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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out



We have a new hostess for Show n Tell since Kelli stepped down after three+ years of the meme work. I thank her for being the inaugural hostess and welcome Cindy [link to her blog on the Show N Tell button above] as our new leader!!!!

As I posted on Monday morning about my ever growing brood of witches for Halloween....I finally got the other newest witch's photos resized to add to my blog. Here today, is one of the four newest. [If you'd like to see the two soft sculpted witch dolls and the nightlight I bought new for this year, CLICK HERE the link will open in a new window]. This particular Show n Tell tho, is all about the votive candle holder I found while out shopping. It was a good price so I couldn't just let her remain on the holiday shelves alone without family. She's ceramic and small in size overall [about 4 inches in height and about 5 inches wide]. I love her almost toothless grin. She isn't that evil! Or perhaps she's playing a trick on me. Her green and black stockinged knees are bent upwards where she holds her glass 'cauldron' that has bats painted on. I also thought at first that the backside had black buttons that I thought was cute...then the light came on and I realized the dress was polka dotted!! And the hair? It's gray. I like that! These seasonal ladies are ancient y' the fact her hair isn't colored red or purple or green appeals to me. Her hat is crumpled and crooked, sitting ever so pretty atop her tendrils. Double, double toil and trouble!!! With broom in one hand, and jack o lantern in the other, she's primed for making a great eye of newt stew and ready to fly around in celebration too!

Also, I did my dining room table very simply decorated this year. I used a star-studded, purple banded, black-lace trimmed witch's hat and stuffed it with bubble wrap so the crown would be continually elevated from the brim. I then got my purple frosted glass candle holders and added black metallic shreds into the 'holder' section and placed black candles inside, over the top of the metallic shreds...VoilĂ !. Now I just wait for the white cat [Winston] to be up on the table at night when we're asleep...the telltale signs will be there...guaranteed! I'll hafta cast a spell on 'im then.....
    "Purification I do conjure
    So that thoughts be spoke,
    Not be pondered"

    "Passion so red,
    Set to the fire,
    Let the truth be said,
    As is my desire"

    "Mists of thyme,
    Fire of red,
    Send the truth to my head"
Winston: "I didn't do it honest...some dirty rat chased me and the hairs just flew off my back and landed up there on the table"

- - -<><><>- - -


We're given our time;
either choosing to make the most of it
or just slithering back into our little hidey-hole
letting the days, years pass by...
Ups and downs're dished out
but some don't give a damn
they want nothing in return but pity
without giving effort, without wanting change,

I hafta ask "why"?

POSTED: Friday, October 2nd, 2009
4:05 A.M.


  1. That witch is just....not evil at all, pretty cute I dare say! Thanks for sharing!
    Gracie at

  2. What a fun post! I love the "music!"


  3. Hi Anni! Thank you for your kind words, and the "treat" you share today. The Bewitching Blog award is so cute!!! I love your new votive candle holder too! I can't help feeling discouraged and disappointed that I can hardly even celebrate Halloween this year, as I'll be packing and moving my Halloween decorations instead. I have a few things out for the season, but I can't see reason to bring out the rest, when I just have to pack it right back in boxes again instead. That's why it's extra nice to get such a cute Halloween blog award, because at least I can still decorate my other "home".. my own little place in "Blogland", right?! (0; I'm doing my best to keep my chin up about everything. Like your Flash 55 post says.. I just have to "make the best of" the down side of things for now, and then cheer "up" as I look forward all the more to Thanksgiving and Christmas! ~tina~ Oh! I wanted to say I LOVE your Halloween header and sounds!! All the more FUN coming here, Anni!

  4. Anni,
    Hi I'm Sue. You've just visited me. Thank you so much. Well at least someone found me. I love Romantic Home. Only joined yesterday. Now all this blogging is completely new to me. I haven't a clue! to tell you the truth. I made a link in my post to Romantic Rooms. That was okay. Then I tried to fill in the form I suppose so anyone else can click back to me. For some reason it didn't work. I tried twice then the form wouldnt accept it. I tried emailing the company,no reply,. I tried emailing Romantic Home no reply. I had to give up. So I'm really pleased at least you have found me.
    What a great 'wicked' you have here. Congratulations, you are so clever! I wish I could do all this. Now you say this little Witching widget is available to all your followers. How do I get that into my blog? I have saved it like you said. Ooh! I'm over the moon that you found me thank you so much. I am just in the process of posting some of my Halloween photos on Flickr. Hope you'll visit again. Love Sue.

