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My macro shot this week is one of my amaryllis [typo in blog title, I know...but I already had used the permalink, so I couldn't correct it] in full bloom in our front yard!....

End of Macro Monday. Below is my view on the recent 'event' on this year's season finale for N C I S. If you'd like to skip my commentary and would like to leave me a word or two...


- - -<><><>- - -

OMG! Any of the NCIS fans out there? Did you watch last week's new episode? Have you been following the program from the that I mean, the first season? If you have, you'll know just what I mean by 'this is the best episode' in the history of the program. AND it's a two-parter! I've been waiting a whole week to see the conclusion. This storyline has been going on for years. And my dear "AB's" [Abby] knows!!! The two, Abby and Special Agent Gibbs has had a wonderful father/daughter-like relationship throughout the program, and now.........well, now!! Ho boy. What'll happen? I am on pins and needles. Will it all end here? Will Gibbs be found guilty? Will Abby have to tell the truth. Will NCIS find out? Will all his team...well, what's gonna happen next? Oh my oh my!! I'm sure this'll be the last for the season. They're gonna make us wait a whole summer season to find out. I just know it!!

You can watch this episode from last week here. For free, if you missed it. And the 2nd part, the conclusion, will be aired on CBS, Tuesday, 7PM CDT. Guess where I'll be?

- - -

A few have asked me who my favorite is on the program. Well, I tellya, it's a toss up between three... Abby and Tony and one that shows up infrequently, Mike Franks. I love Abby for her intelligence and her style. In fact, when I was at the mall that is being renovated here in town, I went into a new shop, called "Hot Topic". Altho, my first impression of the establishment was 'teenage'....I happened to look a bit closer to their stock and realized that the clothes and accessories are "Abby". Sure 'nough, I read then that a lot of her clothes that she wears on the program IS from Hot Topic. If ever I want to wear a dog collar I'll know just where to find one for humans!! Oh and the time she dressed up as Marilyn Monroe on a Halloween special for Amazing transformation. Besides, Abby, in real life IS a specialist in forensics!! She graduated from college with honors in that field.

Then, there is Tony. I love his caddy demeanor. He can put his own foot in his mouth so many times. Actually, I consider him the comedy relief of the program. His antics, his love of movies, his true love at one time on the program...he played so very well a man in love. He can be serious, and he can be funny. I think my favorite time he did so well was when the power went out over the city ---and there he was, trying to get the video prompter up with the remote and it was actually done manually. If you didn't see that episode, you missed out on some great hilarity. And the 'old duffer'...Gibbs, showed the young squirts how to run a mimeograph machine found in the archives. That was a hoot too. Oh ya, and of course Tony considers himself a 'ladies' man'...and once when they were out in the field doing their job a couple of young boys told Tony "There's the naked lady"...Tony almost ripped his own head off turning his neck to see was really just a woodsy area. Again, you had to see that episode. The man, Tony, is just funny.

Mike Franks was Gibbs' old partner, former United States Marine, now retired and living in Mexico. I love to look at him. His 'gruff' style. I love his attitude and strengths, I really like his voice and character. He is a brilliant man and enjoying what he's accomplished and what his life is like now.

Next in line would have to be Ducky. The Medical Examiner. Why? Just 'cause. I like his brilliance, I like his accent...and I like him from way long ago.

No one has asked me my least favorite tho...I actually don't have a least favorite. They're all good in their own rights. I thought at one time I didn't care for Kate. She was killed off one season. I couldn't understand why the directors of the program had her wearing dresses and skirts some times? A Field Agent? Wearing skirts? I don't think so. Actually, come to think of it...she WAS the least favorite of mine. She was hired on by Gibbs as an 'ex presidential aide'...she was actually quite dense in a lot of things. Then, I also thought I'd miss the field director....she was killed in a gunfight in the desert. And I didn't care for her replacement, Leon...but through the years, he has 'grown on me'.

POSTED: Monday, May 17th, 2010
12:10 A.M.


  1. It's cute how an amaryllis in full bloom can wave a "Hello!" with her pinky-white paw! (Don't tell me that's just the flower's stigma-- it will ruin all the fun for me. LOL!) Beautiful macro shot!

  2. Anonymous5/17/2010

    That is a beautiful photo my friend. :) Love it. If you can believe this NCIS is one program I don't watch. Have a great Monday :)

  3. Have a wonderful week sweetie.

  4. Amaryllis is such a lovely flower, and this one has a gorgeous color, I love it! Have a great Monday!

  5. Hello dear Anni:-) My bloggy break is over and I'm now trying to get caught up with everyone. I just LOVE your new decor in here!!!

