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Zooming in...Full view of flower below in my Monday Morsels. If you look closer, with the camera's macro setting, you can see the 'veins' in this flower...embiggen it!!

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I was humming and singing the song by Barbra Streisand [see title], and Bud politely informed me that buying cut flowers is a waste of money when I have a flower haven in my very own yard [I agreed].......

Nothing exciting is happening around here these days. Bud and I are nearly done with the outdoor cleanup. One more flower box area in the front yard of weeding and we'll be done. The lawns have been trimmed and edged, and Bud put down "Weed and Feed". It's lookin' good!!! Now we're tackling inside. Hope you're sitting down .......he's tearing all the books down off the shelves in our library and dusting them. Yay!!! It truly is a week long project for him. And as much as he loves his books, he dreads the day I say "It's time to clean 'em". Just to let you know, when we relocated here from Tucson, the packers had packed 45 [you read that correctly!!] ..forty-five boxes of nothing but books!; and, there have been many more added since we've lived in Texas! Okay, so while he is working on that, I washed the windows and Venetian blinds, the curtains and then rehung them. I cleaned the small collection of mermaids and waxed and cleaned my desk...Pfft!!! That was like ---total tornado went through it....disaster area. Where's FEMA when you need 'em?!! Then, waxed and cleaned the doors and window sill...MY part is done!! LOL I'll move on to the master bedroom now, I think, 'cause the master bath was done last week. For me, the worst room to Spring Clean is the kitchen. Ewwww. Cupboards...inside and out. I don't know how those dust bunnies find their way through the cupboard doors and love living in the darkness like they do, but they do. "Out you go, you little rascals". And I do believe they breed just as their cousins do. They show up continually like there's a hot momma somewhere I never catch, and they bore new bunnies just hours after I clean 'em out. Somebody should patent a dust bunny birth control, they'd make a huge profit that would keep our country out of debt, being that the government wants to control profits these days. [Sorry, couldn't shut up on that one!] Are y'all still with me this fine Monday? I do gab on and on sometimes. So, to close this entry for the day, I thought I'd share some of the flowers that are in bloom in our back yard now that it's decent looking for my bloggin' buddies. The top image is a Chicago Peace Rose bud. And the fragrance? So a fresh clean scent of Springtime!! The middle photo is of a newly planted hibiscus. It's residing under our huge bird of paradise plant where it'll get the morning sun, and the dew from the BOP plant will filter down to feed it extra moisture. It's a favorite of Bud's...we had one in Tucson, and I finally found the exact species here over the weekend. And lastly, my white Calla Lily is in full bloom. I have it planted with the Spanish Bayonets in the corner under the overhang of the neighbor's Mountain Cherry Tree where the sun is filtered during the summer months when the temps soar to triple digits and it'll survive the heat of the season. As you can figure out, I love flowers of all kinds. It's a good thing I don't work in a nursery 'cause I'd never get a wages would be garnished for plants I continually take home with me.

POSTED: Monday, April 12th, 2010
3:00 A.M.


  1. The flowers are beautiful, love your new blog look.

  2. We used to have so many books too but got to give them away to libraries and also at homes that I helped set. I still have many though.

    The flower is SO GORGEOUS, Anni!
    thank you for sharing.

    Happy Monday!


  3. Welcome to Macro Monday! Isn't it fun? Your flowers are really gorgeous.

    And thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  4. Wonderful flower photos!
    Thanks for stopping by :)

  5. It's good to see you on Macro Monday. That's a great first entry, beautiful shots. I know what you mean about those dust bunnies, they breed like crazy and can find their way into any space.

    The Road to Here

  6. Anonymous4/12/2010

    Lovely flowers and great photos! :)

  7. Beautiful flowers! I love the peace rose. They don't grow outside here.

  8. Hi Anni
    The flower in the first photo sure looks like paper! Great macro! The calla lily is gorgeous!

  9. I'm not sure if I'm inspired or exhausted by all of your Spring cleaning! Sounds like you've been working hard. Love the calla lily, they're one of my favorite flowers.

  10. When you've finished there you can come on over here and do some cleaning.

  11. beautiful macro shot.

  12. Beautiful...fabulous macros! I love flower veins too..gorgeous work! Congrats on yoru 1st Macro monday..yay! Beautiful blooms!

  13. Beautiful Flowers ! very pretty blog, I found you through Jinksy, I shall pop by again if I may.
    Susie Hemingway UK.

  14. Hi Anni,
    Great photos and I love the rose. I'm jealous about the Calla Lily. I can't seem to get them growing well here. Maybe I should try watering them.

  15. The third flower is simply amazing...pure and pristine white. I would never get paid if I worked in a nursery too, for the same reason!

  16. Anni, You seem to organized and effient, I just live up the road(saying in Texas even if it 100 + miles) so could you and DH just run up here and give me a hand.

    When can I expect you.....???