  5. And I have no answer. But keep asking.
    Good 55

  6. Your 55 strikes a chord - too many people wanting something for nothing and complaining . . .

  7. Hi,

    Love your site. I think I was visiting the other day also. Can't remember lol! Love your little witch. I can see you like Halloween. Me too!


  8. I love your show and tell.

  9. Anni,

    Your witch is absolutely adorable and that witches hat makes a very nice centerpiece with the black candles on either side. I love your flare for decorating.

    I haven't got anything done but am hoping to get things spruced up for fall this weekend. When hubby and I went to the doctor yesterday I stopped at a farm market and picked up some gourds. They make beautiful decorations for autumn.

    Hope you and Bud have a great day. Enjoy your Halloween decor.


  10. love your witches hat display!!! poor winston, at least he's been forgiven, right? right! mmmm, some deep questions you ask in your 55. makes me wanna shake some people and ask just that. if you know it's not working, why are you not doing anything differently???? mind you, i've had to shake myself once or twice too... have a super weekend anni!!!

  11. Anni,

    I loved your 55 this week...there are the doers and the I don't wanna bother'ers (made up word). I like the doers ~ much more fun and rewarding IMHO.

    I've done two 55's this week. You can find them here. Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend.


    Chef Kar

  12. on your 55: I did not know better, but now I do...that is my why!

    Excellent subject today!

  13. I find the do'ers never ask for pity. That's the best way. Great words.

  14. Your little witch is fun! Enjoyed your Show and Tell. Have a great weekend!

  15. Because some folks are just naturally miserable, Thats Why!
    Excellent 55 Anni...
    Thanks for being such a good friend and supporter to your fellow 55ers.
    You Rock Baby.....Galen

  16. Love your blog, so cute, you are a Halloween Queen! I hope you will stop by soon and visit me!

  17. Good question. I have no idea why. Fear, maybe?

  18. BTW, I love the witch's hat centerpiece.

  19. Anni I LOVE the witch! And the hat! Hope Winston leaves it along. Sometimes those kitty cats can destroy something with all the games they play batting it around. I am a witch lover too. My friends & I always have a witch party. I think I did a post last year about it. We dress up & go out to dinner. We create quiet the stir when 8 of all walk in. You ought to do that with some of your friends. It's FUN!

    Glad you liked my mermaid. I would love to see a photo of your collection of mermaids. I have been on the hunt for over a year & finally found her!

  20. I LOVE those witches, specially the hat!

    Yes indeed! Some people never bloom because they are afraid that by doing so they will only reveal their stink ( hatred jealousies etc.) as seeds they are born, as seeds they die...

    Fear is the factor...

  21. Woohoo what a wonderful background and halloween design, its darling. That little witch dish is so cute. I hope your day is going well. Have a wonderful weekend.


  22. Cute witch. I have to ask why myself. :) Great 55 my friend. Well done as usual :) Have a great weekend :)

  23. The witch is cool, but decorating the table with a witches hat and candles? WOW! Great idea:)

  24. I love them both! Sadly, I don't even bother with a dining table since it's just my son and me; the cats would be all over it!

  25. The witch is so cute but I LOVE the hat as a centerpiece!!! I may have to copy your brilliant idea!!! Thanks so much for joining in on my first time hosting Show and Tell!!!

  26. The hat on the table is really cute:) Thanks for dropping by my place, too! Have a great weekend!

  27. You stop by for a visit every Friday. Thank you. Your 55 is very thought provoking. I like that.

  28. Just joined as a follower, love your blog!


  29. This little ceramic witch is absolutely adorable ! Bud is now surrounded with a lot of witches, one even alive, lol !

  30. Thank you for the cute treat !