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Just a Monday blog of...stuff...

I worked yesterday some, on making graphics design and the html for my new Halloween blog layout which I will be ready to set 'into motion' on the first of October! It's strange this year. No not the blog design [I'm sure some will think it is, but hey...what the heck, it's my blog!], but the 'strange''s almost October already!!! Seems only yesterday it was the first of Summer!! Anywho, I'm sitting at the computer, trying to think of two women's names. I went through the alphabet from A to Z....mostly going with names that begin with the same, Hilda and Haley, or Gertie and Gwen, or even Martha and Maude. But being that as I said, from A to Z...I came up with why not just go with an "A" name and then come up with something that is "Z"? Of course, me being an avid viewer of CBS's crime drama, hit me!!! Abby and Ziva [pronounced ZEEvah]. Sure 'nough, it's only coincidence that both names are of Hebrew Origin. Wait! Halloween is Celtic origins isn't it? Yep, it's all dealing with Halloween; my post. In fact to be more specific....Halloween witches. I have this uncontrollable idea in my head that my little ladies of the season should all have names. Go figure. As far as each Autumn goes, my forever collecting of witches of all shapes, sizes and textures still goes on. So far, I have purchased four new witches this year. I love it when the stores come out with them early in the season, way before anyone else gets 'in the mood'. That way, I get a good chance of getting some really neat stuff....early!!! By the time Halloween nears, at the stores, most of the good stuff is gone and picked over to where either they're broken or the not so cute remain on the shelves!! And I don't shop much online unless it's something I want that can't be found in stores...I want to support my community....not some online store where the tax doesn't go back into the city I live!! Yes, you might say, I'm early....but Halloween is a favorite day for me. One of 'em in the year any way. I like ALL holidays equally, but I collect for Halloween AND Christmas....santas. And witches. What a combination, huh? LOL

Now then....going back to Abigail [Abby is the Forensics expert on the program NCIS] and Ziva...she's a special agent. Lethal I might add. [And speaking of the, that premiere opener was a doozie!!!]
    From Girl Names I found this: ABIGAIL meaning 'head of monastery - father's joy' - Hebrew. And ZIVA: meaning 'bright and radiant' - Hebrew.
Meet my newest. Soft Scuplture dolls....for my collection!! Bright, radiant and a father's joy!!!

Abby and Ziva---------

Oh and by the way....guess I'm not the only one who likes to buy early for the occasion ....and a couple of the ladies that were surrounding the trick or treat goodies and choosing witches themselves, said to me "You're right...get 'em while it's early before they're picked over". At the time I was at Marshall's there were at least a dozen of us picking out our favorites and getting in line to purchase them. Phewwww, that makes me feel like I'm not the ONLY idiot.

Another new to my collection so far this year is this adorable flickering night light I found at Kirklands in the mall. The witch is sitting on her chair, lounging and reading as her brew bubbles and boils---

...and the 4th witch that is new to my collection [a cute little booger that has a bat covered glass cauldron candle holder!!] is sweet-looking. I haven't resized the photographs yet...when I get them ready to post on a blog post, I will...I'm sure it will be part of my Friday's Show N Tell. Come back on Friday!! LOL

- - -<><><>- - -

Also, yesterday, I added one photo to my Colors of the Wind Photo Blog [a mockingbird - zoom lens photo]. And while Bud was watching the Houston Texans football game, I was sitting in the living room with him and continuing my work on my crocheted camera bag. I'm nearly done. I've finished the bag [this is the 2nd one I did...the 1st one was axed...didn't turn out like I had planned; didn't like it at all!], and started working on the drawstring. The other day I finished making the shoulder strap [flowers!] and trimmed this bag in purple. Since I nearly ran out of my purple yarn scraps with the first one. When all the pieces are put together, I'll line it with hopefully something PURPLE. LOL It's gonna be much lighter in weight for my shoulders in case I end up carrying it around with me all day. When done, I'll post photos of the project.

- - -<><><>- - -

I received this sweet award, "The Attitude of Gratitude", from beansieleigh Friday....she writes in her blog:
    "For showing their mutual appreciation of Jim Henson, and my tribute to him in my previous post, I pass The Attitude Of Gratitude on to the first ten friends who left me their kind words and fond memories for that post!"
Y'know, after reading your blog entry on Jim Henson, it inspired a couple hours' conversation between Bud and me!! How fond we were of Sesame Street and his wonderful creations. I might add, that we did like Oscar the Grouch too! LOLOLOL

Thanks again for the sweet award and your kindness in passing it on to me!!!!

POSTED: Monday, September 28th, 2009
12:01 A.M.


  1. I came over to read Sunday and found Monday already! You are really ahead of the game. Speaking of games -- how about those Broncos and Rockies today? DC went to the baseball game last night, but unfortunately they lost that one.

    Interesting names for your new friends! Have a great new week.

  2. Your halloween dolls are awesome.

  3. i think it's necessary for your witches to have names? gives them their personalities, right? right!

  4. Abby and Ziva are awesome!

  5. Congratulations on the award. We loved Jim Henson in this house too. What a talent!

  6. Those Witches are fantastic! I collect gargoyles but I do have a few Witches too. Halloween (or for Witches Samhain) is my very favorite holiday!

    Congrats on the award!

    Have a fantastic week,


  7. I was looking for your "Fun Monday" and wanted to see who you want to be by clicking 3 x your heels, but here I see witches, is that's what you want to be, lol ?

  8. I love it, wonderful dolls Abigail is sweet. Have a great week sweety.


  9. Hey Anni, I've just discovered NCIS in re-runs. Can't watch the new shows because they conflict with Dancing with Stars and I'm a dinosaur when it come to having all the new recording electronics. I too love Abby and Ziva. Abby is so bizzare and smart underneath all that goth stuff. And Ziva is STRONG and beautiful. Great characters. I'll have to catch the new season on Netflix so don't tell me what happens!

  10. Congratulations on your award, Anni. It sounds like you had another busy weekend :-) I'm anxiously awaiting the new header to see what your creative mind conjures up.

  11. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays... I just adore your new witchy-poos... So darn cute and what great names. Have a great day Anni!


  12. Love your witches! I have a nice collection of "Bear" Halloween figurines. I kind of like Halloween. Don't have many treaters, though.

    I was always a fan of Oscar. Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street.
    My daughter had a Sesame Street play set when she was small. I kind of like Cookie Monster, too.
    Mama Bear

  13. I always say it's never too early to start buying stuff for holidays...I've already bought a couple of Christmas decorations! lol Your new witches are so darling and I love the names you picked for them. I wish I could bring you to our Home Sense, when I was there last week they had just put out their Halloween stuff and they had these 6 foot tall witches, just gorgeous. Of course I thought of you right away...wish I could mail it to you but would probably need a coffin to fit it in! lol

    Congratulations on the award you received, you deserve every one out there:-) LOVE your blog!! Really looking forward to seeing your Halloween layout as well:-) xoxo

  14. I love your Halloween dolls. And can't wait to see your layout for the season!