    Your Amaryllis macro shot is gorgeous. I've only got tulips and daffodils in bloom right now but the other perennials are coming up nicely:-)

    I have only watched NCIS a few times when it first came on but nowadays I so seldom have the tv on. Gibbs was my favourite, though, I've always had a crush on Mark Harmon! hehe I do agree with you that Abby has a lot of style and I adore her quirkiness:-) Now you have me curious as to what's been happening in the show!! lol

    Have a great day my friend and it's good to be back!! xoxo

  6. Lovely Amaryllis Anni - over here (UK) they are strictly indoor plants, usually grown to flower around the Christmas/New Year period for a bit of winter colour.

  7. Anni! Youre picture is very nice, baeutiful colours! And I love the layout!

  8. love Macro Monday of yours..
    refreshing post!


    Happy Monday!
    Friendship tags 4 u.
    I enjoyed your company!

  10. This cliff hanger is going to be tough! I couldn't believe the end last week. I just found NCIS in the last few months and have been watching numerous episodes every week as they re-run them on USA - the trouble is, they don't do them sequentially, so I have had to watch them more than once to get the drift of all the ins and outs. I haven't caught the one yet of the mimeograph - hope it comes up soon. I have to say it's one of the most well written shows EVER - gory at times, but so good. The characters are all so good - good scripts and wonderful acting. I just love Abs. And I am with you on Tony and Gibbs - love them. And Ducky. And Probie - he's grown up into his part. Well, enough - can't wait till tomorrow night. I usually watch Biggest Loser and catch NCIS on DVR, but I don't think I'll be able to wait for this one.

    I liked Kate - and the one they did of her talking to all of them from her coffin - eery, but wonderful at the same time. Very creative.

    Gorgeous flower!!

  11. Oh wow they are father/daughter tandem? Hmm that is a very nice twist of the story. I don't watch NCIS that much I am hooked to Criminal minds and CSI but I saw some of their episode. I like the coolness demeanor of Agent Gibbs I find it sexy hahaha! Happy Monday!

    MM-After the rain

  12. Lovely macro. NCIS is the best!! Loved last week and can't wait until this week. I hope this show lives on and on and on.

  13. Thanks, Anni, and I will definitely be watching it - maybe today! I don't remember the one about Tony and the naked women in the woods - he's such a transparent hoot!

  14. what lovely flowers to have in your front garden...enjoy!

  15. This looks like a beautiful addition to your yard - lovely color!

  16. Lovely. Amaryllis is an indoor plant here. My MIL, who has passed on, had a large indoor window box full of them for years...

    Thanks for the visit!

  17. LOVE,LOVE,LOVE NCIS and I am also on pins & needles just waiting for the showing on Tuesday. I love Gibbs and hope it all works out but I have a feeling he may be leaving the series.... I hope not! Have a great day and we'll be chatting about the show again.

  18. That's a very beautiful flower and shot !

  19. I saw this once or twice, but prefer the other once, the CSI New York, Miami, etc. The title in French is "Les Experts" de Miami etc

  20. Love the new look Anni!

  21. Okay, so I started over at one point because I got interrupted and wanted to re-watch. Bad idea! It cut me off because I had too many free minutes in today. Now I have to finish it tomorrow! Oh, well, at least I'll get to see it - I hope! I can't figure out how I missed this one. I'll have to check back and see if I've missed any others for this year. Thanks again!

  22. Hi Anni, this is a great post on one of my favorite shows. I will be glued in front of the TV tomorrow night at eight our time, to see the continuation of last week's episode. I love this cast of characters (including the occasional visits by Mike Franks). Not too many shows I can say that about. They have a great chemistry and I love the interaction as well as the story lines.

  23. I agree I love the show. We watch it every Tuesday night without fail. I do really like Abby also.
    You will know where I am every Tuesday night also.

  24. Very pretty bloom, wish I could see the details a little better though...

  25. Gorgeous color - what a lovely flower.

  26. I would like to have an amaryllis in my garden too. I love the color. :)

  27. Gorgeous macro..and so color-rich!! Beautiful!! have alovely night!

  28. Wow amaryllis are so mighty and colorful. Would love to have some in my yard but here the will stay in pots inside


  29. The colors are beautiful!

    I love NCIS, too! I wonder what Abby's gonna do about her findings. I think I can guess, but why ruin the suspense. :D You didn't talk about Agent Fornell. I love his and Gibbs's friendship.

  30. Gorgeous macro!
    I love NCIS but didn't get the latest show yet, thank for that link,I'm going to watch it.

  31. I am trying my luck and planted two amaryllis in my garden, I wonder if they will ever bloom...they didn't indoors anymore so I decided to give them another try :)

  32. I love amaryllises! I have a pale pink one just about to open now - silly thing has bloomed twice this season!

  33. You did it again Anni.

  34. Anonymous5/18/2010

    Nice shot. The lighting and composition are excellent.

  35. I'm always a fan of flower close ups. Love the composition and color tones on this one.

  36. I am a dyed-in-the-wool NCIS fan. Have been for years. Before that I loved JAG. As for the characters...I like them all. I like Leon a lot and, like you, I wasn't so sure at first. I like Ziva, too. I did not know that Abby is really a forensic scientist!! Amazing.



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