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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

This morning after I set the timer on the sprinkling system, I was looking out the dining room window to check and make sure it was running properly. And what to my wondering eyes should appear? But a Japanese iris blooming on top of the stem's spear!!

So away from the window I flew in a flash, tore open the computer desk drawer and grabbed batteries for my camera and closed it with a bang and a bash!!

Out on the lawn I froze at the spot!
I snapped away, getting the perfect angle and shot!

The purples and yellows of each fragile petal
gave me a feeling of Spring and warm sunny days...
But I had to run before the sprinkler sprayed me
and woulda got me all 'wet-alled'!!

Back in my room, I plugged in my camera.
Opened the software and saved 'em....
But as I posted the pictures
up here on my blog...
Seeing the photos will show you beauty, and to all who view they'll be all agog!!

One of the few Japanese Iris in one of our flower beds. I love the long slender leaves as a contrast to the lantana below with the soft 'feathery' leaves.

Our purple/magenta Bougainvillea is now beginning to get new bracts [the purple is NOT a blossom, but a colored leaf, like a poinsettia has red.---the blossom is a small white bloom. Very minute]

Another Japanese Irish...the tiny yellow bud to the left is a yellow miniature rose


  1. You irises are GORGEOUS!!!

  2. Oooh so beautiful! (And quite the clever rhyme too)

  3. wild guess here... spring is on it's way? lol

    It's always so nice to see all the plants and flowers and trees come to life again!

  4. I love your blog.its awesome.I stopped by from Raggedys place friday the song.the flowers are sooo pretty.

  5. Wow, those are beautiful! Such vibrant cololrs!

  6. Those are gorgeous shots. I love the contrast of the yellow of the mini rose with the vibrant purple of the iris.
    Really nice poem to go along with the pics.

  7. Truly spectacular photos! Simply gorgeous!
    (We still have a couple feet of snow to get rid of before we'll be seeing sights like that.)

  8. That Japanese Iris is just gorgeous! It is so similar to an orchid. I wonder if they'll have it in Hawai'i? I need to look for it when I go back home.

  9. Anni, what beautiful flowers!! Lucky you!

  10. well that bloom got you all poetical now didn't it??
    It is very pretty and a welcome site!!

  11. Bah Humbug! My flowers are still buried under snow and we got even more snow today! lol Oh wow, they sure are beautiful flowers and a sure sign that Spring is at least starting where you are!! xox

  12. Gday Anni,
    Oh I love your Iris
    so vivid and your little yellow rose such a contrast.

  13. Those flowers are so beautiful!! I'm so in need of spring and greenness. This just lifted my spirits.

  14. pretty ... pretty .....PRETTY!!!! I'm soooo jealous of your warm weather. We had snow again this week. brrrrr Although my crocus are up and blooming, and the daffodils are ready to burst open, it still feels like winter here.

    Hey ..... there's a little green guy down there showing me his butt! ROFLMAO ... .Leave it to you *wink*

    I don't get here often anymore, but when I do, you always make me chuckle.

    Have a great rest-of-the-weekend!

  15. Ok, I love winter and since we never had much of one in FL, snow makes me really happy in WA, but our irises are not up, and I miss our Bougainvilleas in FL. Thanks for sharing those with us.

  16. Aren't they beauuuuuutiful? WOW! Love those blues! We are still all brown and dead up this way!