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Today is Earth Day...
If we as a group do not respect and take care of our own planet, we would not be able to stand on the firm land and view such godly, inspiring views of our trees silhouetted at dawn or dusk; as I am showing here today. We would not be able to continue survival as we know it's our responsibility for now and for future generations. So, what better way to show off our world than to show you what you can see standing [Northern Hemisphere] in your yard, looking East before/and just after sunrise....

Venus & our MOON...
taken from my cellphone:

Moon & Venus @ 5 a.m.
from our garage...framed in the window.

Looking to the horizon over
rooftops...the moon & Venus
[to the left of the street light]
5:15 a.m.

From our yard
Looking East...
at just before sunrise
around 6 a.m.

A few minutes later....
the sun is on the horizon
Venus & moon still
flying the wild blue yonder.
6:35 a.m.