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Blog entry title quote from mini-series, Centennial. My Tuesday photo is of a piece of art from the museum here in town. I just liked it. It instantly reminded me of the character in Centennial [based on historical novel by James Michener] from the mini-series of long ago...Jacques Pasquinel, played by Robert Conrad, the French Trapper from Quebec, Canada, who traps along the Cache la Poudre River in Colorado. Here is a photo [link] I found while searching for comparison to this post. Atho the hats are completely different from mini-series to the art work here, the fur trapper's outfit and facial features are quite similar. At least I thought....

No intention of copyright infringement,
photo of artwork taken from my camera---

POSTED: Tuesday, April 6th, 2010
12:50 A.M.


  1. Great picture Anni... I loved that mini series too... Have a beautiful day!

  2. Anonymous4/06/2010

    Wonderful photo my friend. I love it. Happy RT :)

  3. Nice piece of art Ms. Anni. Happy RT

  4. Nice picture, must have been a rough live !

  5. I love how his red cap (Hat?) stands out. It is a nice piece of art. Thanks for visiting. No actually, the little niche in my post is in a very old gate which leads into our old capital city.

  6. Love his red hat and your snoopy blog add ons.

  7. That Ruby Red hat is called a Touque, (Toooook). Life span for a trapper/voyegeur in 1800 was around 38 years. Great touch of red.
    Have a great Ruby Tuesday!


  8. It must be freezing cool to be in furs and all wrapped up. Tough life...

  9. Nice artwork and perfect ruby red on his hat! That must have been a difficult way to make a living.

    Interesting post; I never saw the mini-series.

    thanks for visiting me ;-)

  10. That is a beautiful piece of art, Anni. Great shot.

  11. You have an interesting visual overlap there on the page with the pocket, aside from from your main thought. Thanks for visiting.

  12. Im sure you had great time reading the book. Happy Tuesday!

  13. Wow, you put a lot of work into that! Very nice!

  14. Hi Annie, Happy Ruby Tuesday. I think those days of fur trappers must have been so uncomplicated compared to today.

  15. I remember when the Centennial mini series came on tv back in the 70's but I never watched it! Don't ask me why! lol Robert Conrad...yummmmm. Your picture of that painting and the one of Robert Conrad from the series does look similar, you have a very good eye Anni:-) xoxo

  16. I loved the Centennial. A great story told. Norwegians still wear knitted red caps like this, especially around Christmas time.
    Your new blog design is so cool.

  17. Very interesting photo. Happy RT!

  18. Wonderful and interesting entry for Ruby. Have a great Tuesday.

  19. There is a rugged style to this gentleman trapper. The mountain man seems physically able to take car of himself, and although an outdoorsman, a stylish charm sits on his head and is a great ruby. I am glad that Spring is here as his neighborhood seems too cold for me...

  20. Interesting art piece.Perfect choice for RT.

  21. thats pretty interesting Anni! thanks for sharing :)

  22. What a neat picture! Thanks so much for visiting me :) Happy Ruby Tuesday!

  23. Oh, we loved this mini-series and have seen it more than once. Thanks for the reminder and this interesting contrast photo. Nice choice for Ruby Tuesday. Have a good week!

  24. Good Morning Annie Sweetie...
    Oh what a lovely post you have shared today. I so adore this movies, and DH and I have watched them when they play on the movie channels. I love the life that these men played. It was a rough life but so interesting. Thank you for posting this one today. As always it is such a joy to pop in. I love you sweetie. Country hugs and so much love...Sherry

  25. Hi Anni, sorry for this late visit Haven't have the time to watch this series yet....

  26. this is great... It reminds me of a film by robert redford, whose title I can't remember... (the adventures of...) Oh damn my memory... He goes up the snowy mountains and has lots of snowy and hard adventures... you can see how roug life can be there...

    Just my opinion and view, as I saw the pic!

  27. Anonymous4/06/2010

    Sounds like something that would interest me. I must look for the book.

  28. Loved the book, never saw the film. Excellent shot! thanks for participating, Anni! :)

  29. Love you new blog design! :)

  30. Great choice for RT Anni. I like the picture.
    My granddaughter's 2nd grade class sang- I Love Mud ( my favorite)-Amazing Grace, and I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing. They did an amazing job.There were kids from K-4th grade.
    Have a wonderful week.

  31. Anonymous4/06/2010

    interesting....i couldn't imagine how cold that job must've been.

  32. Cool. I like the hat.

  33. I like it, too. And I enjoyed Centennial

  34. Oh if we had to live like those who paved the way. :)
    Beautiful piece of art!

    Thanks for your visit! :)

  35. yes, these birds are adorable!! Love your photo.

  36. That's interesting. I've always wondered if the clothing in movies and TV were really accurate. Maybe they aren't in the art either. Hmmm. The red sure does stand out, doesn't it?

  37. Anni,Nice catch. Anyone who the saw the series will never forget it. Pasquinel never had a first name. he was always simply Pasquinel. His oldest son by Clay Basket was Jacques, who was the big trouble. Marcel was the younger son. The cap is different. Pasquinel worn the Chapeau Rouge, which were worn by the Couriers de Quebec. I have the Hudson's Bay 4 point capote worn by Pasquinel when he was killed at the cabin in Blue Valley. "Only The Rocks Live Forever"



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