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In 1492...Columbus sailed...and once again politics blew---

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It's Macro [photo below] and Monday Morsels rolled into one today.

Zooming in....After a long haul...well, actually from a tugboat across the bay and into, the replica of Columbus' ships, Niña, Piñta and Santa Maria - The Niña is finally being repaired. Once again, politics had put a damper on any earlier date for restoration. One of which I couldn't believe it happening. You see, a few years back the country of Spain offered to repair all three of the replicas. Our fine city [sarcastic expression here] turned down all the financial assistance from Spain. A fact that just 'bloggled' my mind!! Thing is, Spain, with their offer, wanted to move all three ships to Galveston for repairs. And on completion, return them to Corpus Christi. Well, the city and the museum of Science and History housed two of the three ships on permanent displays...while Niña was moored at the Marina. Get this...two days before she was scheduled to be tugged to drydock, she took on water! There was a frantic effort to keep her afloat; and temporary repairs were done to keep her from taking on water while being towed to have her restored!! The city found worms had done some damage, opening her hull just under the water level. Ha. I still call the politics of this whole spiel insane. Now the city has to dole out thousands of extra dollars and in turn, is now accepting offers from the Spanish for financial help that was offered long ago. Go figure.

Here's the little Spanish gal getting a lift for her short journey to drydock---

- - -

PS...come back on Wednesday evening here at my blog...I'm going to have a new 'themed' meme set up for fun. At least I hope it'll be fun and challenging at the same time. See you Wednesday evening or early Thursday morning.


  1. Anonymous8/08/2010

    Why doesn't it surprise me that the city government ended up spending more money than they initially should have? Typical Jackasses if you ask me. Great photos my friend. Have a wonderful Sunday :)

  2. Hi Annie Sweetie...
    Oh is this not wonderful? They are going to give her a much needed lift. Nina will be so grateful and will be shining in no time on the water. I can't wait to see the finale. I know you will be keeping an eye on her and let us know when she makes her first appearance. I will be watching.

    Oh something challenging did you say? Now you know that I adore a challenge. I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve.

    Stop by sweet Annie, I think you and Bud will love my post this evening. Right up your alley.

    Have a beautiful evening sweetie. I am sending many hugs and much love your way. Many hugs, Sherry

  3. Typical bureaucratic nonsense for sure!

    Anxious to see what you have cooked up for Wednesday.

    Have a great week!

  4. What a nice shot, and that rope is so clean : ) Can't wait to see your meme - oooh did that sound weird?

  5. Politics is a very dirty word.

  6. New rope on an old ship - wonderful contrast!
    Politics - spit!!
    I'll come back again on Wednesday (if I remember ;-})

  7. Wonderful pictures!!!! Well done!

  8. There are some things in this world I will never understand... I have visited one replica in Northern Spain, can't remember which one, though :)
    Lovely macro, love that weathered boat, although it means lots of work...
    Macro Monday

  9. Hi Anni
    Nice close-up - I love the texture of the brown. So much character...

  10. this is great, great photo's

    I live at the beach in Holland, so enough nautical pictures. I will post some this week on my blog

  11. Will pop over on Thursday morning Annie as I have the ABC Wednesday theme to sort out - it is growing by the week! Good fun though!


  12. Yep, I get your drift...politics!!! Very interesting story. Great shot too! I will visit wed. to see your meme theme.

  13. This is just how you brought the texture out! Interesting background as well!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting! :)

  14. Just stopping in to say hello to a Sorority sister! Have a wonderful week!

  15. Yeah I agree with them...why is that rope so clean? LOL!

    Okay looking forward to your new meme.

  16. That's a shame. It's history why don't accept help when offered ? Crazy.
    For which day is the new game ?
    I don't know what happened to Mariposa and Fun Monday today, I think I am the only one who played, lol !

  17. Sorry, hadn't seen that !
    I am going to England tomorrow for a week, but I continue to blog of course.

  18. That is one troubled boat. One wonders what logic politicians use sometimes.

  19. it's a shame re how decisions are made. money offered and not accepted is dumb. thanks for your coment re cats. you hada cat 26 years old Wow! take care. Rose

  20. Geez! What was the reasoning for not accepting the help in the beginning? Looking forward to the new meme! If you are creating a button, I'll add it to Ladyhightower's Meme Castle!

  21. nice that they take care and restore the old beauties :-) and...if I remember Ill be back to check out your challenge :-)

  22. Like the new look to your blog and am looking forward to your new meme.

  23. your macra shot of the boat is very good. I like the colors in it.

    I´ll check your meme if I remember it.

  24. Very cool pics!

  25. What an interesting story !

  26. How frustrating! Glad you were able to get the images, though.

    Looking forward to hearing about your new themed meme! =)

  27. Love the boat and the water. Nice photo! :)
    If I remember it I will drop by on wednesday.

  28. Nice contrast in this image.

  29. Thank you for your comment on my macro onday photo ;o)
    Your photo is so pretty, love the details ..

    Janneke X

  30. Intersting story about the boats.
    They are old and beautiful

  31. Anni, Thank you so much for your support. I like your new look on your blog!!

  32. It's such a shame when old things like this lovely boat get neglected. At least this one is finally going to get restored, no thanks to politicians who could (should) have done this years ago!

  33. I'll never understand politics. LOL


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