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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

My Saturday Meme posts are in next post....scroll down. In the meantime, I just read this on the front page of Yah** News, about fashion. Now I'm a fan of this lady....girl...she is younger by many years, than I am, so I will think of her always as a 'girl'! LOL Knowing from columnists and her candid, personal, interviews she has gone through hell and came back, thriving and strong! She has a sense about her that I truly admire. And her family legacy is something that will no doubt go on through time as a 'royal' Hollywood name. She has spunk! I like that!!! I like that a lot. Okay, so my point in this post, is that when I read her style was over the top faux pas this time, I have to disagree. I think it shows truly 'being yourself'!!! Tho, some would think it's very odd...being one's self is not odd! It again, shows me backbone, fortitude, guts!!!! You go girl!!!! I adore the's unique, it's probably indulging...but most of all, it shows her keen sense of self...high esteem of WHO she is...inside and out!! What do you think? The fact she went forward with her gut instinct and colored her blond frock to match the dress [gold AND black! I like her half black, half blond 'do']'s outstanding. She'll never cease to amaze me.

Did I say I don't do gossip...well, that my friend...was over the fences neighborhood gossip. I do like to read about celebs from time to time. But, a Rona Barret, I'm not. hehehehe

Photo courtesy of news
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POSTED: Saturday, September 19th, 2009
6:30 A.M.


  1. I thought she looked great too!

  2. Amy She's a sweety, isn't she?!! Gotta ♥LOVE♥ her sense of self worth!!!

  3. Wonderful post, as always.

  4. really..i wonder what's the fuss all about her dress. she looks pretty! I love her spunk too.

  5. I have loved that Drew Barrymore ever
    since she did the little table top dance
    for Dave Letterman!
    Of course she doesn't know that.

  6. I didn't even recognize her in this picture - had to click on the link. I read the rag mags while I'm exercising at the gym and often disagree on "who wore it best." Those critics think they know it all.

  7. i say, wear what you want, critics be damned. why should every one have to conform...

  8. Personally, I love the dress and think it looks great on her. Yes, it's a strong visual, but isn't that what she's supposed to go for? I never agree with fashion mavens anyway.

  9. I agree - I think her dress is fabulous and the hair is fun! Ten years from now she might not feel like she can get away with it so why not now, especially while promoting Whip It?!

    p.s. I hadn't heard the name Rona Barrett in years! Wow. Takes me back. :o)

  10. Great posting.Soryy that I have been lax in commenting.

  11. I love her dress, what style and class she has. Beautifully elegant picture.

    Blessings to you this weekend,

  12. Enjoyed my read, this Ozarks farm chick is so glad she dropped in. I probably couldn't pull this off for Kids Church tomorrow, huh? She is spunky and cute in anything she puts on.

    Ya'll have one fantastic weekend!!!

  13. She looked great!! Hugs Grams

  14. Like the dress
    Like the doo
    Like the blog
    Like gossip...oooops!

  15. She is an original - with talent.

  16. Anonymous9/20/2009

    I love celebrity gossip :)