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For Ruby Tuesday this week,
our roses are coming around again
for the Autumn show!!
During the hot summer months,
they bloom, but nothing like when
it's Spring and Autumn
as the temperatures at night
begin to fall lower on the thermometer!
Here, the climbing rose
[Don Juan Pink] is beginning to bloom again.
Off to the left of the blossom
you can see it's climbing
up the pole of the bird feeder.

- - -<><><>- - -

PS....I didn't have any time yesterday online other than making my post for Monday. Early, we drove to the beach and spent a couple of hours walking and feeding the sea gulls. I had purchased one of those great big metal cans [with Halloween black cats on it and jack-o-lanterns] filled with three kinds of popcorn. Now, I consumed ALL the caramel popcorn almost in one sitting! But the plain, buttered and the cheese flavored had MSG in the ingredients so I didn't eat any of it [as instructed by my cardiologists]....and I didn't want to throw it away, and Bud doesn't like this kind of the packaged kernels, he won't eat any of to the beach we went! Funny too, as we parked the car and got out, the gulls immediately began to follow us....they SAW the bags of treats for them. Seriously. [in the photo, you may notice the two in the 'center'....the darker ones....they are not yet a year old! The gulls that are hatched the past Spring always are more 'brown' than the adult gulls]

Then, when we got back home, we started taking all the southwestern decor and the Autumn stuff I had brought out... down from the living room and all my glass dolphins and nautical knick knacks stuff out of the dining room....packed them away. We unpacked the Halloween decorations [eight huge boxes!] and stuffed them in the corner of the library. I vacuumed the entire carpeting throughout the house, and scrubbed the kitchen floor by hand from tracking all the scum/dirt from the garage floor. While I was doing that I did four loads of laundry...and made a home made pepperoni pizza for lunch. When all was packed away and stored in the garage from the living room, dining room and was going on 5 PM...time enough to watch the local news, shower and prepare dinner. That was my day. Busy!!! Sorry, I had no time online at all to visit! since the computer is shut down after 5 PM or I'd be on it 24 hrs a day, trust me!! To those that did stop by yesterday while I was away from the computer....thanks for visiting. I hope to catch up with you this morning!!!

- - -<><><>- - -

Ending with a little thought running through my mind:

A Pony Express rider could get a letter from Milwaukee to St. Louis in two days, and now it takes three. I'd like to know why!

POSTED: Tuesday, September 29th, 2009
4:00 A.M.


  1. i love this poem as well. i used to have a framed poster of this poem, right beside "Desiderata".:P

  2. I have always likes that poem too.
    Nice shot of the gulls!
    And - I'm impressed with how much you got done. Good job!

  3. Beautiful poem. I can see why you take it with you.

    Love the Ruby red rose! My simple carpet rose blooms best in spring and fall too. Gotta love arose that knows when you'll most appreciate it. ;-)

  4. Stine Y'know? You're absolutely right on that!! I never looked at it that way, but yes....nobody wants to be out in the inferno during the the rose'll let you enjoy its beauty in the cooler days. Great way to think!!!

  5. Anni, as always another wonderful post. I did not know that seagulls were brown and then turned white. See you learn something new everyday. Thank you for sharing.

    Thank you also for stopping by, and just to know that so many will be praying for our safe journey makes me feel good inside. Thank you my special friend. I will see you the end of the month. Country hugs and love, Sherry

  6. Rose in my garden,
    do you bloom only for me
    this autumn morning?

  7. I too love the poem, and love to photograph footprints at the beach!

    Your rose is beautiful, and your day feeding the seagulls sounds nice!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Hi Anni! Your busy day sounds VERY familiar to me! Some days I feel like I just got done making lunch, and it's time to make dinner already! I don't know HOW that time in between could have POSSIBLY flown by in such a flash! I went to see your photos and they are beautiful! I did not know how their colors distinguish their ages.. but I DO remember how hungry they all are for whatever you've got to give them! ~tina

  9. Wow, you are one busy woman.
    The poem by Mary Stevenson has always brought tears to my eyes.
    It's so beautiful, an answer to all our unspoken whys.
    I have just bought some new pot-roses. Our ordinary roses are long time gone.
    I feel a tiny bit envious on people living in a warmer climate these days.
    I know I shouldn't, but I could do with a month of Indian summer.
    From Felisol

  10. Your rose is pretty..Thanks for the visit and comment. TC

  11. Hi Anni,

    Loved your red rose! (of course I did! :) )
    And enjoyed that poem again and the info you gave.

    BTW-Your place is looking good here-all decorated for fall!

    Have a great day.


  12. Your blog is so beautifull decorated for the Autumn holidays! I love it! Thanks for participating in Ruby Tuesday! Lovely Rose! :)

  13. Oh yes, I really love it when the roses bloom in the fall. I think that is why I love roses. Happy Ruby Tuesday, thank for dropping by.

  14. Loved your photos of the Seagulls’ this morning Anni... Great shots and how cute is that group following you... and as always a wonderful post. Have a great day!


