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It worked! Instead of showing off possessions this week like I'd normally do...I want to share this little 'fixer upper' technique that I'm still 'bloggled' over. I don't know if anyone has even heard of this, I do know that I've not heard of it...and I probably wouldn't believe it if someone told me it works...without trying it myself and seeing it with my own eyes.....

Let me backtrack just a bit---My dear man just has to have his hot coffee minutes after getting up in the morning. And trust me, he has his routine down [I've told you just how obsessive he can be if his day doesn't start like 'normal'---to him]. Okay, so picture this. He gets out of bed, starts his coffee maker and then feeds the cats, goes outdoors to smoke his cigarette [our home is a non-smoking environment--outdoors only, even in the dead of winter - in Colorado, before the laws on indoor 2nd hand smoke came about]. And as obsessive as he is, he ALWAYS uses a sandstone coaster with the cork tile on the backside for his cups or glasses. Now, one day, I guess he left the hot cup sitting way too long at one spell....and, with the heat from the cup going through the coaster, it marked our new dining room table!!! Needless to say, he felt badly. I was P O'd ['cause I'm not a coffee drinker, lol]. I just moaned and said something like "I just can't have anything nice for long!" With that, he even felt worse. But, what could we do? The error is already made, there is no denying it. We had a now beautiful Spanish Style table, with a nice round heat mark!!

He tried waxing it, I tried waxing it later. To no avail. I bought and tried "Old English Polish"...nada, zlich. Still the same ol' ugly mark staring back at me. Days past...

I then thought while I was trying to get to sleep one night..."Anni, go out on the 'net and see if you can get some help without having to take the table out and refinishing the entire top." That very next morning, I remembered to look it up. Good ol' Google. I read and read and read some more. Then, I read this site. And I read all the testimonies in the 'forum'. It's like it was too good to be true. Actually, I was still questioning the whole site. How can this work? So, I experimented. I took a scrap piece of stained/finished wood from Bud's scrap stash and tested it, following the directions, tho very vague they were. So far, so good. But thing is [at least in my mind], this is a beautifully finished piece of furniture, our 'new' table,...I just know I'm going to ruin it more. goes. And by golly--------


No water mark. No heat's once again beautiful! All in about 5 minutes total time, from getting the supplies needed; to finishing. Now, I mentioned I was skeptical and it was some kind of scientific miracle to have this actually take the spot away...thing is, just WHO the heck thought it up in the first place?!?!

More or less that was the 'show' part. Now the 'tell'...exactly how it was done. And I can be the first in my blog 'hood to testify this scientific phenomenon, tho I still can't fathom just 'how', works wonders. Yet, I will swear by it over and over......

The first step after you find a spot from either liquid or heat.
Get out that unknown thing, you's called an iron.
Set the iron on medium heat. Allow it to reach it's full setting...the right temperature.
Find and use a WHITE lint free piece of material [a thick T-shirt, or a white lint free towel will suffice]
Cover your spot with the material.
Place the medium heated iron atop the white cloth, applying normal pressure as if you were ironing a wrinkled shirt...
Count to 10 [10 seconds...I did the 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi version.]
Lift the towel..
VoilĂ !!!
The heat removed the marring!
Good as new.

I'm a believer!!!!!

[oh and, ummmmm. don't mind all the dust on the's as old as our was a wedding gift, AND it's stored out in the garage, on a shelf. Besides, you know me...IRON is a four letter word in our house!]


  1. Anonymous8/14/2009

    and one shouldn't use four-letter words, I'm all in favour of that, I will not work today... four-letter word.


  2. Oh my God (should I say just god) You are really good. You are so cute, wonderful writer. I love your blog.
    Thanks for your comment on mine
    It'd be a pleasure you followed me and read me from time to time. Your opinion would really mean a lot to me.
    Thank you

  3. Wow, that is awesome. Great job my friend.

  4. That is a very good tip, indeed. As an antiques dealer I will probably have a chance to use this one. Now that iron...where do I find one of those?...oh, I the basement, under the to that other thing...the ironing board. Yea. I remember.

  5. Anni, that is an exceptional piece of poetry, lovely words and thoughts! Thanks for visiting!

  6. Often had this problem, so I am delighted to keep a note now of this. Thanks for telling us all.
    Can't believe you allowed that dusty iron back into your pristine home!

