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"America's future is not written by our enemies... America's future is written by our heroes."
~9/11/2018 * Patriots' Day

---decorating's done!!! And I did a bit of stealing...

...Sunday Stealing that is:

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1. If you could interview anyone on your blog (alive or dead) who would you chose and why? I have to pick just one? Johnny Depp comes to mind, but I don't think I'd be asking too many questions...just drooling like a fool!! Why? 'Cause I like his 'anti-Hollywood' demeanor. ya, right!!

2. What do you feel is your strength as a blogger? Well, I try my best to be courteous and friendly to my visitors by paying a return visit to those I haven't visited already. Sometimes I can't 'cause life gets in the way...Also, I do take pride in designing 'original' blog templates for myself so it's not copied from other 'free template' sites!!

3. Can you share a little bit about yourself that you have not already mentioned on your blog? This guy from England gave me an engagement ring and we are to be wed next year on April 29th!! First time in centuries that a royal heir will marry a royal pain commoner. Wait...I read the question all wrong didn't I? Well, one part is correct, I've never mentioned this on my blog!!

4. If you were forced to change the name of your blog, what would you change it to? Why? My Face Book?!! Who knows!!?!! Anni-ma's sounds like it could be a catchy name [I'm a 'ma' and I AM Anni afterall]...but I don't have a syringe. [if you need explanation to that reference to syringe...ahhhhhhhh, just ignore me and move on]----

5. What do you think is the most fulfilling part of being a blogger? The challenges of blogging something of interest. And, meeting other bloggers that have similar interests.

6. What would you do with your last day if you found you had only one more day to live? Let me just say it wouldn't be a blog post!!

7. You’ve been doing medical research for decades and have finally found a cure. What was it that you found a cure for and why did you choose this particular ailment? The common COLD!!! I'd be rich!!!

8. What is your most guilty pleasure? Food! It's always about food. Especially when I don't have to cook.

9. Answer only one. What is your favorite book, movie or TV show? I'm not sure but...actually, I guess, the one answer could really 'fit' into ALL categories...GONE WITH THE WIND [book, movie, and it's been aired on TV]

10. What do you think is the very best smell in the world? The one smell that can take you back to a time and place of a very vivid memory in your past? Well, it's not my favorite smell, but one that would take me back to my past would be PINE!! I lived in the Colorado mountains. My favorite smell that would have nothing to do with memory would be Rose Geranium by Avon.

...and so ends my stealing
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Sunday's Summary w Larry King and Holiday Gift for you!!!
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I think I'm finished decorating the house! We decided to once again, not decorate outdoors [on the house, and in the yard] since each year something gets stolen. It's just not worth the effort. Right there, I feel like a Bah Humbug kinda's the season to be joyful...but when decorations get stolen from the yard, it's saddening. Anyway...enough of the gloom and glum attitude. I hope the brave all who went shopping over the "Black Friday" weekend, hunting for bargains galore, got some good deals and it was worth the efforts! Me? I wouldn't be caught in the mob and shopping frenzy!!! That's why I take the weekend after Thanksgiving to decorate. For years, Bud and I make sure we're stocked up with everything we need to become recluses for the weekend. Neither of us wants to be out and about in the traffic either. I think all the ninnies come out of the woodwork and get behind the wheel of their vehicles!! We both had a great Thanksgiving. The meal was super. Of course we over ate, especially the pie. It was gone [keep in mind it was just the two of us] by late that evening. I went to bed with an overly-stuffed stomach on pumpkin pie and whipped cream!!! And paid dearly the next morning. The tree was up and decorated during the Dallas Cowboys game...was that a game and a half or what?!!! Whoa!! Then, Friday, we did the rest of the house...bringing out the 100s of Santas and Bud set up the snowy village on the fireplace hearth this year. His newest piece was the North Pole Post Office. Once everything was cleaned and all the 'trash' and dirt tracked in was vacuumed, I brought out my crocheted Santa afghan....much to Tahoe's delight!!! She was on it like dirt on a shirt the instant it was laid out on the couch. I took some photos...stay tuned. While the car was in the driveway and the garage door open, unpacking Christmas boxes in the garage, I spied a couple of nighthawks in the cottonwood tree down the street from us...I got a couple great photos...birdwatching and we didn't have to leave the yard!!! How cool is that?! I will add those two photos to my photo blog in a day or two, once I get back into the swing of blogging again. I called my sister and brother in law answered the phone...I asked how it was going and if they were getting a lot of snow [there were blizzard conditions in Utah and Wyoming over the week, and they live close to both borders]...he ignored me on the snow and started in on the 'how it was going'...a couple days before Thanksgiving he had an eye stroke. Now, I had heard of that, but didn't know the details, or the symptoms...he told me all about it. Wow...and he is one of the most active people I know!! It shows that you just don't know what the day will bring. Suffice it to say, he was in the emergency room for several hours, had ophthalmologists checking him out thoroughly and is now being medicated heavily and I think Monday, tomorrow, he has to go see specialists again. And in regards to in Corpus, it was predicted with the cold front moving in from the mountains to the west, it was forecasted to be in the high 30's by Saturday morning..well, it was COLD...but just barely mid-40s!!! Irene and the boys said hello, and Erik was busy over the weekend going to classes himself in Houston to get primed for a GRE exam. Other than that in 'the Hootin' Anni newsroom''s all folks!!