  15. Great photos today Ani! Sounds like you had a busy day yesterday.

    Calico Contemplations

  16. Oh, I am so ready for my roses to start to bloom again. YOurs is gorgeous. Wow, what a busy day you had, I got tired just listening. Hope you have a super day. Hugs, Marty

  17. Some of my flowers are blooming again, too. Our days are still in the 90's most of the time and doesn't feel much like autumn. Trees all still green..
    We were so busy yesterday, too..moving mattresses and beds around, getting ready to paint bedrooms.
    Have a good day.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Hi Anni, you have a beautiful rose already this year. I am sure that yours are getting the best care roses could ever have.

    I have always liked the poem you carried. I have never seen it pictured with the gull footprints before.

    Since I like horses and rode one to high school for two years up in Nebraska, I would answer your riddle question saying that our growing population was using too many horses, we had to do mail with mass transit like so many other things. Pony express went the way of the stage coach only earlier.

    My friend who has the new Mustang is a grandmother of three. You two would get along nicely. We play dominoes with her and hubby every month and see them regularly.
    Happy Ruby Tuesday. It might be another week before I visit (I hope sooner!!). :-)

  20. Your rose is gorgeous!!
    You truly love Halloween, can't believe all your boxes with Halloween decorations!!
    you sure were busy yesterday :)

  21. How pretty is that rose? I don't have a green thumb, so I had no idea that roses could bloom in the fall! :)

  22. Anonymous9/29/2009

    Yes I think the roses are having their fall fling; mine look better now than they did all summer. Enjoy, for the snow comes!!!

  23. I love that Footprints in the sand poem.
    I have it in a frame on my headboard.
    I love the photo of the seagulls.
    I truly enjoy coming here to see what you come up with each day.
    God bless

  24. I liked your thought at the end. I noticed when I lived in Memphis that it took two days for mail to get from my home there to my parents in North Alabama, 5 1/2 hours away. I used to write letters on the computer, email them to my sister and she would take them over to them.She and I usually chat online several times a week. We've grown much closer since we started doing this. Much better than talking on the phone in my opinion.
    Your walk on the beach sounds wonderful. I bet you love it in the Fall.
    Mama Bear

  25. Anonymous9/29/2009

    Great Rose Anni I can just smell it!! I love roses when they are just past the bud stage like this, not fully open but not closed tight. Your subject is gorgeous! Happy RT!

  26. I love the picture of the sea gulls, Anni. Bob and I walk along a river trail in our area and there is a spot that is home to migrating ducks and geese. There must be some regulars among the wild things because they lead the pack and follow anyone who walks along the trail. I always feel like the Pied Piper. Have a great day.

  27. I like the poem a lot. That is a lovely red Rose. Thanks for sharing :)

  28. What a lovely rose! And seagulls are always a favorite of mine. I know they can be a nuisance but living by the sea here we miss them when we go inland. They have their own beauty.
    Re the mail: I guess they had better horses back in the day.
    Thanks for the visit.

  29. Lovely post ;--)
    Thanks for dropping by!
    Hugs and blessings,

  30. My goodness, you did have a busy day! It tired me out just reading about all you did.
    You gotta love those Gulls. They seem to know you have food even before you get out of your car.
    I too love the Autumn Roses. They are special, knowing they won't last long now.
    Have a wonderful day.

  31. Anonymous9/29/2009

    Those are wonderful photos and the poem is something else. Thanks for sharing and happy RT :)

  32. Such a lovely poem.

  33. lots of special photos with this post !!sandy

  34. I also enjoy the Footprints in the Sand poem. I am going to read all about the author. Thanks!

  35. your blog is simply lovely. thank you for stopping by my neck of the Wisconsin woods! That poem is a keeper and now I know the author's name. your photo ~ elegant and beautiful in it's simplicity :)

  36. I have that poem in my house, engraved on an ornament. It's truly beautiful and uplifting.

  37. Roses are my favourite flowers, and red ones are wonderful! I've a pot of red rose petal jam in the fridge at the moment, a gift from a friend who was on holiday in France. It's delicious!
    Re the mail, I got a card in my letter box today that I posted to my nephew for his birthday-I had put my address on the back in case it got lost, and instead it was sent to me. Now it's definitely late!

  38. That rose is so gorgeous, I have always like roses, my favorite. I like feeding the sea gulls also, they sure do flock in after the first throw of the popcorn. You sure did have a busy day, hope you have fun putting out you Halloween things.

  39. Eight boxes of halloween wow! I though my three boxes were a lot. Alas mine are in Arizona this year and I am in Montana. Maybe walmart need a visit.HRT

  40. dear anni..what an exciting life you live.
    i really don't know how you stood still enough to capture a picture of this sweet red rose!
    imagine that the roses are budding again this time of the year!
    you know welland is called the rose city of canada and yet we don't have many budding let alone blooming in almost october weather!
    i love sea gulls and we have so many here.
    they are such a beautiful and friendly bird[if you have food around..ha!]

    did you post this poem anni?
    it really touches my heart,
    it reminds of the longing in my soul for my beloved manitoba and the sweet memories i have!

    thanks again for visiting me.
    you are so nice! terry

  41. Anni, I love that poem. Nice that you have one to carry with you.

    Heading to bed. Sorry to be visiting so late. It was a hectic day. Details in my post.


  42. 8 boxes of Halloween stuff ??? I think you should be mentioned in the Guiness book of records, lol !
    I love your seagull picture, you know they always make me think of my holidays in England.