    Love Granny

  7. What a terrific tip. I will definitely try this on a few water spots around my house.

    I loved your 55. It was just beautiful.


  8. that is beautiful, I may have to just get me a link or a copy ~ after 31 years of marriage the unraveling thread line well it is close to my heart. Amazing how the depth of the word love changes over the years together.
    Thanks for visiting mine as well!

  9. boots Please don't copy unless you give me credit. Thanks!!

  10. Doggone it, Anni. I love your blog so much, I have trouble getting anywhere else--except to those who've commented on YOURS. You and your commenters are the "cream-of-the-crop" in my book.

    But then it is suddenly night, and that same darkness which began this day descends once more. Why oh why must we sleep--ever!

  11. Steve make me blush!! Thank you for your kind words. Sleep well, my friend.

  12. Amazing! I am so thankful you got your table back. I would have been so crushed. Bud must have felt just terrible

    BTW - I still iron some things - but it takes months to get the stack high enough to make it worth it! The worst - I have a beautiful tablecloth and napkins from my MIL that have to be ironed every time it's washed! Yikes! Needless to say, it has to be a really special occasion!

    Beautiful, beautiful poem. I'm sure Bud appreciates the words - especially right after he did the deed on the table!

    Any cooling off yet??

  13. Good morning Anni, I am so thrilled to visit you and discover the tip on marks on top of tables..I have a wooden coffee table that has water marks from a vase of flowers.I will try this hint and let you know if it works for me..My mark has been there for 12 years.. maybe too late!!

    Have a great week-end... hugs, Baba

  14. Dawn well, it rained the night before last...but just a gentle sprinkling actually...and no, the heat index is still hovering around 105!

  15. thanks a lot again Anni

  16. Anni,

    A marvelous cure for your stained table. Glad you were able to find it. Scientifically many things work for such things that we would never think of.

    Check the hardware store and see if they carry Scratch Guard. It fills in scratches on furniture so well, you'd never know they had been know...just in case your wooden furniture ever gets scratched.

    Hope you have a great day.

  17. Your 55 touched my heart. Even though I have not read all the others, I declare it my favorite.

  18. I had heard that before and I actually got a spot out of an end table using a hair dryer. A cabinet maker told me that the moisture gets under the lacquer finish and turns white and the heat dries the moisture and no more ring. Great tip. Love it. Hugs, Marty

  19. humm well I see it LOL guess I will have to try that on my end table where somebody sat the cup too long LOL

  20. What a wonderful piece of information.. I had a beautiful table once that was scarred from heat! finally just gave it away! BUMMER! BUT now I know and THANKS TO YOU! Don't you just love love love Google!

  21. You've confused me. What in the world is an iron? J/K! I don't use mine either. I don't think I even have one anymore (gasp!)
    I'm so glad you were able to use that tip. Isn't it just the best thing? Table looks great once again!

  22. Wow - that is truly amazing! Your table looks great! My iron was also a wedding gift and is used as little as possible. I do let it live in the house though!

  23. The 55 is breath taking - seriously I am copying it for myself at home - loved it!

  24. If only you humans acted as kind as you write it would be a wonderful world.
    Good 55 and good thought.

  25. hey hootin, lol, I would definetly give you credit, I was thinking of printing it and putting it some place I could see it every day.

  26. Gotta love google!!!
    And I love your 55, beautiful!!

  27. Oh My Goodness Annie,
    I will remember this one for a long time to come. How many of us have this problem? Just about all of us at some time or another. I am going to have to make my rounds and see what needs ironing. I will tell the kids too, however like you said, "An iron?" Who irons these days right? Thank you for your prayers and support for Amy. Still no change this morning. Still fighting to survive God Bless her Heart. I just do not know what is keeping her going. I will talk to you soon. Love, Sherry

  28. I came over here from Annie Fannie's Green Acres. I just had to find out what your wonderful tip was all about. That is great that it worked. I will have to remember that if it happens to me. My iron is always handy. It gets used alot when I am sewing.

  29. You are being passionate today. I enjoyed that, and very well written.

  30. You touched my heart with this 55! Loved it.

    And the table remedy is remarkable! Gonna try it. Thanks for sharing your treasure find!

