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MACRO photo:
Bird of Paradise blossom
in our back yard...

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By now y'all probably know I'm not 'into' fake things on my body like the acrylic fingernails or coloring my hair, etc. I'm all for the natural me!!! I don't wear much make-up, I never have. But lately, with age, comes a need of some help. I'M GONNA TRY FALSIES!!! Yep, you read that correctly! Falsies. As soon as the stores open around town, I'm gonna be doing some shopping. In the recent months, I've seen as I apply my moisturizer when doing the regular hygiene routine in the morning, that my eyelashes have become thin and nearly non-existent. I've always had short and straight eyelashes. Now, I want some help. No, I'm really not going to waste any money on false eyelashes and go through all the rigmarole of applying glue and trying to get them to lay correctly and evenly on both eyes! Nor will I go and spend a fortune on hair implants and have the risk of infections. No sirree. I'm gonna try this new product that Maybelline has recently put on the shelves. I've read the reviews of this new stuff, and yep...I'm gonna try it! "Falsies". If anyone has tried this already, I really would like your input. Suppose I need to do a before and after? Stay tuned....

And speaking of artificial...I also do not appreciate the FDA in this country and the money hungry chemical labs that come up with the drugs the doctors so readily want you to ingest for the 'cure' of some ailment or disease. Siromade had a wonderful post about the fruit that is 100,000 times stronger than any chemotherapy...and it's NATURAL. It was the most interesting post. Once again, it makes me wonder just why there is no highly visible media coverage of this....instead, we are inundated with DRUG COMMERCIALS---why oh why?!!

I left a comment for Siromade so I could link to her post. Hope she doesn't mind!!

Oh and yesterday during the pro football games, it rained again...rained hard. I was hoping to get outdoors and do the lawn mowing and edging since last week's storms made the grass high and even beginning to grow OVER on the sidewalk!! It needs work done badly. Just hope sometime today it'll be dry enough to get some of it done.


  1. Anonymous9/13/2010

    BWAHAHA the only thing I've ever known a falsie to be is a bosom LOL I thought WHAT...she' want's bigger Ta Ta's? OMG Love the bird of Paradise. Have a great Monday :)

  2. very pretty
    great colors

  3. Julie and Julia. - I love that movie too!!!

  4. Bird of pradise - like that flower.

    I heard about the planned Mosque building at ground zero - I think that USA is the land of freedom and that you can not blem all Muslims for what happen, so for me it is ok.

    I hope you do not mind I wrote the comment here (if you do not like it, take it away)


  5. I think you should do a before and after post on Falsies. I've never heard of this product. Now I am off to Siromade to check out her post. Thanks!

  6. Beautiful!!! Wishing you a grand week! Cathy

  7. Maaaaan, you had me scared there for a minute, chick!! Well, I've never heard of Falsies since we don't have a television, but I'll look for it at the store if ya think it's that good, sugar.

  8. Connie I haven't bought it yet!!! Stay tuned. LOLOLOL

  9. beautiful flower on a beautiful photo

  10. I really like the Bird of Paradise blossom.
    Nice shot with nice colors!

  11. Beautiful macro Anni. Love your Monday Morsels too. I couldn't agree more on the chemicals called medicine. It was a prescribed med that took my husband's life two years ago. Plus, I myself have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), so I know the dangers of chemicals in both food (or what manufacturer's try to pass off as food) and meds, as well as grooming products, household cleaners, etc. I use alternatives.

  12. Beautiful amazing to have something like that growing in your yard!

  13. Rain sure makes the grass grow quickly. Mine was a jungle when I arrived home from holidays.

  14. What a wonderful plant to have in your back yard! Thanks for the information about 'SourSop' - Guyabano, the cancer killer fruit - it sounds like a life-saver. Look forward to seeing your before and after
    experiment - just make sure not to infect your eyes in some way!

  15. Anonymous9/13/2010

    What a beautiful flower!!

    I've never tried falsies, but I am anxious to hear how you like it. Mascara is the one thing that I won't leave the house without.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind comments! Have a great week!

  16. Falsies sounds like an interesting product. If you give it a try, let us know. Love the Bird!

  17. I gotta see these 'falsies' Anni ... you are a hoot!

    Have a beautiful week ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  18. Love the Bird of Paradise flower - it looks so dramatic.

