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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009
12:39 A.M.

Have you ever found yourself sitting and chomping away at food, or a snack, and you end up reading the label or the backside of a box/package...all the while, as you chew? Me too. And for today, I thought I'd let you play along with me. From the back side of a cereal box, I read this:

1] A fruit, by definition, is the fleshy part of a plant that is protecting the seed. Which by definition then, tomatoes, olives, avocado, and even cucumbers [which we call vegetables] are actually fruit. [true: at least according to this box]

2] The 'fruit' of the cucumber, when squished, explodes to scatter its seeds up to 25 feet away.

3] Which fruit does the gorilla sleep on?

4] Fill in with the correct country, these New Year's traditions:
    In _____, red is a lucky color so it's wise to ead red apples & cherries. To ring in 12 months of good luck in _____, eat a grape on each stroke of the clock as it chimes midnight. Leave lemons and limes on your friends' doorsteps in ______ to bring them luck.
5] What do you call a not so pretty cross between a grapefruit, an orange, and a tangerine?

6] You can't use FRESH pineapple or kiwi in gelatin since they have chemicals that break down protein, leaving your dessert soft & runny.

7] Is the fool a silly person or a kind of dessert made with fruit?

8] A banana plant can grow/produce up to 200 bananas in clusters. What are the clusters called?

9] What do you call TWO bananas?

10] Which berry is nicknamed "thimbleberry"?

11] Lemons have MORE sugar than strawberries!!

12] How do you make a lemon drop?

13] In the 18th century peaches were poached in cochineal*, a red dye from a beetle, to give them a rosy color. Cranberries float because they have 4 pockets of AIR in each of them!!

* By the way, I've seen this all over the Tucson area when we lived there, and in the Southwest's like a fungus, but beneath the 'wooly' substance is eggs/insects of the cochineal. I've seen it on just about every prickly pear cactus I came near.


  1. What interesting blurb you get on the back of your cereal packets over there!

    I word in the ear of cereal producers in the UK, all we seem to get if how many calories it has, per tiny bowl-ful.

    Love Granny

  2. Not your average cereal box back. LOL. That makes for an entertaining and educational meal.

  3. Fun stuff --- I knew that about the bananas for some reason. It is amazing the trivia you can pick up form places like the back of a cereal box. I may have to start eating cereal just for the box info. :) Have a great day.

  4. I am the same way - I will read anything. Thanks for sharing.

  5. That's pretty interesting! Who knew that lemons had more sugar than strawberries? Not me!

  6. I love reading box backs. What kind of cereal was this that has cucumbers in it?

  7. 3 Sides of Crazy doesn't have cucumbers in it!! It was comparing fruits, is all.

  8. I think i need to start reading the backs of my cereal boxes again! Great list!!

  9. I do that, but haven't read such an interesting cereal box - must be eating boring cereal!

    So now you must tell me how you got the answers upset down!

    And where did the asterisk refer back? I couldn't find it.

    Thanks!! Have a great day - it's a sunny sunny day in Colorado - wish I didn't have this terrible ridiculous cold. Think I'll go sit in the sun and soak up some Vitamin D.

  10. I suddenly feel compelled to squish a cucumber.

  11. Dear Anni ~~ What an interesting lot of info on a cereal packet. Must read what is on the back of my boxes.
    I eat muesli but have other things for visitors. I am glad your weather
    is lovely just as we hear it is going to turn cold around here,
    Happy Earth Day to you too Anni.
    Take care, Love, Merle.

  12. Wow, my cereal just usually says, "Eat me for 6 weeks and lower your cholesterol." Yours is much more fun!

    Happy TT and hope you can visit mine!

  13. Wow! I never read anything like this on the back of cereal boxes in this house. All I get are games for the kids and the occasional coupon lol
    Happy T13!

  14. I was so interested on what a gorilla sleeps and am disappointed now !
    I wonder who invented all this !

  15. heeee heeee heeee, what were you eating???? i've given up doing this though, since once i read some ingredients that didn't do ANYthing for the appetite....

  16. Ah, you got the answers upside down, :-). Nice trick, huh? Fun list. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Happy TT!

  17. LOL! That was interesting! I'm kinda curious to try #2! Thanks for sharing!

  18. LOL. Great post.
    That's how they get us to eat the entire box and run out to buy more.

    Hope it was yummy!

  19. Hmmm ... I'm trying to remember the last time I read the back of a cereal box ... and can't. I did enjoy your post, appreciated the upside-down answers (reading upside down is a skill teachers acquire ya know). Hope all's well with you and yours. I've not spent much time at the computer for WEEKS ... haven't written much of anything(other than a bit of haiku) for quite a while ... when I do post it's usually photos and/or collages. Dunno when this slump will pass but trust it will ... eventually. Thanks for dropping by occasionally ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  20. Anonymous4/23/2009

    Oh my, what cereal was that, if my 9 year old reads #2 he's going to have to experiment & until the garden comes in, cucumbers are too expensive to be smashing.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog today!

  21. That's some cereal box! What fun information to acquire while chomping away. Thanks for sharing.

  22. What an amazing list!Glad I visited. I learned a lot!

  23. Ape-re-cot? LOL! Just when I was taking the box seriously.

  24. WOw! That's a lot of stuff I didn't know about fruit! Great list. :)

    Happy TT!

  25. WOW What a clever post! Happy TT and thanks for stopping by. I liked the 2 bananas one. lol

  26. We don't have quite as much interesting info on NZ cereal packets. I do read labels though. I like to see what is in the food and where it was made.

  27. Oh, I like quizes. Thanks for sharing. I had fun.

  28. You have the funnest TTs - a real hoot! :) I don't know how you manage to turn even the trivial (a cereal box) into a great post - well done.

  29. Anni,

    This is all very interesting. I'm glad that I stopped by. I am always learning from your posts. Very fun trivia.

  30. The cereal boxes around here just have some sort of kids game on them or what kind of toy you will find inside :-P
    Happy T13

  31. Anonymous4/23/2009

    The beetle dye tramautized me a little bit, but the rest was interesting to read. I need more involved cereal boxes.

    Happy TT


  32. Very interesting stuff. What kind of cereal was that? And, how DID you get the answers upside down?

  33. Very interesting tidbits about fruit. I was surprised by how many I knew. That was fun.

  34. Very fun post! However did you get the answers upside down?

  35. Wow, great makes you think. Dont it?? Happy TT and thanks for stopping by and sharing some info.

  36. Oh, fun! Now I want to know what kind of cereal it was. :)

  37. Interesting post! Sorry I missed you yesterday--for some reason, my ISP refuses to cooperate with me on Thursdays.

  38. I love the organic boxes of cereal, they always tell about going green and sustainability, and I always learn something new :)