  31. Anni, a couple of things struck me as I read.
    One: I understand his routine and the coffee thing. I am the same way. I use a timer so I don't have to wait on the coffee to make. It is ready when I get out of bed.
    Two: You said, 'I then thought while I was trying to go to sleep'. This happens to me, all to often. I think to much when I'm supposed to be sleeping.
    I love what you did. I have a few places on one of my end tables where liquid has left spots. I wonder if your method will work there. Seems too good to be true.

    I found a spot on my new duvet cover this morning. The Princess was watching TV in there yesterday after school. She got into my lotion which is fine and I know it was an accident but the thing is new and I would have liked for it to stay unstained for a while. Any solutions for this?
    Mama Bear

  32. Whoa, what a great tip...thanks for sharing!!

  33. The internet saves the day - again! Love the fixin' tip - thanks.

  34. I have a sudden urge to take some furniture out of storage and give this a try. I've had problems with water spots like that for years and years.

  35. First I want to thank you for the B"Day wishes. You were right.. I had posted, changed my mind.. and after you guys busted me, I did post the B"Day post!

    And this miracle water spot/stain post.. I am going to heat up my iron, as I have one that has driven me crazy that I cannot get it out!!!

  36. What a great idea! I inherited my g-mom's dining room set and it is full of "white marks" from hot dishes.

    I'm off to give it a try!!!

    Thanks and please stop by The Old Parsonage anytime, I love visitors!


  37. i love your beautiful 55 poem it is wonderfully written

  38. Hello Dear, wow that is wonderfully magic. I will have to try it when I finally get some furniture :0) Thank you for visiting and all your wonderful words again. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I liked your iron :0) i read the fine print saying it was as old as your marriage lol it was funny. You too cute. Take care.


  39. Great solution, Anni. Another good one for removing liquid white marks is to use toothe paste and rub with the grain.

  40. Anonymous8/14/2009

    OMG just made me die with laughter with the description of your Husband. PO'd I just fell out of my chair. That is too funny. I so can't picture you getting that way LOL. Excellent. Your 55 was wonderful. I don't know if back in April, when it was poetry month, if I was following you or you me but poetry is not my favorite and I tend to make fun of it and try to respond with a poem LOL. You know me...Mr. Sarcastic and be as annoying as I can possbily be ROFLMAO...just kidding. It was wonderful. I enjoyed the read. I'm still laughing :) Have a great Friday :)

  41. Hi Anni, I am going to try that on my table. I had someone place a very hot box of a pizza on my table and I got a huge white mark. If that works, I am going to be forever greatful to you!

  42. Here you go sweet thing. Hope this helps.
    I love you, Sherry

  43. This is great to know!!

    I wished you could have seen my Mother's face when my sister told her she didn't iron or have an iron! Good night!! My Mom was agast!
    I hope that is how you spell that.... Hugs, Grams

  44. Thanks for that tip Anni!

    We inherited my grandma's old formal dinning set. It also has a similar mark in the middle of the table. I'll try this for sure!

    The Friday Meme was neat.

    Have a good weekend. :o)

  45. Re: Flash 55
    Beautiful poetry. Beautiful thoughts.

  46. That was like a little sermon. Cange one and you change the world.
    Well done 55.

  47. Wow Annie...
    You got more comments that I did!!
    Thats a tribute to your brilliance..
    Great Job this week on the 55!!
    Thank you so much as well for visiting and reading as many contributors as you have.
    You Rock!!!

  48. Anonymous8/14/2009


    I really enjoyed your 55 ~ I am inspired by it. Thank you for your comment on mine as well. I'm in good company, I can see.

    I must say, I couldn't live without my iron. One of my fondest memories as a child was my Mama teaching me how to iron my Papa's handkerchiefs. Maybe that's why I love ironing so much. Either that or it's because I let the clothes sit in the dryer too long and it's necessary!

    Have a good weekend ~ ChefKar

  49. What a great trick, we have a few of those marks on our coffee table. Thanks! Also, thanks for stopping by my blog. I grew up in Colorado, and my older sister and her family live in small town Nebraska. What a small world. :)

  50. What a wonderful and easy way to fix marked wood. Amazing... At least you know where your iron is, Anni. I don't (or if I do, I'm not telling, someone might want me to use it!).

  51. Your 55 touched my heart m'dear - wonderful! :)

  52. thank your for that tip, gonna remember that. and so EASY!

    your 55 is dreamy, fabulous read!

  53. Fantastic tip, although I hope I don't ever have to use it!

  54. too bad we don't all know how to be kind all the time everyday. loved the 55 :)