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The St. Nick Express---

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To tie-in to my Santa Macro post, ever since I was a kid, in Colorado, growing up and celebrating Christmas Eve with my parents, there was always a little segment across the air waves via a phone call; how Saint Nicholas was heading our way, and tracking his progress. The place was near Colorado Springs ---just about 85 miles from where we lived north and west of Denver. I only was given permission to call one year after I begged and begged---you see, back then, it was considered 'long distance' calling on the phone bill. My folks were very frugal and rarely allowed such frivolous spending sprees. LOL Nearly a half century ago, it was a place that was at one time "Top Secret" to most who lived in the United States, but to us Coloradoans, I'm sure 90% of us knew about its existence. By reading a bit of the history of this, a part which I didn't know 'til now, the Colorado Springs [Gazzette probably] newspaper advertised to children they could call in and get his current location---the number listed in the article was incorrect and took you to CONRAD [which is now NORAD]. Hence, the tradition began. There is a lot of military history to be had regarding NORAD just west of Colorado Springs. This is the area where Bud was born and raised. The mountain also houses a small, but wonderful zoo. [no, not the military personnel]


the link's HERE


  1. Thanks, Anni for the Norad link!

  2. What a cool Christmas train... love the photos...

  3. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at your place!
    When Andy was stationed in CO, he was right near NORAD, so we saw it when we visited him.

  4. Mari Ya, it is real close to Ft. Carson.

  5. I lived in Denver Co for 4 years, always loved to visit Colorado springs, such a beautiful area. Yep we found out about Norad while we lived there,,,that is so cool for the little ones. Love your Macros and thanks for the Holiday button, I am going to grab it now and put it on my side bar. You are so talented Anni!

  6. Morning Anni,
    We love your Christmas Template and we are betting 100% you. What great Christmas memories today too. My hubby is a train brain. I'll have to be sure he sees your post today. Going to Colorado to ride all the trains is on our Bucket List.
    Madi and Mom

  7. My son does NORAD for Ansel & Tatiana every year ... it is so much fun watching their faces. Soon they will out grow this belief, sad.

    Missed you, glad you're back.

    Have a beautiful holiday week ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  8. ready for Xmas
    a cute train!