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Ahoy....matey! and [drum roll]..... "The Curse"

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Around the large city's Marina area, in between the open sea and the man made breakers you'd maybe walk up to this docked at one area. It's a tour boat. With a 'paddle wheel' on it's aft. Right now, she's being renovated and made pretty again. Long overdo. I can only imagine the time and expense keeping up a ship/boat that is in water 24/7. The salt water must play some mean tricks on it's hull. To be sure. Well, anyhow, I saw the "Flagship" in red and thought it'd be a good photo for Ruby Tuesday. So, here it is. You can read more on this tour boat here...CAPTAIN CLARK'S FLAGSHIP

End of Ruby Tuesday...if you'd like to skip the movie critique I wrote; found below, you can leave me a few words now---


- - -<><><>- - -

A while ago, I had posted about buying some pre-previewed DVDS at Blockbuster Video, "9", Law Abiding Citizen, Amelia, and The Blind Side. A few left in my comments they'd like to hear my reviews. Well, I'll tellya. I finally finished watching the last of the bunch. We watched "9" animated Science Fiction by Tim Burton. It was just okay. Nothing really different or mind blowing. But still a good one. Bud and I then watched Amelia. I must say, I agree with all the critics on this. A very mediocre movie. In fact, quite boring. It was really nothing new....and besides we KNOW the outcome from our history books. Law Abiding Citizen blew me away. Literally. Intense!! Gerard Butler is robbed in his home...only to witness the robbers raping and killing his wife and small daughter. He takes revenge...but you must see just HOW it all pans out. Some exciting, and mind blowing events occur. I really liked this one!! Very much!! The last one, The Blind Side, we watched this past weekend while it was raining so hard and I couldn't be online, or outside working in the flowers. LOL ---Now as y'all know Sandra Bullock won an Oscar for her performance as leading lady. I can tell you right now...I don't understand the Academy sometimes. Her role was just so-so. Nothing outstanding to warrant an award for her acting ability. At least I don't think so. The little boy who plays her son should have won one tho!!!! Anyway, it's based on a true story. And yes, just by the previews of the movie you know you'll need tissues for the sentiments throughout the film. Of course this too is a predictable movie...once again, the outcome is already surmised since he's a sports 'star' and you read the headlines/news. It's a feel good movie to be sure. But I don't think it was as excellent as the professional critics told us.

- - -

Now, a little ditty on that very same movie. A bit of rant about tabloid gossip I recently read. Regarding the "Oscar Curse". It was unbelievably insane. In recent weeks, the news revealed that Ms. Bullock was separating from her husband who was cheating on her. Okay...what else is new in Hollywood? Then, we have Lawrence Taylor [the football star of today for which the movie is written]...he is locked up for rape. Hmmmmmm, this is a curse? I don't think so!!!! Now, the so called curse has played a bit of voodoo on Tim McGraw's home in Tennessee? It was flooded?!!! Now let me see....the curse must've been passed on throughout the entire state and beyond then. What with ALL the devastation to everyone in the damaging water's path!! Ummmmm. CURSE---what a concept...I think the so called curse was laid upon us. One of the biggest hexes yet to come down the pipeline. More stupidity in the media. Musta been a day with nothing to write about so they made this up to entice us. What gets me is the only one with the Oscar was Sandra B---the two guys weren't even mentioned, and half don't realize that Tim McGraw was even IN the movie. But, a few will truly believe there actually is a curse now....y'know, those who continually buy the supermarket checkout papers and eat it all up thinking it's all true. Ya, those kind.

POSTED: Tuesday, May 18th, 2010
12:30 A.M.


  1. Anonymous5/18/2010

    What a great looking RT photo. I really like it. So the curse is around huh. The curse is buying any of that tabloid trash. Yeah right. LOL. Did ya hear The Enquirer was up for a Pulitizer? tell me it's all rubbish. :) have a great day.

  2. I love visiting here.

  3. the curse is bound to happen eventually there are so many fekking awards out there. its a ratio thang..

    anyhoo...ahoy me hearties!

  4. great picture. I would love to be able to go out on that boat. It looks like it would have been a nice day for it.

  5. Tim McGraw's Voodoo. No matter whose curse it is though, floods are no fun. The mess remains long after the press is gone. We've been there with a tropical storm named Claudette.

    I like Amelia. That's about all I can say. If I ever write a book it will be about her. Mine would be different than all the others. I have my theme planned but it stops there.

    I like your Red. Can you eat either a meal or a hot dog on the "Flagship?" We have a 'paddle wheeler' on our lake. It changes ownership quite often and goes in and out of bankruptcy.

    Happy RT! I nibble on the RED HOTs too.

  6. Looks like a fun ride! Must feel good on the boat, unless you get seasick.

  7. Great photo on this ship! Have a nice day! :)

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I love these large tour boats, glad this one is being renovated to look even more beautiful (and sorry about the typo, that's why I deleted my comment, ooops!)

  10. Enjoyed your red today..
    Is your beaches clean there or has the oil made everything ugly? We used to come to your beaches and over on Port Aransas (when Bill's sister lived there) and always had so much fun.

