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A broken sand dollar in the grasp of seaweed. Newport beach access on Mustang Island, Texas. The smaller, whole dollar, I found near Padre Island National Seashore on, yep....Padre Island, Texas

Most often while beachcombing you'd find them broken like the macro photo above, but when lucky you may find one whole. The Sand Dollar. Sand-dollar is a name used for many species of extremely flattened, burrowing sea urchins. Seldom you may chance upon one not so 'flat' as these above. If so, they're then called sea biscuits. FROM wikipedia: ...the typical remains found washed up on beaches [the skeletal remains, the hardened sandy outer "shell", is called TEST]. The living animals have a skin of motile spines covering the test. Movement is accomplished by the coordinated action of the spines. Like other sea urchins, sand dollars have five paired rows of pores. The pores are arranged in a petal-like pattern. These pores are perforations in the endoskeleton through which the podia, used in gas exchange, project from the body. Each 'flowerette' petal arrangement is as different as a finger print! To see a sand dollar urchin that is still living and HERE

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Well, baseball season has come to a close. The regular season that is. Of course as you can tell with the lack of commentary on my part, the one team I follow in Texas [The Astros] didn't do well at all. In the middle of the season, two 'star' players were traded. One went on to the Phillies, and the other went on to the Yankees. The pitcher that was traded to the Phillies faired well, while the other, the 1st baseman...well, let's just say he was booed off the field at the Yankee stadium once. LOL Anyway, the 'home' team for me...the Colorado Rockies held promise there for a while...I was quite thrilled, then---bam!! Only 3rd place in their division at the end of the season. And the Arizona Diamondbacks? Well...let me tell you, they were so disappointing. At one time during the season, the schedules and playing skills just reeked with rot!! And the owner was fed up with the mess and fired the whole shebang...the whole coaching staff that is. Much to my dismay, the team players didn't improve throughout the remaining season. I always get disgusted with the high paying wages they earn and give us fans nothing to show for supporting them. And I continually say "There's always next year"...but, pfffft!! How many 'next years' are there? The only team I really root for in the American League is the New York Yankees [I'm a die-hard National League Supporter when it comes to being pitted against each other during the interleague games and World Series...unless it involves the Yankees]....they, at least, are going to be in the play-off season. Yet, I've seen 'em play better in other times. Still, there is hope. The Fall Classic will be upon us shortly, and I'll be there watching....hoping the Yankees will be part of another history in baseball!!! Then, I'll be counting the days 'til Spring Training in 2011 while 'suffering' through another losing season of my football home team, the Denver Broncos. Maybe the Houston Texans have a chance? LOL Pro'lly not.

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to change the subject:

Between emails with another blogging friend, we shortly discussed the fact that Muslims are exempt from the healthcare with our present president. It irks me to no end that Christians cry wolf on this. Let me reiterate that if anyone who is sore on this subject and believe in their own religion...let me also make note to you that they are not the only ones who are exempt!!! Do some research before backstabbing people!!! Amish, Christian Science, and the Church of Christ are among others. America was built on religious freedoms. I also point out that the churches of this country are TAX that fair to anyone who owns property and pay their property taxes? No, but it is still a fact. Some say they fear the extremists. Think about it...your own neighbor, be they black or white or any religious denomination [or atheists] could easily go ballistic and terrorize the neighborhood. Heck, if you think about it...if the twin towers were 'attacked' by a Christian group of Mexican descent, or a Brit maybe, would that mean that they're ALL terrorists? I try not to judge people...but when others decry people's beliefs I have to rant. It always seems that god-loving Christians are the first to claim everyone else's religions are wrong. I don't understand how they think sometimes....I just don't understand.

BASEBALL ANIMATION from Glitter Graphics


  1. Speak on sis, love you.

  2. Now that is fantabulous!

  3. I remember seeing a full sand dollar once as a kid and I was mesmerized; I love the way they feel too, their unique texture. Even the broken pieces are great finds!

  4. I once found a sand dollar on Padre Island, but I had to get up early in the morning or I would have missed it. People do like to search for them. I'm a die hard Texas Rangers fan. I was a fan before Nolan Ryan and when hardly anyone even knew who they were. I'm glad they are finally having some success. Loved reading your post!

  5. Anonymous10/04/2010

    Very interesting little things - not something we tend to find around here.

  6. Hi Anni blogger is being mean today. I cannot see your treat for the day. But it isn't just your blog several that I've visited have blanks where there are pictures...

    Happy Monday,
    Madi and Mom

  7. That is so cool...I want to live on the ocean! :) I love your new Halloween theme!

  8. Bless you, Anni and thanks for the treats.
    Mama Bear

  9. This post was filled with very interesting things as always. I would say that you really do your homework.LOL
    I want to thank you for your openest and honesty.
    I am a true Yankee and Cowboy fan.

  10. Yeah, would't want a flat bisquit!! ahahah
    Great Macro-- thanks for visiting my mixed up mantis!

  11. Anonymous10/04/2010

    Thanks for the 2nd treat. It will be up all week at you know where :) WOOT!!! I love the sea biscuit. :) How cool :) You rant is the bomb!!! I can't agree with you more. I'm just going to leave it at that. I could go on for hours about exactly what you said :) Have a wonderful Monday :)

  12. I love your little poem there. Too cute, and all the Halloween decorations - I love holidays don't you! Well, thought I'd stop by, and say hi!

  13. Like your new layout! Happy Monday!
    Fishes & Bird

  14. wow love your macro shot for this week! The white broken sand dollar really stands out on the seaweed and look at the texture of the seaweed... :)

  15. Love the sand dollars! Nicely shot.

  16. Honey I do love your Halloween theme through out your site. Background and all is so cool.
    I can not tell you how much I enjoy your comments when you visit. You really live up to your name. hahaha
    The sand dollars are my favorite and the beach has been calling me all summer. Of course being flat on my back I did not make it but I was thinking that I seriously need to go now before it starts getting cold.
    These past few days here have been so wonderful and really feeling like spring.
    Take care sweetie
    love ya

  17. I've never seen a sand dollar in person. So intriguing!

  18. Nice to know. As far as I can remember I have never seen any. And I use to lookf for stoens and shells. :)

  19. i never saw sanddollars in real. but they looks great

  20. I hate to see them broken. :)
    I picked a few up years ago in St. Augustine Florida. That's the last I've seen.



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