, and bedspread and air dried them outdoors!! Very few webs...but ewwwwwwww, the ceiling fan light. That's where the dust, webs accumulated in that room. And the dust on the dresser top and chest of drawers....omgoodness. Upward and, it'll be the Living Room with the vaulted ceiling.


  1. thank goodness winter's around the corner for me, and not spring, heee heeee heeeeee

  2. superb photos! here we still have one meter of snow :)

  3. Hooray for you! I know you feel good about getting that room done.

  4. That is so wonderful.. Thank you for sharing..Like it!!!!:-)

  5. Sounds like you had a fabulous day! Love the pictures!
    Have a fabulous day!

  6. Good Morning Sweet Annie...
    Oh thank you so much for taking me along with you today. I enjoyed the sea air and the mist in my hair as the breezes blew by. I loved seeing the treasures along the way that the tide brought right to our hands, just for the picking. Sand dollars, and sea glass and shells oh my. What beauties I am sure. I could ever feel the wet sand beneath me as we walked. I love hearing the cry of the birds over head. Never sure if they want us to leave, or welcome our company.

    You and Bud be careful cleaning the living room this morning, those vaulted ceilings are certainly not easy to work with. I will be sending up a few prayers for you sweet friend. Finish so that you can go out and play.

    It is always so nice to be able to walk back through and see your hard work and feel so wonderful, to know that another year of Spring cleaning is done. So rewarding.

    Have a glorious Wednesday my sweet friend. Please know that you are SO loved. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  7. Miss Anni we have one question....what do you eat for breakfast to give you all that energy?
    Congrats on the progress too.
    Madi and MOm

  8. My goodness, you sterilized your house !!
    What a wonderful walk you had ! I am jalous ! I went into a decoration shop and got wet like a cat walking only a few inches from the car to the entrance !

  9. Oh wow you are too busy! Good for you! I am going to do that this coming Spring, hopefully! Happy Wednesday!
    Outdoor Wednesday

  10. I really need some of your energy. I'm in a fibro flare :-( I need to do some deep cleaning, but right now just keeping up with daily stuff is hard. Great photos. Be careful and don't over do!

  11. Nice pics for Wordless Wednesday. I always feel so good when a room has been cleaned from top to bottom. The dust that accumulates always surprised me too, where does it all come from?

  12. Sounds like "spring cleaning" to me. Love your beach photos.

  13. Hi! i've just got back to blogging great photos, clening, what a tough word. take care rose

  14. Glad you got so much accomplished... It is a BIG job! Beautiful pictures at the beach~~~

  15. Those barriers looks like a bicycle stand.

    What are you doing, a gigantic spring clean?

  16. Wonderful pictures. And I wish I had the energy to do deep cleaning like that - my house is desperately in need! It must feel so good. I need to just start with one cupboard and see where it leads me! It's really hard with little hands around, though.

  17. How I wish I could be walking along the beach right about now! lol It must be so much fun every day going treasure hunting:-)

    Good job on getting the master bedroom done. Isn't it unbelievable how much dust a ceiling fan gets on it? I know I'm always disgusted with mine when I clean it! lol Everything will be clean and shiny in your house real soon:-) xoxo