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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Ebony and ivory live together in perfect harmony...most always

My six words:

My PURRfect ones always entertain me!!

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The one the only...the Regal Sir Winston of Texas---
[aka Winnie]


The beautiful, the princess of time...Lady Tahoe---
[aka Pretty Kitty]

Winston has had a fixation with my witches this year. He has found 'true love' in a manner of speaking. And of course Tahoe, she actually comes running and talks to us when we call out "Pretty Kitty". She knows!!!

Both were adopted as 'older cats'.
Gotta love 'em.

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[co-hosted by Gattina]

You may ask: "What is your cats' favorite song?" We answer proudly - "Three Blind Mice"

You may ask: "What is your cats' favorite breakfast?" We answer proudly - "Mice Krispies"

You may ask: "How many cats does it take to fill an empty box?" We answer proudly - "Just one, after that, the box in NOT empty!"

You may ask: "What is your cats' favorite movie?" We answer proudly - "The Sound of Mewsic!"

You may ask: "What is your cats' favorite hot weather snack?" We answer proudly - "A mice-cream cone."

You may ask: "So, what do your cats, living near the beach, have in common with Christmas?" We answer proudly - "Sandy Claws"

-and last but not least-

You may ask: "What is your cats' favorite magazine?" We answer proudly - "Good Mousekeeping"

oh, and another frequent question we get since Winston is long-haired: "How do you keep his beautiful coat so untangled and knot free?" We answer proudly - "With a catacomb of course!!"

- - -
comic borrowed from
The Infinite Cat Project


  1. rofl Cat has his teeth rofl thats funny

  2. What a "purrfect" post for us cat lovers!

  3. How cute those pictures. True royalty I tell ya. Your cat funnies are hysterical. BWAHAHA. great job. Have a good Saturday.

  4. I really enjoyed your cats, so beautiful.

  5. Great photos, Sir Winston looks like he is the TOP CAT and Lady Tahoe looks very sweet!

  6. Morning Anni, Winnie and Pretty kitty...oh we are so glad to see you two up and about making a VIP appearance today.

    Happy Saturday to you all,
    Madi and Mom

  7. They are beautiful!
    Mama Bear

  8. Fabulous felines !!sandy

  9. The funny is funny! I love kitties. Mine both left me about 8 years ago. One slept on my pillow. She had to be on the same side as my face, so would pull my hair as she walked to the other side. The other cat slept down by my exposed toes so he could bite it—hard—if I got it too close. I sure do miss them, but I do sleep better now. ;)

    Thanks for checking on my critter, it's up now.

  10. Brilliant post! :D Great captures and funny too!

  11. Both beautiful cats but I love the coat on Winnie!

  12. Such great pics of your kitty cats! They certainly look like they are posing so regal for you! Enjoyed the funnies! ha!

  13. Love the verbiage :D Your cats are so cute. And I really like the fact they are into Halloween too. What a fun post.

  14. I must share all of this with Alex. He'll get a purr out of it.

  15. Love the Halloween theme! Getting ready here too!

  16. Love the Halloween decor..:)

  17. Oh how funny!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  18. My kitty sends you love, and asks for one more bowl of Mice Krispies, but he's feeling a little chilly today for mice-cream. :)

    Good Mousekeeping, ahhhhhh. So sweet and funny.


  19. The cat pictures are adorable, I laughed so much about the cartoon and the cat questions were hilarious too !

  20. Sir Winston is a very handsome cat! Definitely looks regal! And love the witch fixation! Incredible! And Tahoe is simmply a beautiful little one!

  21. Gorgeous!

    Hope you can visit my camera critter post too. Have a safe weekend!

  22. Well, Anni, I think they are all adorable! And I love that they talk to you. I'm a bit of a cat lover, myself.

  23. You must be a cat lover - something I just found out about you! Cute joke about the cat having the teeth in his mouth. Good jokes to go to bed on! sandie

  24. Clever, as ever! And beautiful pictures of your lovely feline friends!

  25. Sir Winston does look very regal. I bet he's the boss.