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Sunday, June 28th, 2009
4:50 A.M.

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A – An advantage you have – Being a senior citizen...there are quite a few quirks with the age I am at right now.

B – Blue or brown eyes – kinda bloodshot red right now...but if you look closer, BLUE

C – Chore you hate –Let's put it this way....there really isn't a chore I LIKE!!

D – Dad’s name –I knew him and always called him...DAD [never was on a first name basis with him]

E – Essential start of your day – After my morning routine, right? It'd be Blogging

F – Favorite color – Purple

G – Greatest thing you’ve ever done that made you feel really good – I don't think I've ever done anything in the category of GREAT. But, in recent past, being bold enough to walk up to the Secret Service and ask to see [campaigner] President Obama and then ask for his autograph and getting it...made me feel really good.

H – Habit you have – more of an obsession...BLOGGING again.

I – Issue you hate that the world tries to make you pursue – World and Local issues as reported...let me explain a bit. These days, I rarely believe what I read, or see through the eyes of the media. It's all such 'sensationalism' that I can't stand the thought of it much. I DO continue to read....but the TV news? It's so unbelievable that I have learned to HATE it. [Not to devalue or impugn anyone's love/obsession for M. Jackson, but for the last few days it's all been about'd think he was the leader of the WORLD the way the media is covering the loss. -for instance, the lovely Farrah Fawcett died the same first, it was covered by the media...but! when they got word that M. Jackson had been hospitalized...everything else was not newsworthy!! For the media, the world revolved around the man. There ARE other things going on. Why even when Princess Di's death was in the news, the media did not dwell on it as much as this. Bits and pieces of other world events were added to the CNN programming back then. Why, my word!--- if my memory serves me correctly...9-11 was covered extensively, but think about it...1000s died!!! Not to mention Anwar Sadat's assassination, Nixon's death, Reagan and the deaths from WARS!...Again, as always, news is what brings in revenue...the money making top story is M. Jackson.] He died people, (people, as in CNN, MSNBC, FoxNews, E, Entrainment Tonight, Larry King, Late Night Shows, Local Media, National Media....) let's move on with our lives now, happenings of the world or our country....forgot the economy? the threats? the white house? the job securities?...huh? Enough already news people!!! The only people that I can empathize with for their loss, a deep loss, is a son - his parents, a brother - his siblings, a father - his children...he is now gone from them.

J – Job title – Retired

K – Kohls or Target – Neither, really. If I had to chose between the two, it'd be Kohls. I never DID like Target. [For both stores, I go there once a year...and that is to see if they have anything different that I don't have already...for Halloween]

L – Living arrangements – You?---where you are, and Me...where I am.

M – Music you like – All music except Rap. Rappers seem to be hate mongers with their lyrics.

N - Nicknames – One that has been with me like......forever. That's Goomba.

O – Overnight hospital stay – A few. After surgeries and births of two kids.

P – Pet Peeve – You don't want to get me started....I have hundreds. It'd take forever and eternity to list 'em. [first one this morning is: I just cleaned and scrubbed the kitchen counter top...get up this morning and it's all cluttered again!! I can't ever keep it clean and de-cluttered for more than a few hours!]

Q – Quote that you like most – I have miles to go before I sleep, miles to go before I sleep. [Robert Frost]

R – Right or left handed – In some cases I can be ambidextrous.

S – Siblings – Four

T – Time you wake up –. Whenever [see the letter J for Job Title]

U – Underwear – A new brand....Anni's Secret....NOT Victoria's, but Anni's!!

V – Vegetable you dislike – Okra, Asparagus

W – What makes you run late – Never late, never early...just whenever I choose. I'm always on time more or less. Again, retired and no fixed schedules. Dr.'s appointments are the only thing I have to keep track of time.

X – X-rays you’ve had – Dental and Mamograms

Y – Yummy food you make – My own version of Lasagna.

Z – Zoo animal – T-I-G-E-R!!!!!

Reid Park Zoo
Tucson, Arizona
What I loved about Reid Park was the fact when you walked through the turnstyle to enter the zoo...the first exhibit to the left was Asia....the TIGER.


  1. I think it's sad that Farrah Fawcet and MJ died on the same day too. I feel like she's been completely forgotten. Our paper had a big front page section on him and a tiny picture of her on the back page.

  2. Hi Anni ~~ I did enjoy your alphabet list of things. Well done. Thanks for your visit and I know how hard it is to get around to all we want to
    Sorry you are feeling the heat over there. It's not too bad here - with heaters and a nice warm bed to get into at night. Glad to see that you are doing well, as I am. Take care,
    my friend, Love, Merle.

  3. I too agree with you about the media hoopla about M Jackson. I feel so bad for Farrah's family and friends. It's like she got dumped to the back page the minute M. Jackson died. Her dignity throughout her whole ordeal with cancer should not be overshadowed by him and all of his antics over the years.


    You are my hero!


  5. what IS it with those darn kitchen counters... i have the same problem. purple's definately a favourite of mine too, and people that call their dad by the first name? no, disrespectful i think...

  6. Great the mutterings!!!!

  7. You go, Anni! I always told my students that if they wanted to know what was going on in the USA, they needed to read newspapers from other countries. :)

    Happy Sunday to you!