  19. Anni what a gorgeous Bird of Paradise...and in your yard....How lucky are you!!??

    It has always amazed me that men have beautiful long eyelashes and we ladies DON'T!!!
    Very unfair.
    Madi and Mom

  20. Hi
    thanks for visiting my blog. I love the bird of paradise, they are a spectacular flower aren't they

  21. Hi Anni!! Had to respond about the mascara! I cannot say I've tried the Maybelline brand. I've tried the Covergirl brand, and was NOT happy with it!.. I then tried L'Oreal, and LOVE the Extra-Volume Collagen Volumizing mascara! Dear Daughter loves L'Oreal's Telescopic Explosion Mascara. So you can either try one of these, or please do let me know how you liked the Maybelline Falsies!.. Have a great day! ~tina

  22. Have a great week.

  23. Good Morning Anni Sweetie...
    Oh durn you all got rain? I am so bummed, could you send some to us? I would love to see a hard rain for the day that would keep us indoors and make you want to drink something warm. I drink ice tea, even in the morning, it is expected to be 103 today. Another hot one. Will it ever end? What a long Summer this one has been.

    Now I have not heard of Falsies a mascara, but I need some too. I will have to check out Wal-Mart and see if they carry it. I buy so much of my makeup there. I have noticed that my eyelashes are getting a little thin also. Well, we always said we were sisters from another time. Our younger pics sure look like it.

    That lawn mowing job will still be there today. Is it still raining? Start early and you'll be done in no time at all.

    Have a beautiful day sweetie. I know somewhere in this day you two will find some fun. Many hugs and so much love, Sherry

  24. Beautiful Birds of Paradise macro!

  25. Never tryed the Falsies mascara so can not give you a review on that!! But I love your bird in the bush! Very pretty flower. Aren't those hard to grow when you are not in tropical places? I know they would drown here!

  26. that flower was my mothers favorite. they are so very hard to find in the mid west. she had a beautiful plant in front of our house in california. i remember those and she loved them so much.

    never tried falsies though, let me know how it works!!

  27. What a gorgeous shot ! Love the colors !

  28. What a gorgeous macro shot of the bird of paradise flower, they are such an unusual flower and the colors are fab :)

  29. Well, I hate to put a damper on your enthusiasm about soursop, but the reason why there is little media coverage about this plant is that there is little scientific evidence that it does cure cancer. In fact, scientific research shows that one of the chemicals from soursop (an acetogenin known as annonacin) is quite toxic to human cells. Now, this may kill cancer cells, but it also damages healthy cells, blocking cellular respiration, causing cell death. There is also evidence that it can lead to Parkinson disease-like symptoms. So, I would be very wary about following this type of advice. Many plant (i.e. "natural") chemicals are just as, if not more, dangerous than man made drugs - think nicotine or strychnine. Just because something is natural does not make it safe. If you are interested in what the UK Cancer Agency has to say, go here -
    OK, I am getting down off my soapbox now......

  30. Hi Ms. Anni, yes you can share my link. Thanks for passing by on my site always.

  31. Such a beautiful macro...and it's in your BACKYARD! So cool!

  32. Love the colors of the bird of paradise! A beautiful flower!

  33. i don't worry about the eyelashes. i like to get the eyebrows waxwd and shaped. i'm chicken to pluck. i guess we all have somethingwe want to change. if it makes us happy, why not. not familiar with the product. rose

  34. Hi- I came by yesterday, but blogger wouldn't let me comment. Gorgeous colors in your macro. I'm salivating at the beauty.

    As for mascara, I also want longer lashes. The gene skipped me and siblings and children of mine have lush long fringes. I've not tried this brand. I do recommend you use a lash primer. I use Lancombe's lash primer. It's a product I only began using in the past few months and I see a great difference. It's in a tube like mascara, but coats the lashes with clear "gel" that makes the mascara adhere better.

    Also, google "how to apply mascara." I found instructions on the web that helped a lot. Although I have always put on my makeup well, these mascara tips were great! They included a video demonstration of using a "zig zag" motion to apply. I've had many compliments since using this method. Plus invest in a tiny eyelash comb so your eyelashes don't clump together and look like spider legs. I use Lancombe's Hypnose. (I do NOT use waterproof, since I do not want to lose any lashes when I remove my mascara.) Many folks use an eyelash curler to open the eye up but I find that my lashes break from this use and I prefer to skip that.

    I hope this helps. My lashes are average length and perhaps a bit thicker than average, but certainly nothing anyone ever notices. People comment on my eye color favorably so I do like to use mascara to beef up the natural dark lashes I have. **Oh, I'd also recommend a very thin line of eyeliner. That works wonders in making your eyelashes stand out because the base of your lashes is defined. I use black. Some folks with my coloring (dark hair/green eyes, use charcoal gray.) Stay neutral. If you're fair or blond or light brown hair, I'd go with a brown eyeliner and brown mascara. Oh, and there are free "do overs" at dept. stores but be sure to get someone who applies her own makeup in a manner you like and not a saleswoman who wants to sell you everything. Good luck!