PS...Thanks go out to everyone who stopped by here with sweet holiday wishes for Bud and me!! So much appreciated. I'll get to visiting y'all soon. In the meantime, I made a special holiday gift for all my visitors....on the top of my sidebar!!!

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And speaking of 'newsrooms'====
By now, this is not really something "newsworthy" 'cause it's old news. But since I've taken a few days off from blogging, I still have to put down my say on the matter. A Senate Race...between the "Tea Party" endorsed [mostly Sarah P@lin and her co-horts], Joe M!ller and the ----now, get this---the WRITE-IN GOP Candidate, Lisa Murk0wski. Murk0wski won the seat. First time since 1954!!! There is word of a continual feud between the said Ms. P@lin and Murk0wski. Which doesn't surprise me in the least. The once vice presidential runner for the McC@in Ticket is, in my humblest opinion, obnoxious and strong, a bull-headed egotist. Not to mention a bit ignorant of the country as a whole. She may have done well for Al@ska, but those that know her voted against her in the mid-term election by proxy in a way. What does that tell you? The citizens of Al@ska know best? Of course they're probably still stinging from her untimely withdrawal from the governorship. And in the back of all the minds that know her best, are they thinking what I'm thinking? If she runs in 2012 for a presidential ticket--------will she 'drop out' if a chance to make mega-millions arises in her 2nd year? Way to go Al@ska!!! You show us just what your true feelings are on this Te@ Party Activist; moose hunter!!! For me as the simple bystander of only the knowledge I read and hear, she comes across that all she wants is power in money. Besides making some serious money, she is much more interested in having the power to shape the debate, and exercise power in giving a thumbs up or down for those who do run. She wants power without the responsibility...much like the villains in Ayn Rand's novels.

- - -

And!!! Not to forget the interview with the Bush's [the daddy and Barbara] on Larry King Live a few evenings back!!! Barbara, dear sweet Barbara, said of the question directed toward her regarding Ms. P@lin...."She should stay in Al@ska". I LOVED THAT. Actually, having the Republican Party against Sarah is good if she decides to think she could win a presidency!!! For the Democrats!! LOL Thanks for Harriet for the heads up on the air time for the segment on CNN last week.


  1. Glad you had a good day on Thanksgiving and a productive weekend too! I got my stuff all up and the house is looking festive. I did venture out with my sister on Friday, but not till about 11 am. It was still crazy and I was happy to get back home!

  2. Mari You're much more brave than I!!

  3. I love your answers! It's witty and funny! :)

  4. Good answers. Your blog templates are great and I keep meaning to mention them but invariably forget about it by the time I've finished reading the a post; really like your current Christmas one. Also really wish someone would hurry up and find a cure for the common cold. A shame to hear about your outside decorations being stolen; that's a really mean thing for someone to do. Have a great Sunday!