  17. That is a stunning flower! I love yellow flowers and I love red and yellow together. You've got Mellow Yellow Monday and Ruby Tuesday right there in one flower. Did you remind Bud that buying plants for your flower haven is not a waste of money?

  18. B:) He never says anything about me buying potted plants to put outdoors...except for "Where are you gonna put it, now?" LOL He is referring to cut flowers ---like a dozen roses in a vase. We both consider that a waste of good money...when I can buy three plants or MORE for the price of cut roses!!!

  19. Anonymous4/12/2010

    very pretty, Annie! Great shots!!!

  20. don't ya love spring cleaning?

    your flowers are the calla lily.
    really beautiful.

  21. Very pretty macro shot, but I am tired now when I read your spring cleaning inside and outside, lol ! Dusting books, what a thing ! For our garden I have to wait, mother nature is late this year. We only had the trees and bushes trimmed.
    You have again such a beautiful new template. For little screens this one is easier, I didn't have a good view when I used my little Asus netbook.

  22. Hi Hootin! Thanks for your comment on my blog. Love the flowers on yours!

  23. That hibiscus is simply wonderful! I love the white with red...I find it hard to cut the flowers from my own yard because I want them ALL to adorn the yard. I, too, tend to buy cut flowers...Welcome to Macro really brought some nice macro!

    My macro is the Giant Tecolote Ranunculus...not the poppy...My poppies are on other posts.

  24. Is that hibiscus growing in your yard? I have one plant that has to grow inside only. This is a wonderful macro shot!

  25. great picture. Flowers are so intricate if you look really close.

  26. Anonymous4/12/2010

    love the calla lily! thanks for sharing!

  27. Lovely macro images.

  28. That's a lot of books!! I am feeling bad about my (have-not-started-yet) spring cleaning, but that's only for a short moment, lol.
    Your cala lilly is gorgeous!!

  29. Enjoyed your flower shots. Welcome to Macro Mon, too. Isn't macro fun?

  30. Beautiful flowers Anni!

  31. Anonymous4/12/2010

    Hi Anni,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Welcome to the fun of macro Monday (or any other day). I can see the veins. I must say that the photo of the Chicago Peace rose bud is my favorite of the three. It's exquisite. I've always had a fondness for the peace rose -- such beauty.

  32. Spring Cleaning. Ugh! I really dislike it. Would you mind coming to my house and doing some spring cleaning here?

  33. Good mornin' Anni! Your new camera is taking some really great photos. Your flowers are outstanding. It sounds like you're nearly done with spring cleaning. Lucky lady :-). I keep wishing for my fairy godmother. Have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  34. I agree with bud...your garden flowers are very beautiful!i cut mine mil on the other hand would be very upset (it used to be her garden) welcome to mm!!

  35. i love the lily! they pop up all over the place here, such beautiful flowers. Love the hibiscus too, one of my favs :)

  36. Annie what lovely photographs of your flowers! Of course the rose is my favorite!

  37. Anonymous4/12/2010

    Where are the Kelly girls when ya need 'em LOL Love the photos of the flowers. They are just stunning. Have a wonderful Monday :)

  38. Love this post Anni! flowers are beautiful -- love that you moved with all those books and still collect them (I can't do that -- but I love to know people who do). Cool post.

  39. Anni, such lovely flowers! And the blue theme is marvelous! :)

  40. Your Peace Rose and Calla Lily are gorgeous! Two of my favorite flowers, although I don't have any luck whatsoever in growing them. Thank goodness you can buy bouquets of flowers in the stores.
    Thank you for visiting my blog, I hope you keep coming back!!!

  41. Gee we could use some spring cleaning around here. My tulips don't even have buds on them.

    Coffee is on.

  42. The flowers are so lovely!

  43. wow, stunning flowers!

  44. The flower pictures are absolutely gorgeous. Spring cleaning - wish I could get in the mood!!

  45. that Peace rose is gorgeous! will be fantastic in another couple days!!

  46. Welcome to the fun! Lovely flower photos.

  47. is that a white hibiscus??? i also want one.....

  48. great flowershots¨
    flowers are a perfect Macroobject as you see things not visible with the eyes only

    thanks for commenting !

  49. Excuse me while I get up off the floor...fell off my chair there, when I read that Bud was dusting off his books! LOL Sounds like a lot of Spring cleaning is going on over at your place. I can't do any at the moment because we plan on removing all the carpets and putting in wood flooring, as well as painting the living room and kitchen walls soon. I'm not wasting my energy on doing a deep cleaning with all that in my near future! lol

    Such gorgeous flowers you have in bloom already. I only had crocuses in bloom and the snow we got last week did them in so now I'm just waiting on my tulips and daffodils to open up. Everything else won't be blooming until June or July.

    The sun is shining today and although it's only 55F, I don't care, at least it's NOT SNOWING! lol xoxo

  50. The hibiscus is so beautiful! I could never work in a nursey either...for the same reason!

  51. Hi !
    Lovely shot on the Hibiscus.
    I just love to take macro pictures because you see so many small details that you never see with just your eye :)



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