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My own personal THURSDAY THEORY.

This morning I clicked on the link to read about the findings of one of Da Vinci's painting restoration...very interesting. But, this all brought me to the point where I want to talk a little about him............

The Shroud of Turin [Lirey].....
Centuries ago, maybe there was such a priceless relic. I can't say...I didn't live at that time. But today, could it now be a hoax of all hoaxes? I really can't say one way or another on this either... 'cause I'm not an expert. But, I must admit after reading the book that I recently finished, Signora Da Vinci, I just wonder. This is a concept I never even dreamed of or thought of until I finished Chapter 37 of Robin Maxwell's work. Not the idea of it being a reproduction or reality of it all, but the possibility of WHO'S face was on the shroud?!! This too just bloggled my mind and made me wonder. Of course when I put the book down after reading the last of this published work, I had to go online and delve into finding more evidence either pro of con on the scientific proof...or visa versa. It's not about 'believing' or's about science and the possibilities. Of course, I've watched, on National Geographic and the History Channel, programs of the shroud itself reportedly being a fake...but in the back of my mind all the time I also realized I wanted to believe in miracles. Y'know? I think we as humans need the justification sometimes...whether it's about religion or otherwise - such as the miracle of birth, tho it's all a science that we were taught in any given class; from egg to embryo to giving life to a living being.

Going back to the origin of my thoughts on the shroud... I can't recall any mention of Leonardo Da Vinci in any of the televised segments on this very subject. But the book...oh the book........

Ms. Maxwell regales the tale of Caterina, a fifteen year old girl who gives birth to one of the geniuses of the word... of how her son, Leonardo, pulled the ultimate hoax...using his expertise and experimenting with the very infant stages of light, cameras and photography...he uses himself to create the image of age, blood, and his own features to make the Shroud. The trials, the re-dos and the success of it all. Could it really be Da Vinci's 'portrait' on the cloth? I guess if you keep an open mind it's probably HIGHLY possible. I must say tho, that one chapter in the book made it all come together in such a way that I am now puzzled beyond my wildest imagination and yet, still, in awe of it perhaps being the swindle of the minds by the aptitude and brilliance of one man alone.
    "Artist Lillian Schwartz, stated in 2009 that the proportions of the face image on the shroud are correct, and that they match the dimensions of the face of da Vinci." AND "Professor Larissa Tracy of Virginia also argues that the shroud in Turin is a forgery, but that it was forged by Leonardo da Vinci"

    Other Reference: The Turin Shroud: How Da Vinci Fooled History by Lynn Picknett, Clive Prince 2007 ISBN 0743292170

    Jamieson, Alastair (July 1, 2009). "Was Turin Shroud faked by Leonardo da Vinci?". London: telegraph. Retrieved 2009-07-03

    The Independent, Ireland, July 1, 2009, Turin Shroud may have been faked by da Vinci

    QUOTED from another TELEGRAPH -uk: "The programme explains the theory that da Vinci's forgery was commissioned to replace an earlier version that was exposed as a poor fake, which had been bought by the powerful Savoy family in 1453 only to disappear for 50 years. When it returned to public view, it was hailed as a genuine relic, and experts say it was actually the artist's convincing replica." American Professor Larissa Tracy, of Longwood University in Virginia, told the programme: "Da Vinci had the necessary skills. He knew enough about anatomy and about the physical muscular structure of the body. Da Vinci had all the skills to create an image like the shroud. If anybody had the capacity to work with camera obscura or early photographic technique, it was Leonardo Da Vinci."

Of course with me, there is still some doubt to it all. First off, when I see the shroud supposedly of Christ's burial cloth, I can't help but ask myself "Why oh why is it so perfect?" "When you wrap someone in cloth...wouldn't the image that came to 'life' have wrinkles...folds in the cloth?" Seriously, think about it....there would be wrinkles that show up...logic tells me...not the perfect form of an image that we see today. Could it be, tho, a work of genius such as Da Vinci himself? As to the possibility of Leonardo [or anyone] doing this, Maxwell's story makes sense why there ARE no wrinkles as I would think would appear if it were the real thing. And, too, I wonder why other reproductions have not been done then? For me, it was worth the effort to do the research some and remain with unobstructed views to the use of reason and questioning to all possibilities. As I said, the chapter in the book really got me to thinking of all the how's, and why's., and perhaps the ability to pull off such a literal fabrication back centuries ago.

Image borrowed from Telegraph -uk
No infringement intended.

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POSTED: Thursday, July 15th, 2010
around Midnight.


  1. You get into deep thinking, it's been too hot here I can't even read!!
    Da Vinci was a real genious,the theory of him painting that makes sense to me... How interesting!

  2. Wow...this was some interesting reading my friend. Thanks for sharing the information. The guy was a genius if you ask me :) Have a great Thursday :)

  3. Anni- I've been thunking about you.
    Bud took over and it was actually posted on time!
    Have a great day!

  4. golf is making me snore...har har har

  5. I heart Hootin' Anni :)

  6. The Canadian bison was a brilliant response! Margaritaville is a great song...

  7. Yummy lasagna, I have not had that in a long time maybe I should get the stuff and make me some. :) I couldnt agree with you more on Mel, I wish people would leave the booze alone if they do not know their limit.

  8. Your thoughts on the Shroud of Turin are interesting, Anni. I must admit, it caught my imagination years ago...but the thought that da Vinci may have fabricated it, boggles my mind. Admittedly he was a genius, but what was the point? And how do they know it was da Vinci...ok, he was probably the most obvious suspect of that time.

    For every so called answer there are a hundred more's a fascinating subject, though. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on it. I must have a look for that book, too.

    As for Mel Gibson...what a bigoted, racist tool he is. The bloke needs shooting to put us out the misery of listening to his rants. Idiot!

  9. I suppose the da Vinci theory could be the correct one. It's as good as any explanation. I've never thought it was the image of Christ because we're supposed to believe on faith. I don't think God would have left anything so blatantly obvious lying around.

  10. I never thought of the Geico That's a cute one. He sounds just like my friend's super cute ex who is from London.

  11. no idea about Shroud of Turin. love Ringo Starr.

  12. hee! you said "dang" that cracked me up!

  13. LOL I'm totally giggling about the Geico gecko.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! :D

  14. Oh I love bison!! They sell it in a few of the supermarkets around here and I buy it semi regularly.

  15. Hey Hootin' Anni,

    Robin Maxwell here, author of SIGNORA DA VINCI. I read your blog about my take on the Shroud of Turin with great pleasure, knowing that my thoughts and writings would make someone think so deeply about the thing. It IS fascinating. If you haven't, go ahead and read the Picknett/Prince book on the subject. It's what convinced this little scientifically-oriented brain of mine that it was the best solution.

    Also, it sounds like you may share recipes with your readers. Have you tried Caterina's Grape and Olive Compote yet? (there's a recipe for it at the end of the book). People are loving it and sharing it all over the world.

    Thanks again.