  8. I love tigers! Have a happy Sunday :)

  9. I have been thinking the very same thoughts and have thought of blogging them, too. The crotch antics of his just sicken me. He was once a cute little boy with a great family. Now he was a caricature of himself. What a sad life, but not worthy of this nonsense. When Diana died, Mother Teresa's death was overshadowed. Nonsense. How ironic that someone who battled for months with courage and strength is totally overshadowed by this pathetic creature. Sorry - that's the way I feel.

    My kitchen counter is the same way! What's up with that??

  10. Anni,

    Kitchen counters and, at my house, my kitchen table, always seem to be cluttered. It doesn't matter how many times they are decluttered, I turn around and there it is again.

    I fully agree with you on M. Jackson. Yes, he had hits, but Farrah Fawcett battled cancer for many years. I do watch the local tv news. They didn't seem to be as focused on MJ. He was only mentioned as the Lead and then in the entertainment news when they also mentioned Farrah.

    Enjoyed visiting with you this morning. It was cooler her yesterday toward evening so we took off for a bit of fun.

    Hope you have a great day. More rain here today.


  11. I agree with not believing what you see on the news. It's quite irritating actually!

    Yeah for Purple and Tigers :)

  12. I so agree and you said it all beautifully. Hugs, Marty

  13. that U brand is definitely Catchy :D

    thanks for stopping by Anni :)

    lovely meme :)

  14. and the cat family is my ultimate favorite!

  15. your advantage and job title rocks--i cant wait for mine :)

  16. Hi Anni. I have said the same thing about the MJ and FF deaths..and I said now that he is dead he
    ll be a hero....all the pedphile news, sick sick behavior will be forgotten and he;ll be a hero. I did love his music..and his dancing!
    But once he strted in with the body changes his mind went!
    But know a lot of little boys and his kids may come out of the woodwork now and report molestation!

    I get your pet peeve,, I am the same...BUT I am the one who messes it up after cleaning!
    Good answers!!

    Stop by mondaycrazyquestions if you can!!! the questions are up! Hugs

  17. OH I forgot.. I have never seen the sunday word assoc. I may go cjeck that out :-) L

  18. Anonymous6/28/2009

    I agree with you about Michael Jackson/Farrah Fawcett. It really upsets me that they don't have equal coverage. She was just as important to her fans as he was to his, and I was a fan of both.

    Thanks for visiting my SS!

    And to answer your question, my nickname is Fidget because I'm so short... 5'1".

  19. Good Morning Annie!
    I just had to pop over and read your Sunday BLOG. Thanks for sharing. I love the word game. It will give me something to try on the kids this afternoon. A word game for their minds. If you get a chance pop over and see my Sunday post. I had a visitor in the yard yesterday and got some lovely pics. Happy Sunday. "Country Hugs", Sherry

  20. I have to be very careful about what I say regarding MJ for fear of having my tonsils removed through my nostrils.

  21. While I agree with you that MJ has taken alot of the media attention, he was a much bigger star that FF by a long shot...and they did the same thing when Elvis died..It went on for days and days and days. And if we didn't all watch it on TV then they wouldn't show it 24/7. Don't ya think. Great answers. We agreed on many of them Have a good Sunday

  22. I like it! I like it! Thanks for the invite! Psychic Mama

  23. Paula Yes, I said the same thing regarding Elvis too.

  24. Wow your hate lists crosses all....loved your answers :)

    Thanks for stopping by

    Happy Weekend

  25. Long time, no see! About 1.5, almost 2 whole matches on Mutterings. Have a nice week :)

  26. loved your answers.
    Mama Bear

  27. I'm totally with you on C. Happy Sunday!

  28. Anonymous6/28/2009

    I can't stand when I clean and not even 5 minutes later it's a mess again. Grrrr!
    I agree with you about MJ. Let's move on!

  29. Goomba?? interesting!

  30. Great answers. Impressed at your autograph hunting skills, and liked your summing up of the news media. Hope you have a great Sunday and that your kitchen counter top remains relatively uncluttered.

  31. Anonymous6/28/2009

    Bloodshot eyes hopefully not from a hangover LOL Love your underwear answer LOL. Great job and Happy Sunday Staling :)

  32. I enjoyed your answers.

  33. Hi Anni, thanks for dropping by; I really enjoyed reading your Sunday Stealing ABC, i have forgotten about Michael Jackson, and i agree with you on that...great answer!

  34. I enjoy the free association one. Unplanned births can certainly be a problem.

  35. hi ANNI, awesome answers you have! my first time to join and i'm learning... truly enjoyable!

    take care,

    bing =)

  36. Well hello there Goomba! lol I always enjoy reading your answers to questions like these. Oh boy, I sooo agree with you about the obsessive way the media is harping on MJ's death. Talk about overkill. What gets to me is that when he was going through those child molestation trials, the media was so against him and trashed him. He dies...and he's their hero. Grrrrrr! Like you, I don't believe anything I read or hear in the news anymore, too much sensationalism is added. I've never had Okra but I really don't like asparagus either..ick! xoxo