  5. Anni, Dwight had seen the clip where Barbara Bush said she hoped Palin would stay in Alaska. I totally agree and I don't even live in the US. Don't take a rocket scientist ya know...

    Love the photo of your tree but I want to see Bud's village and all your Santa's. That makes Christmas for me. When you put up your decorations I know it's drawing night. LOL

    Take care and thanks for stopping by my Writing Nook. I'm glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Where is my pie? I have the Cool whip. LOL


  6. you got me at number 3
    nice post Anni. happy ST. cheers!

  7. Johnny Depp is also gorgeous :)

    Thanks for dropping by!

  8. Love your book/movie/tv answer. Very clever, and Scarlett is a heroine for all seasons ... and all media.

  9. Good morning Hoot! I love your tree and I am so sorry that you are not able to decorate outside... I love putting up lights on the outside and each year we add a little more..

    Me and my sweet husband are JUST like you and yours!!!!!!!! You could not pay me to go out the day after TG or anytime this weekend and shop! I have no intentions of getting out there with all those crazies! My my, how the reason for the season has changed!

  10. Hi Anni - what a wonderful job you did on decorating your house for the holidays. Love the giant Christmas tree!
    I think I'm prefer the younger brother Harry. He's a bit more -- errm, adventurous? *lol*

  11. Jeepers, Anni guess I don't need me readin' glasses with your BIG ARSE FONT! Hey wait, I saw the Prince first! Love your holiday decoration header. I love the smell of pine also. Will be having Bud drag a real tree indoors early next month to enjoy the pine smell and the lights. Have a great week Anni!

  12. Hey Kate- I hear your blue dress is selling out fast.You did look good in it.

    I think she's gonna go Tea Party myself.

    You're a Hoot Anni!

  13. What on your last day you wuldn't be blogging? Bummer. Ha! Enjoy your day...

  14. please cure the common cold and hemeroids (thats what i lovingly call my ex husband)

  15. Hi Annie Sweetie...
    Annie, Annie, Annie, oh my gosh you make me laugh, and I so adore you.

    Let me count the ways, yep you can bet if it was my last day, I wouldn't be blogging either. You are so stinkin cute. I love it.

    Johnny Depp, Girl I would be drooling right there with you. Is he not the cutest thing ever? There is just something about him. Maybe it is the Pirate in him. Let me know if you figure it out, will ya?

    Your seasonal templates are one of the things that I love most about your blog home. You are original. One of a KIND. Unique and that is what I love most about you sweet friend.

    Anni-ma's?? That is catchy, but I have got to tell you sweetie, I love Hootin Annies, it's a keeper. A true keeper.

    Could you hurry up on the cold remedy because I have one heck of one right now, and I could sure use that remedy quick.

    Happy Holidays sweetie. I love your little heart. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  16. Oh, and that Prince William is a hunk, ain't he? :)

  17. Please get started on the cure for the cold. I have one, and my head feels like it is going to explode.
    I shall be your newest follower.

  18. Hi Anni...I enjoyed your questions and answers today. #4 was my favorite.
    The first grandchild on my Mom's side of the family could not say gr so she started calling our maternal grandmother....Annie Ma.
    It stuck we all called her that. Her name was Pearl. Thanks for the memories!
    Your tree is lovely,

  19. Your blog is lovely...and witty. A "must-add." Blessings, K

  20. thoroughly enjoyed reading your answers! and oh, i'll keep #3 a secret. you know the paparazzi might be after you =)

    ps. love your blog template..

  21. I do love your blog templates!

  22. Hi,

    Love the smell of Geranium... it's out of the world. Good answers, enjoyed reading them...

  23. Loved your answers. And your tree is really beautiful. I've never heard of an eye stroke! How awful. Hope he's going to be okay. Laughed my head off at Barbara Bush's P@lin remark.

  24. Doing sneak peeks at this meme has been a blast. I am enjoying meeting folks and I especially enjoy your friendly atmosphere here.

    I love that quote by James Dunn!

    Anyway,your answer to #6 is excellent. It is nice to meet you and I'm sorry I don't have a link to my questions yet.