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...yes, a commercial. You read the title correctly!

If you haven't seen this one yet, it's a hoot! And believe it or not, yes.......Bud and I now, while driving around town here and there, are in search for the elusive VWs! Of course, Bud being Bud...he cheats. He's punching me [in fun] for Toyotas and Hummers and what have you----

So my fellow blog visitors, consider yourself punched!!!! Ever so lightly of course, don't wantcha fallin' off your chair.


Our area of TEXAS experienced an earthquake over the past weekend. I wrote a little bit about earthquakes in the state, but if you'd prefer to skip over that and leave me some words of wisdom now,


- - -<><><>- - -

Earthquakes!! I believe it was this past Friday that the area around Alice, Texas [30 miles from the northwestern outskirts of Corpus Christi, where I live] had a reported 4.0 earthquake. I guess it knocked pictures off peoples' walls in their homes, a lot of rapid movement reported on their homes' floors, etc. And, of course as it goes without saying, once word of the earthquake, others in our city then said they felt it too. I didn't...and I was outside when it happened. So perhaps a little shifting did occur around the city. Dunno. Now a lot of family members I have, at one time or another, have lived in the state. Our son has lived in Houston since he was discharged from the Corps. Golly...thinking of that, it's been twenty years since he graduated from High School. Whoa!! I'm ancient!! Anyway, he has told me that there is always a possibility of an earthquake. More so the farther north you go in Texas. Uh...huh. Right! And of course, now that there really WAS a quake, I had to do some research to see if I could find just where the tectonic plates were around here. I have experienced earthquakes Colorado and California...and the ground continually shifts where I live now because of the ocean so close by. It's a natural phenomenon that you learn to live with being a resident. I found a detailed map online [here for legend of the map]...interesting. The image is quite heavy in pixel size, but it can be enlarged:

- - -<><><>- - -

LAST BUT NOT LEAST TODAY...I've been handed several awards over the past few days. Instead of posting them all here, I went ahead and added them to my 'trophy blog'. There is also a TAG with one of the awards, so I completed that with the posted rules...answering the ten questions given to me.

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POSTED: Tuesday, April 27th, 2010
12:05 A.M.


  1. You are so funny, lol

  2. Anonymous4/27/2010

    OMG I remember doing that when I was a kid. But we would say slugbug. It was fun and I love that commercial. :) Fun game and cheat back you LOL :) I've been in a couple of earthquakes. Several here in Hawai'i but most when living in Nevada. They aren't fun. Congrats on all your awards. There are plenty going around.

  3. I love a pelican that stays still for a photo.

  4. I love that commercial - especially the ending with Stevie Wonder. I didn't hear about your earthquake. Looks like there are quite a few plates there.

  5. Punchbuggy! Touched you last, Annie.
    Great post, as always.

  6. Hello: How could I pass up a blog named "Hootin Anni"? I'm just getting more serious about photograph so am "lurking" and came upon your amazing photos. I'm in the market to upgrade to a SLR (have a "point and shoot" now). If you have suggestions, please offer them! I've just become a "follower" so as to visit often.

    Love that commercial. It's like our car travel games from childhood.


  7. Cool ... nope haven't seen that commercial yet. Well - have now I guess. :)

  8. Annie, that is such a wonderful shade of red. I have a friend who paints cars and he says one of the most expensive colors to paint are "candy apple" red. There is a step procedure, but the color is unforgettable. Love your car!

  9. I've seen the commercial, Anni! It's a great one! I punch you for a RED one! :)

  10. Nice car, but I prefer my blue Citroen

  11. Hi Anni, thanks for visiting My Ruby Tuesday: Red Buses ;-) And such auto commercial will be punched! Ooh my... but ones partner will be punched! Ooh my... but it's okay you will punch me but just so light ha.. ;-) It is a beautiful commercial indeed! And about earthquake, yep here in California experiences a lot of that but seems like it is just natural in here and am glad it won't damage that much. Thanks God and to all the scientists who inventions great technology, I hope we all protected. So then, have a great ruby day! :-)

  12. Good Morning Annie Sweetie...
    I so love to come and say good morning and see what words of wisdom you have to share for the morning. I thank you for sharing sweetie.

