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A Pelican Statuary in our back yard. We call her "Penelope"! ....and macro shot

- - -<><><>- - -

In a previous post [the 18th], for Sunday Stealing, I had mentioned that I had been given the privilege of being in movies. I mentioned that I was along side Kevin Costner and René Russo...filmed in Tubac, Arizona...TIN CUP. I have many many photos of that experience, and some 'souvenirs'. The last day of filming on that location, I brought with me a permanent marker, and a 'blank' T-shirt. I had asked the film crew and stars to sign it for me. I got Costner, Russo, Cheech and many others to sign it. It still sits in my dresser. I think maybe I'll finally frame it!!! Someday. LOL When I do, you'll be the first to see the photos of course. rofl

I also mentioned that I was cast in a made for TV movie. This one, I found online on You Tube today. It's a Lifetime Movie, and it's been aired on television many times since it was made. The movie is A Stranger to Love with Pam Dawber and Beau Bridges. Based on a true story. Altho, there are several parts posted on You Tube. [Here is part on it, then use the links provided at the end of each segment to watch the entire film, if you'd like...I must admit it's a very good movie ---a tear-jerker], from the beginning of the movie to the end...I'm seen in Part 11. If you watch this, the very beginning - the opening Beau Bridges walks through the resort's restaurant, I'm the blond at the table of four...way to the far left [in olive green and off white cotton sweater]...then, as Pam Dawber walks in...again, I'm the one blond to the far right of the screen!! [all within the first MINUTE of this section] Here is the clip.

POSTED: Monday, April 26th, 2010
12:15 A.M.


  1. I love pelicans and these images are so cute!

  2. You are such a movie star, lol I love you.

  3. Lovely blog, and thanks for popping by to visit me.

  4. You're a superstar! What fun! Nice pelican shot too.

  5. love the pelican!!

  6. Penelope is statuesque! Thanks for the visit!
    BTW, I love your hummingbirds and lilac hearts, but I can't read the blends right in with the bird.

  7. That pelican had me fooled for a moment, he looks so real! LOL!

    And wow - fame at last! I love the Bridges family, Lloyd, Jeff and Beau.

    'Maximum Bob' was a scream, it's always how I think of Beau!

  8. I didn't realize I was in cahoots with a star! I will definitely have to check that out - and I'd love to watch the movie - I like both those folks.

    I love pelicans and they're arriving back on our lake - love to watch them glide around on their little nook of the world.

    Have a great day!

  9. Anonymous4/26/2010

    very cute shots!!

  10. Dimple The lettering just states my blog's name. No worries, as I change my blog's template often. But I'll keep that in mind next time.

  11. Hi Hootin!
    Thanks for dropping by. I really love Penelope, although I would prefer a real one.

  12. You look GREAT, Anni! Very Classy!
    Thank you so much for showing us.
    Lovely that you share this with us...
    I am going to tell my grand kids one day.

  13. cool that you got to meet all those people. I saw you in the clip. very exciting. I bet it was fun to be a part of all the takes and be able to see how they make movies.

  14. Omigosh, Anni, you were in the movies!!! May I have your autograph please???? hehe How very neat to see you sitting there in a few really are a natural:-) I'm just totally in awe, to think you got to meet Kevin Kostner, Rene Russo, Beau Bridges, Pam Dawber, etc! Yes, you definitely do have to frame that t-shirt with their autographs on it!!! xoxo

  15. I'll never forget when I went to see this movie at the theater when it first came out. At the beginning of the film, when they're showing the underwater scene and "that" music, a guy behind us made us laugh so much...he had a cup of pop with ice in it and he was shaking it, saying I'm never taking a shower again! lol Love that movie and all the sequels to it, I've watched them all over and over again. xoxo

  16. Wow Annei! I think I saw you! You will soon bee a star I think! The new Meryl Streep? *smile*
    And yes, I make my own trail mix....

  17. Awesome photo of the pelican ^_^ Thanks for the visit and happy Monday!


  18. thanks for sharing this. I really like Pam Dawber movies.
    can't wait to see the T-shirt.

  19. Your pelican is cute!! lovely yard decoration.
    Happy Monday!


  20. Wonderful photos!!! My first close up with a Pelican!

  21. Anonymous4/26/2010

    OMG I finally know a movie star!!! WOOT!! Can I have your autograph? Please oh please LOL :) I gotta ask you when you are doing that, do they give you a script to be saying things are what do you all talk about to make it look like you are talking? I'm dying to know. I've always wondered that and now that I know a STAR (eat your heart out Babs LOL initials BS) I hope you can fill me in on that. Love the pelican. Have a great week ahead :)

  22. Wow, now I can say I know a movie star!! Hope things are going well in your corner of the world.

  23. Anonymous4/26/2010

    Cool photo! :)

  24. Anni, It's always fun to be an extra in a movie and I'm glad you posted this segment. I have also had the pleasure of being an extra and it was fun. Gorilla's in the Mist and Rainman were two that I had a bit part in.

    Hope you're enjoying your day. Went out in the garden and nosed around a little. Lots of early spring blooms there. Love your statuary.


  25. My SIL collects carved pelicans. This one sure is a beauty!

  26. you blog post is packed with fun, information, and wisdom...
    loved everything here.


    Happy Monday!

  28. That pelican looks like it could blink at any moment. And what fun, to have been in the movies!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting at mine.

  29. Great shots of Penelope, she would be a great addition to any garden.
    I had no idea you were a movie/tv star! Beau Bridges is one of my favorites.

  30. Too cool - how'd you do that?

  31. Interesting to hav ea pelican in the garden. woyld sure get great attention here as there is no such birds around. It look sgood but i prefer the one with th ewhole bird

    christina sweden



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