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Bud calls them "Sheep's Backs", technically and scientifically they're named Altocumulus. By any name, they're beautiful!! While we were on our hour long walk near the shore the other day, the cloud formations were simply gorgeous through my eyes. It was going to be another sultry summer afternoon with the predictions, so we decided to hold off on our yard work for the day and stroll the beaches before it turned to an inferno. Luckily, it was overcast and the hot sun wasn't blazing down on our shoulders as we was quite pleasant actually. A sea breeze, the shaded sun and in the high 70s. Of course that was around 8a.m. tho, and before we got back to the car the sun was breaking free of the cloud cover.

- - -

This is what I saw getting into the car as we were readying to leave --look closely and you can see the distinct yellow orb of the sun filtering through the cloud formations...just a little below center. Legend has been retold that with the Altocumulus clouds, comes a cold front behind it. Well, no truth to the legend that day!! Unless a cold front means only 3 or 4 degrees below what it has been lately. LOL

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  1. Anonymous8/11/2010

    I don't care what they are called. They are beautiful. Love 'em. Have a great Wednesday. :)

  2. Mmm.. that second picture is full of brooding atmosphere...

  3. I never heard of those clouds being called sheeps backs, but they really do look like it. I'll remember this next time I see them!

  4. really beautiful pictures you have here :) nice week!

  5. Such beautiful skies. Love the latter one with the sun just peeking up.
    My Wordful Wednesday link for you
    another link toMy Wordless Wednesday-Photo entries

  6. I would love to walk on the beach with you it is one of my favourite places to walk. dramatic skies.

  7. I am on pins and needles. Stop teasing already.


  8. Is there anything better than strolling along the beach, breathing in that salt air? It's one of my favorite things to do. Unfortunately, I'm landlocked for now. Beautiful images!


    A few weeks ago, my sky was full of Altocumulus clouds, I have never seen it like this before. They were grey, and I couldn't see any sky.

    I am looking forward to see what your new meme is.

  10. Glad you had a nice day. Those clouds looked to promise rain.

  11. Nice shots Annie! I love the clouds looking like that. We have to get out early too if we are going to walk the beach. We caught a sunset with clouds like that, they were all pink! The last one was cool with the sun edging it's way through.

  12. I love cloud watching - we have had some really interesting ones this summer. My SIL caught some fabulous pictures up by Horsetooth Lake last month with pastel colors, as if a rainbow had been caught up in the cloud - I didn't catch them as well. Maybe I'll "borrow" them from her FB album and share them!

  13. sniff-sniff... Sniff...sniff-sniff. sniff... *reads Hootin' Anni's blog* BINGO! I did INDEED smell a new meme coming to town!

    (And thanks to Mr. Hootin' Anni, "Sheeps' Backs" is my latest favorite word combo!)

  14. P.S. Looking forward to reading all about your new meme idea!

  15. I agree it looks like a sheep's back. Happy Wednesday, I am eager to find out what's your new meme. Happy Wednesday!


  16. Fantastic shots! Thanks! And you are spot on in pronouncing Issaquah!

  17. nice watery wednesday post:)

  18. Beautiful pictures Anni. Love them

  19. I like the first photo a lot and I would like to walk there :-)


  20. That is a beautiful sight!

  21. Can't wait to see what is up for the new meme. Our clouds have been spectacular here also and it's been beastly hot too. I am looking forward to autumn.

  22. Hello! Didn't realize you also do Watery Wednesday. Lovely post.


  23. Anonymous8/11/2010

    Those are gorgeous by anyone's standards! What a wonderful walk that must have been... I'd love to visit someplace close to the ocean to be able to take those beach walks!
    The fried chicken & tater salad sounds GRRREAT! I'm game! LoL!

  24. Those clouds look gorgeous. It looks so chilly in the first image. But when I read your caption and can see it's quite the opposite.

  25. "sheeps back" seems to be an appropriate name for those clouds. :)

  26. This are really dreamlike skyviews!!! I think that you are a lucky person, watch this beauty! Thanks for sharing and my best wishes for you :))


  27. Beautiful photos! We hit the beach early too, to avoid the heat and crowds. We were planning to retire at the Gulf coast before the grand babies came along.Decided on Myrtle Beach because it was only a 4 hour drive to the babies.
    Have a good week! Annette

  28. I think of silver fish scales when I look at the altocumulus clouds. :-) Great shots, Anni!

    Su-sieee! Mac
    This and That. Here and There. Now, Sometimes Then.

  29. The very favorite part of my day is to be on this scene like this, specifically walking on the shore. Whatever forms of the clouds there may be, it is the feeling that radiates through me. However, the clouds amazes me so much, they are lovely!

  30. Definitely a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Thanks for sharing!

  31. Wonderful photos. I love pictures of the clouds and sky!

  32. wow, beautiful picture, it's a different photo, interesting...

  33. True! Whatever the name is, it is beautiful.

  34. Beautiful skies and lovely photos, Anni!

  35. Beautiful Anni, my favorite kind of a walk when I get the chance to visit the seashore.

    Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend.
    An English Girl Rambles

  36. I love the way the clouds are so dimensional in the first image...very cool!


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