    I had heard stories of the quake also. I wondered if you had felt anything. We had one also here in the Valley, however my DH and I didn't notice a thing. Like you said, word gets out and suddenly everyone has felt it. Didn't rock a thing my way.

    Love your hummingbird header and new look. You know me, I love the hummers. Thank you for sharing sweet friend. Have a gorgeous day. Country hugs and much, much love, Sherry

  13. We used to do that with the kids when we drove somewhere but it was Doodlebug! It gave them something to do besides fight. Wait, maybe it started some fights. Oh well.

  14. LOVE red cars but no punching today I am a bit sore:)

  15. Heehee... advertising weirdness! It *does* get you to pay attention to the product mind you. :)

  16. I loved that commercial!! and the red one is truly cute. Today is World Graphics Day... the ad had to start with a story board in a ad agency ;)

    No earthquakes, thank you!

    Happy RT!

  17. Ouch! But honestly, it was your header and trimmings that caught my eye. My hubby's favorite color.

  18. Lol, love it Anni! Brings back a lot of memories. Happy RT!

    Thanks for visiting. :)

  19. I love the Stevie Wonder ending, how did he do that?!? :)

  20. This is the best entry for Ruby. Happy RT!

  21. Glad you decided on a light punch :0)
    Happy Ruby Tuesday to you and remember to stay away from windows and bookcases during earthquakes!!

  22. It's nice to finally drop by seeing you so often at shadow's place.

  23. I love the commercial. I'll have to start the game with my 11 yr old. I may regret it!!

  24. LOL! love that punch thingy! we used to do that but only whenever we see the beetle-like volks. cute!

  25. Hey Anni, don't you think there should be extra slugs for a red Slug Bug? My kids used to play Slug Bug.
    Finally, our youngest, KP's mom, is about your son's age. She graduated from Friendswood High School in 1992 and from Baylor U. in 1996.
    Happy RT! Thanks for peeking in on Karen and KP. We sure are glad she got outa' there. She goes back about May 16 for two years.

  26. One's got to admire the Germans for making such a great all American commercial.
    They have hit the very core of America's humor.

  27. ROFL I hadn't seen that commercial! How awesome is that, having Stevie Wonder "see" a red car at the end. lol Glad to know there are still some good commercials out there!! Yellow one...PUNCH! hehe

    I don't know how anyone can ever get used to earthquakes! We experienced tremors from a quake that occurred in Quebec back in 1988. I remember standing in the bedroom and feeling the ground shake under me, my dresser mirror was swinging back and forth, as were the hangers in my closet. That scared me enough! lol I found some info on that quake...

    The Saguenay Earthquake

    On Friday, November 25th, 1988 an earthquake struck Saguenay, Quebec Canada. Saguenay is 35 km south of Chicoutimi and 75 km north of Charle-voix Kamouraska earth quake zone. It was the largest earthquake in Eastern North America in 53 years. The magnitude was 5.9, 6.5 and had a depth of 29 km. The damage was minor. There were some cracked or fallen walls and a few minor landslides. This earthquake triggered 9 digital strong motion instruments in New York and Maine a distances of 200-820 km from the epicenter.

    Don't think I ever want to experience the BIG one!!

    Congrats on the awards, my dear:-) xoxo

  28. what a totally cute car ... and ad! thanks for posting on my blog.

  29. Hahaha!My entire family watched the VW commercial. We all have fun. Thanks for sharing.

  30. Funny! We had some wild weather this weekend too, but no earthquakes or tornadoes, thank God.

  31. thats a nice car! thanks for visiting my blog. really appreciate.

  32. So crazy, all these earthquakes lately. Glad you're okay.

    Love your witty take on Ruby tuesday!

  33. Yikes, I didn't even know Texas has earthquakes!

    VWs, eh? Hahaha!



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