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It's done!!! The newest crochet project is done.....



A desolate section of land...
train rails erode, abandoned now.
Centuries ago, the caboose from the coupling, it shed
One lone man, left behind somehow...
Oncoming, another train crashes...the conductor's, today, headless--
Warning us... in the dark of night, not knowing he's dead.
A ghostly red flashing lantern in nighttime mist...flashing...
--under duress!!

- - -<><><>- - -


Seven rows of eight pineapple patterns each row...tiered in layers one long one short one long one short...etc. etc. Done in seafoam green, burgundy, aran white, sandhill [light beige], and seadrift blue ---trimmed in burgundy shell stitch and the aran white. I tried to match the colors in the two matching love seat and couch set we bought a few weeks back. While working on the finishing knotting, I notice the seadrift blue yarn perfectly matches the carpeting in the living room also....

The pattern is Victorian Ribbons, from an old old crochet magazine. Years old,--------the pages are even yellowed with age. LOL


  1. Anonymous9/10/2010

    Welcome back to 55. Been a while and what a jewel. Well done. I love the flashing under duress Getting close to your favorite time of the year :) Pretty knitting. Have a great Friday.

  2. Your poem is thought provoking, Anni.

    Well done on completing your crochet projects. Have a great weekend.

  3. A dark but wonderful 55 Anni.
    I love your crocheting ... that must have taken quite some time to complete.

  4. You weave a great atmosphere in this. nice one.

  5. ghostly 55...perhaps if he saves them he can move on....smiles.

  6. The afghan turned out very nice! I can see why they named it Victorian Ribbons.

  7. I'd love to have that pineapple pattern - any chance of a post?

  8. Jinksy I'm sorry, but I thought of posting it, but the pattern is copyrighted and I don't want any suit filed against me. But I can tell you the magazine I found it in..........

  9. Anni,
    Hello!! Thanks for stopping by! LOVE the afghan that you made and in Victorian colors too which of course are my favorites!! I used to crochet a lot but can't find the time now with work and everything else. Hopefully some day I can pick it back up again.
    I also love your sofa. The colors are gorgeous!!


  10. the 55er is eerily excellent!

  11. That is a gorgeous afghan with great colors for Fall. You are talented Annie!

  12. Well, ok, I won't comment on this Friday morning's article (except to say I AGREE!!!).. I also want to thank you for your most recent kind words concerning CC. I admit, I'm a VERY, perhaps overly, sensitive type, and I'm definitely anti-change.. And in my two years of blogging, I've grown attached and very appreciative of my friends here in Blogland. It was a shock to hear the very sad news about CC... Well, as I catch up a little here, oh my goodness, your afghan is BEAUTIFUL Anni, and I love the colors!! The pineapple pattern is not one that I've mastered yet, but hope to someday!.. Looking forward to trying my hand at your "Thursday Theme Song" meme sometime soon! In fact, loved your "Downtown" post as well, as I'm told the song was a favorite of mine, when I was a very little girl, standing on a box, singing into my little pretend microphone! I'm also told I mixed up the words a little bit, but I'm still very good at botching up the lyrics to this very day!... It's a talent! Have a great weekend! ((hugs)) ~tina

  13. Oh Anni what a gorgeous afghan!!! How long did it take to complete?
    What a great word challenge!!! Maco Light story is very intriguing.
    Have you ever had pictures not post on your blog? 4 of the informational pictures are missing on my Wolfpack post....dag gone it.
    Madi and Mom

  14. Madi and Mom That Maco Light story you sent me to yesterday was so interesting, I had to write a 55 word challenge for it. Glad you liked it.

    Oh and the afghan took about a month to complete. AND!!! I just went back to your comments to explain what I do on the 'missing' photos in a blog post.

  15. Beansieleigh I'm happy to read you and I agree on my Friday rant. LOL [that makes two of us at least] Maybe I should open the comments to that, but it was just me chomping at the bit over this coverage. It irks me so.

    Thanks for the visit, and the sweet compliments.

    And this goes for all who like my blog work today. :o) Much, much appreciated everyone.

  16. Loved the 55! We are near to the first railway line built in 1825 so could well picture the scene!

    My 55 is up! Bring a coat we are going for a walk!

