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Saturday, June 27th, 2009
5:10 A.M.

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From a blog post of mine from a long, long time ago [March, 2007 to be exact]...a 'flag'. Which to some [ME!], they are iris. My mom and mother in law both used to call iris, 'flags'. It's the first thing I thought of this morning when I read the prompt for the week....flags...iris.

    "Flag (Iris) - Beautiful bulbous or tuberous plants numerous in kind
    and wonderfully varied in beauty. The plants are for the most part
    hardy, and have much diversity of habit and color, varying in height
    from a few inches to 6 feet. They may be conveniently divided
    into two classes—those with bulbous roots, which are now called
    Xiphions, and those (the greatest number) with creeping stems."
Does anyone really know how they [the iris plant] came about being called 'flags'?

- - -

Military miniature flags...flying from our bookshelves in the computer room [U S Navy-hubby's & U S Marine Corps-son's]

The flag of the United States Navy consists of the Seal of the Department of the Navy in the center, above a yellow scroll inscribed "United States Navy" in dark blue letters, against a dark blue background. The flag was officially authorized by President Dwight D. Eisenhower on April 24, 1959 and was formally introduced to the public on April 30, 1959. The flag of the United States Marine Corps (also known as a standard or battle color) is scarlet with the Corps emblem in gray and gold. It was adopted on January 18, 1939, although Marine Corps Order 4 had established scarlet and gold and the official colors of the Corps as early as 1925.


  1. This was very interesting, my husband served in the Navy. Hope you have a nice weekend.

  2. A wonderful choice of flags Anni. I love the Iris. Happy weekend

  3. I enjoyed the flags sweetie.

  4. ... talking Iris...
    Flag iris
    Flag Iris typically refers to several species of Iris plant:

    Iris pseudacorus, the Yellow Flag Iris
    Iris versicolor, the Larger Blue Flag Iris
    Iris prismatica, the Slender Blue Flag Iris.

    We also in the UK call them Flag Iris.
    Super variation in your post about flags!!
    Love Granny

  5. Granny Good, I'm glad to hear someone else calls them flags...I was beginning to think it was a 'generational' thing. But I see it's more geographical maybe.

  6. Great choices. I didn't know that about the Iris. I love them.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  7. Great post and I really love the irises. :)

  8. Hi thanks for stoppin by. Wow I never heard irises being called like that. Love their colors btw. happy hunting.

  9. I have never heard of an iris being called a flag. I will have to ask my expert friend, who has over 100 varieties in her gardens. Also, when we get one to plant, it's called a rhyzome instead of a bulb or whatever that word was in your definition. Interesting.

    We're going to get one of those "black" ones next month when they dig them at the iris garden over in Eaton. I wish I could share some with you, because you've mentioned so many times that you love them so much. Would they grow down there in the gulf?

    I love the miniature military flags, too.

    Have a wonderful dear, dear Anni.

  10. Lovely flags, Annie!

    Happy week-end!

  11. Nice flags... Navy and flag iris. Didn't know a flower had that title. CWO4 USN Ret.

  12. Excellent flag choices! I, too had never heard about iris being called flags but, they sure are a pretty color.

    Many thanks to your husband and son for their service!

    Hope you can visit my flag

  13. The Iris will always be a flag to me. Like you it was the first thing I thought of .

    My hubby started his military career in the Marines and then switched to the Navy where he spent 30 yrs.

    Our office walls are covered with a lifetime collect of Navy stuff. But, no flags. I will have to find this pair for him to add to his collection.

    great post.

  14. Great post for the theme! I have that variety of irises and it's new to me they are called flag iris. Interesting to learn that. Happy weekend.

  15. love the iris. all my family members were either marines or army too - mostly marines!

    and girl, you are a walking encyclopedia!


  16. this is very informative, anni. never thought that there would be a flower named flag iris.

  17. Nice definition and flags. Long time I didn't hear from you, I am in Italy actually and have a very nice Internet "office" under palm trees, it also works very well. Only time is short.

  18. Great flags!
    The flag iris is beautiful and proud.
    The military flags are even prouder!

  19. Never knew that irises are also called flags! Thanks for the info! :)

  20. I think my grandmother called irises 'flags' too. Beautiful flower!

    Love the header and your little owls.

  21. I've never heard them called that. The one in the photo is very delicate looking.
    Did I tell you that I think your mother looks like Sigourney Weaver in the photo in the sidebar?
    Mama Bear

  22. Anni,

    Apparently it is only German iris that are called flags. The reason, according to my research, is because they have four petals up and four down. Not sure that is true but it is the only reason I found when I Goog*led it.

    Lovely photos of the Navy and Marine flags and I certainly enjoyed learning the history.

    Keep cool and enjoy your day.

  23. Mary I found this from wikipedia: HERE "As well as being the scientific name, iris is also very widely used as a common name; for one thing, it refers to all Iris species, though some plants called thus belong to other closely related genera. In North America, a common name for irises is flags. Not only German iris, but from what I gather it's ALL iris. :::shrug:::

    Personally, I'd prefer the word iris instead of flag.

  24. I never knew that about Iris's, but I think its very cool! Iris's are my favourite flower.

    I love your flags too!

    Thanks for stopping by.

  25. Interesting. I have never heard of them called flags either but guess there is a lot of info out there suggesting that they are. Isn't it fun to get all the different input! Great post!

  26. From a flower called flag to two flags with history. Now that is an impressive post.

  27. Oh my word-- I think I just had a very old memory of my grandmother calling her iris a "flag." Weird!!!!

    Great photos. And nice new template for your blog!
    I also did Photo Hunters (finally). I hope you can visit.

    Have a happy weekend!
    Mrs. Mecomber

  28. Great choices of flags. Love the Irises too.

  29. Beautiful photo of the iris, wow.


  30. Nice shots. I love the iris.
    Beautiful take on the theme.

    Thanks for visiting mine and happy weekend.

  31. Aloha Anni,
    Very very interesting. I never knew they called the Iris- flags. Thank you for sharing that with us!
    Thank you for visiting me!

    Cindy O

  32. Nice flags! My parents used to call iris' flags too.

  33. my grandmother called some of her iris's flags and some she did not...and two flags full of history...awesome
    I was reading adlai stevenson's statement and today I do not think it is safe to be unpopular...that is all I will say on this beautiful screaming hot saturday.
    thank you for visiting my blog.

  34. LOLOLOL....Debbie Ironic, I was looking for something about the summer rains just now, and changed it...then, I read your comment above. Still, it's better to be HERE and unpopular than OVER THERE.

  35. Here... Anchors Away reigns... In Mississippi our town was dominated by Off We Go Into The Wild Blue Yonder. Different branches for different areas. I have never heard of iris being called flags... but this is the second time today. Thanks for stopping by.

  36. I real like Iris or flags.
    Easy to grow here in North Idaho.

    Coffee is on,

  37. I love flowers and shall love to know why Irises are known as flags.

    Two men in your life are in the military. You must be a very proud woman. Did they serve in anywhere dangerous?

    Thanks for visiting my site.


    Ann :)

  38. The mini military flags look good as decoration from both sides of the shelf :)
    Happy Weekend Anni!

  39. nope, why are iris' called flags??? btw, they were a favourite of my mothers. she always had loads of them in the garden.

  40. Nice looking "flag" flowers!