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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out mission should I choose to accept this award is:

The wonderful and talented Gillian bestowed this cool award upon me and I love it! Along with it comes a challenge that I will accept. I have a choice between five....

Here are the options! (Be adventurous, it's not about embarrassment, just fun!)

1. Set up your camera on self timer (3 or 5 secs will be fine), hit the button and RUN in front of the camera view and try and get as far as you can before the shot is taken! Post it!! I'm sure your behind isn't as bad as you think!

2. In a conversation with someone work in the word "Woof" randomly, see how many times you can say it (With a straight face helps)... Post your score, and share their reaction!! example "Hey, woof you pass me the salt please?"... "I'll pick woof up in ten minutes, see you then!"

3. Before you go to hand something to someone, raise it to your nose for a second (As though you're sniffing it), and then hand it over casually as though nothing happened. The more mundane the object, the better the reaction you'll get! Such as a cd, money, phone..... Record the facial expression you receive in detail!! It's hilarious, trust me!

4. List 5 jokes that actually made you laugh out loud! REAL LOL's!!

5. Find a location, anywhere, room, backyard, bathroom, holding your camera spin around in a circle, press the shutter randomly, tell us all about what's in the picture (whatever it is!!!)! Doesn't matter if it's blurry, you'll clear things up! ;-)

I chose #5. Tho there really wasn't anything to clear up on this. As I stood in the middle of the room where my computer is, I clicked photos of the walls surrounding me....

- - -

Today, I'm forgoing doing any meme work. The Sunday Stealing is so very redundant with questions, I didn't even check for the Unconscious Mutterings that I've done in the past. TOMORROW THO, I will begin with a special week's worth of blogging that I've worked on through photos. Come back in the 'morrow!!


  1. Fabulous!
    Happy Sunday!

  2. That was a fun one! I think most of those options would have made a hilarious blog post!

  3. You forgot to nominate your five!

  4. Anonymous5/23/2010

    Love it. :) great photo. Redundant isn't the word. Utter BS if you ask me. Have a great Sunday. I do miss your mutterings :(

  5. Hope your weekend was a nice one.

  6. Gillian....I didn't realize it was one to pass on. Sorry 'bout that.