  11. oops...wanted to comment on your adorable header...I just love that!!

  12. Treasures like this boat should be well taken care of! Thanks for sharing!

  13. I would love to ride her when she is done.
    My Ruby Link for you

  14. Great angle. Works well for this shot. I would love to see one of those old ships one day.

  15. The boat being finished will cost, but is history for the community. The only movie I saw was Blindside. I loved the acting and the story although you knew what would happen. Everyone has different tastes. Not certain about a curse, hope not. HAVE A GOOD DAY.

  16. I love seeing different shots of paddlewheelers. This one is great for RT.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  17. Thanks for the reviews. I really liked the Blind Side. We haven't seen Amelia, and have thought of renting it, but have heard several reviews like yours. I'm going to look for Law Abiding Citizen - sounds really good!

  18. Great shot for Ruby Tuesday, those old ships have a lot of character.

    My photography is now available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

  19. Hi Anni,

    That is quite some boat. I would love to try it someday. Thanks for sharing it on RT. I'm a new follower.


  20. An interesting kind of boat tah you cannot find here. Good closeup with the palms at the back. Thanks for your comment, the dog is an Australian Shepherd and her name is Lea, she is 9 but still behaves like a youngster :-)

    Christina, Sweden

  21. that must a wonderful ride. nice choice for Ruby tuesday!

  22. I see two big blue wheels, I must be blind and definitively not a girl from the coast !

  23. Hello Anni! It is great shot and perfect for Ruby Tuesday! Enjoy the rest of your week!

  24. Thanks for visiting me. Lovely river boat! I have only seen them in movies. Nice shot!

  25. I love paddlewheelers-- we did the dinner cruise on the Showboat Branson Belle several times. Those old showboats are a reminder of an elegant history of a bygone age.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  26. If curses are true...oh my....
    about Sandra Bullock..and the rest...
    if things can happen to me, I am sure no one is beyond anything...
    again..gossips sell like hot cakes..
    I do not blame the actors but our own curiosity and maybe through reading or following them,
    one can live a life more interesting? who knows...
    what a lovely post, take care now...I hear the rain can get pretty bad...
    love you!

  27. Hi again-- the comment left by cozy book nook is really me-- Lesa at Dusty Us-- I accidently used the wrong log in---Sorry!

  28. Anni, enjoyed your post today. We enjoyed the paddlewheeler on the Mississippi when we visited Mark Twain's home. It was a delightful visit to Hannibal and Twain's boyhood home.

    Drop by my blog when you have time and see what's happening in my garden. Hope you and Bud are having a great day.


  29. I love paddle boats. One of my daydreams is to take a trip on the Mississippi River on one of these.

  30. A handsome looking tour boat, one worth keeping maintained - don't see many like that anymore!

  31. A Steamship wheel, wow great shot.

  32. What a coincidence...I just bought a few pre-previewed dvds the other day and one of them is The Blind Side! I haven't had time to watch them yet, though. I was interested in your review of it...maybe it's as Sandra said when she accepted her Oscar..."did I really deserve this or did I just wear you down"? lol The next time I'm at the video store I must look for Law Abiding Citizen, it sounds like my kind of movie.

    I call the tabloids...bathroom reading material! hehe Isn't it amazing the stories they can come up with? I always say if anyone believes anything written in them then they need help!!!

    Got my Crown Moulding painted today so it should be going up tomorrow and the flooring is being put in over the weekend. I'll be so glad when I can have my bedroom again!! lol xoxo

  33. Wow! That new header is marvelous, Anni! Along with the Cheers song! Happy Ruby Tuesday! :)

  34. Great Ruby Tuesday! I am sure it takes regular renovations to save the ship from the damages of saltwater!

  35. A lovely entry for Ruby Tuesday. Thanks for sharing Anni.. that's informative.. thanks a lot! Happy Ruby Tuesday..

    Here's mine:
    My Ruby Tuesday: Lip Glosses and a Cake Art

    See yah.. ;-)

  36. Thats a big boat and Im sure it's fun taking a ride and watch the beauty of the nature as well as enjoy the breeze .

  37. We have one such boat, but it's converted into a restaurant and permanently berthed next to a pier.

  38. Anonymous5/18/2010

    I enjoyed the picture and must return to read more. I also appreciated your movie reviews. I always wait to get the videos, and hate to waste time with a loser. I like a real person's opinion.

  39. Anonymous5/18/2010

    Have to add I enjoy your "Books I'm Into" graphic.

  40. I love your flagship! It is definitely something I won't find around my neck of the woods. :)
    Great find for Ruby Tuesday! It was great to see you, thanks for stopping by mine!

  41. Hi Anni, beautiful tour post you posted here. I too have often thought of the damage salt water would do to wood!
    Thanks for visiting my RT!

  42. Ok,Anni, love the flagship for Ruby Tuesday! I saw "Law-Abiding Citizen" and thought it was pretty good. Didn't see "Blindside" on purpose - cannot stand Sandra Bullock... Never saw "Amelie" or "9." Go see "Ghostwriter" in the movies if it's still out, it was excellent! :)



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