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Last Spring we planted a Pomegranate Tree. According to the little tag that the plant nursery had, it read that it should bloom and produce within two years after feeding it and keeping it well fertilized with nitrogen rich stuff! LOL....anyway, we didn't. All we did was just prepare the soil and then planted it. Watering it of course, but that's all. Lo and behold it bloomed after only 2 months. The blossoms are gorgeous, and I just know the tree, as it ages, will be breathtaking in the Spring. I wasn't expecting the blossoms to produce anything...but we have FOUR nice-sized fruits maturing! And I called dibs on the very first one picked. I hope they're as good as they look!! Mine I tellya....all mine!!! Actually, this is all new to me....never before have I had a pomegranate, I'm really not sure if the fruit is ready to pick off the I need to wait longer? But still, I don't want it to rot on the tree either. {{{sigh}}} The trials of Hootin' Anni!


  1. Nopes!
    its not yet ready
    Try to pluck it gently, If it is ready/ripe, it will come out easily


  2. Anonymous9/14/2010

    Our neighbor has one of those in their yard. It looks ripe for the pickin' to me. But I'm no Farmer in the Dell so who knows. Have a great Tuesday :)

  3. I don't know anything about pomegranates and have never even eaten one. Good luck!

  4. Congrats on the fruit of your labor!

  5. Mari Oh....never had one?!! You don't know what you're missin' out on...they're so delicious. You actually don't eat the fruit itself...just the seeds!!! juicy wonderful.

  6. Good job. I have never thought of plants one. Hope you have many years of fruit.
    My Ruby Link for you

  7. I certainly can't help you with your dilemma. Hubby and I let several melons over ripen on the vine. LOL Good luck! It's a beautiful fruit!

  8. Great photo, but I have NO idea what to do with a pomegranate. Happy RT.

  9. How big is your pomegranate?

    If you go to Singapore, you will see in in many homes. The Chinese believes that ghosts are afraid of the plant, so if you plant a tree at the door, you are saved.

  10. Hi Anni,

    I was commenting and then my computer crashed. I don't know if my comment went through.

    The pomegranate plant is much revered among the Chinese people in Malaysia and Singapore. In almost every Chinese home in the HDB housing estate, there is a pot of pomegranate plant growing outside the door. During Chinese New Year, they hang red Chinese money packets liken to the way Christmas trees are decorated. The reason for growing this plant is that they believe it protects the family inside the house as it repels all the evil spirits and the hungry ghosts during the lunar calender in the month of July.

  11. Ours also had four fruits and they were not a success I'm sorry to say. The first two were yellow inside instead of red, so we kept the last two on the tree longer and they were rotten inside. We're hoping for better next year.

  12. pomegranate fruit—
    shattered, its seeds spilling out
    to feed the hungry

    Your Lover

  13. Anni you are growing gold there in your garden...pomegranate are very expensive here in Raleigh!!! You might want to put an armed guard on the tree.

    WHat a funny story about Winston's midnight romp about. I do wish our kitties would share their secret of a good night's sleep.
    Madi and Mom

  14. I would think that it is ready to pick when the fruit isn't hard anymore but what do I know. This is one tree that I've never seen growing. I seem to remember a small one in someone's yard on my bus route when I was in school. Sometimes, it is just best to leave things alone as you did with this tree. I hope you get them before they fall off the tree or get eaten by birds.
    Mama Bear

  15. That is so exciting, I have no clue as to when to pic a pomegranate, just know I love the them.

  16. Anni, I love pomegrantes. I'm coming for a visit because I have never seen a pomegranate tree. Great photo.

    I went to your friend's blog and read the info from John Hopkins. For years I've known there is a cure for cancer without the chemo and radiation. Do you remember my post about the cancer nurse here in Ontario who helped many people who had cancer lead longer lives with her natural remedy. Google the name Rene Caisse. Interesting that our governments don't want us to be cured. They are trying to make the drs rich.

    Take care and will be emailing you soon. I sure miss our emails.


  17. Ann Well the fruit in the picture is about the size of a small grapefruit. The tree now, I'm not sure if you meant the size of the tree..., it's about eight feet from ground level to the tip of the tallest part.

  18. My mother and hubby's favorite fruit!

  19. Oh wow pomegranate looks like guava when they are still young. Great shot!
    Red Tractor

  20. They look pretty but I have no idea about them. sandie

  21. I love pomegranates so you're lucky I don't live near, otherwise I'd sneak into your yard and steal them off your tree!!!! hehehehe That is so cool that you now have a pomegranate tree and that it's producing already. I don't think we can grow them here, I've just never seen anyone having one in their yard or even seen the trees in the nurseries. No doubt you will enjoy that first fruit to the fullest:-) xoxo

  22. When you first said falsies, I was thinking boob padding! lol I've got long lashes but they're so blond, I always wear black mascara. I haven't heard of that new Maybelline product so will have to go check it out when I bring mom shopping on Thursday!

    Don't get me started about the drugs that doctors try to push on everyone!!! I'm already mad at the Canadian government for taking Kava Kava off the herbal store shelves. It was a natural tranquilizer for anxiety which I was taking instead of the chemical drugs the doctor tried to put me on and it was working wonderfully. Of course, the government doesn't make any money with the natural health stuff so they pulled it off the shelves. Phooey on them!!

    It only went up to 54F here today...I hated having to wear a sweater to go out! lol xoxo

  23. back from having company and spring cleaning. i know nothing about this fruit. is there a county agent that deals with plants/trees. i 've called upon our gent re trees. take care rose

  24. Anni, I tried to email you and it was returned. Can you please send me your new email addy. Mary