  17. Thanks Anni for the suggestions!!! I did edit them in Picasa...I'll check it out tonight.

  18. The prodigal daughter returns!
    Hi Anni...Welcome home!
    Loved your eerie 55 My Dear.
    Always a Class act
    thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

  19. LOVE the afghan - just gorgeous! And the 55.

    Wish I could comment, but I won't.

    Ridiculously enough, there is a spot on the way between Denver and CS that closes down into 2 lanes - it's just ridiculous. I don't know why they don't open it up - traffic between those two cities is outrageous and always delays - it took us hours to get home from camp with Hayley last summer. Fortunately, we left early enough on Monday that we didn't have too much of a delay.

    As for stopping - as we flew by in shock, we pondered if we should have stopped. But it would have been far beyond by the time we could have pulled over. We prayed for them and trusted that someone would call immediately. I thought of them all week-end, and still do. It was bound to be a mess for all of those people, and a huge delay for those who came up behind.

    Have a wonderful week-end! The fall weather is beginning here and it is so lovely.

  20. Good Morning Annie Sweetie...
    Oh I am so over the moon happy with this beautiful share. You my friend, are a woman of so many talents. From telling stories, to sketching to making jewelry and know crocheting/knitting too. My oh my, I so wish we were neighbors, why I can just imagine all the wonderful talents I would be experiencing.

    I thank you as always for your wonderful share, but also sweet friend I thank you for your wonderful friendship. Your heart is SO big and you are such a beautiful caring person. I cherish our friendship.

    I hope you have a beautiful weekend sweetie. Please always remember how loved you are. Oh and I loved your write about the preacher. He defintely wanted a little air time for his church of 50.

    Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  21. such an eerie 55! welcome back to the party :)

  22. I love your afghan! My grandmother used to make them, I wish I had learned!

  23. Dawn Yes, after I left your blog earlier posting the 1st comment, I had 2nd thoughts....stopping to help would've more than likely caused MORE chain reaction accidents!! Y'all did right.

  24. What an eerie 55! Yikes! The poor conductor!

    Your crochet work is beautiful! That afghan looks so comfy and cosy.

  25. Yes, 2 lanes anywhere on I-25 is absolutely ridiculous. I suppose it's a money issue as much as anything. Denver is finally getting up to date on road stuff. The traffic from north to south is always unbelievable, no matter what day, what time.

  26. Chilling. Great to see you back in 55ville. Thanks for stopping by to read mine.

  27. Annie that is absolutely Gorgeous!! I never could learn to crochet! You got talent woman!! LOL

  28. Wow! what an eerie '55', welcome back from me also. Been awhile, Annie.

    Your 55 story reminds me of the story-tellers, dressed like ghosts and old-time witches, who perform every evening in downtown St Augustine.

    Ghost stories they relate, and little children grasp tightly to their mom's shorts or shirt...and I'm OK with it until they talk (as YOU wrote) about a guy who 'lost his head', so to speak. Sooo, ya got ME scared, Annie. Ya HAPPY?--grin!

    HERE mine is!

  29. That 55 is just right for Halloween, Anni!

    (Nice yarn-workin' too!)

    Have a great weekend!

  30. a headless conductor - is there something worse?
    your 55 gave me shivers..

  31. I get the distinct feeling there is a story behind your story. Great to have you flashing again!

  32. shudder! That was spooky :)

  33. Beautiful crochet work, pretty pattern and colors that look great together!

  34. Anni thank you for the suggestion about deleting my pictures in soon as I did two more of the pictures posted... I don't know why the other two did show up.
    I would never have thought to do that.

  35. The afghan is so lovely...very interesting that it is sort of an "antique" - discovered in an old crochet book. It is such a beautiful match for that chair!! Can't believe that you could find yarn so perfect.

    Loved your eerie poem.

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. Sorry. Put an "e" at the end of your name in that last comment and just realized it's Anni. Wow! What a gorgeous afghan. Can't believe you know how to do that! Fabulous! Susan

  38. Scary 55. You have to be careful around trains.

    Beautiful afghan. Thanks for showing us the finished item.

  39. Anni, the flash fiction is perfect and that afghan is beautiful. I love the old patterns. So much class. You matched the colors to a T.

    Enjoyed visiting. I'm still working on Santa (Father Christmas)


  40. love the flow ..
    lovely 55.
    Happy Belated Friday!

    my 55



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