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Where's the beach?

Spring Break is almost finished for the year....'til 2010. I always dread the influx of college kids coming onto our beaches. I don't think, tho, that it was as bad as predicted this year....maybe it has a lot to do with the economy, who knows. But, don't get me wrong. There were thousands on our beaches. It just didn't seem quite as densely populated this time around. And thank goodness the weather held out and stayed beautiful and warm while the country's college kids headed into town. We've had a couple of years where the weather didn't cooperate and the whole city limits was bumper to bumper autos. This year, they remained on the beaches. Cars, cars, bikini clad gals and on the ¿guys?...whoa!! I see no beach shoreline tho...where's the beach?
I only heard about one report of rape. And I think that is marvelous. No, not that ANYone was molested and violated....not at's just that most years there are several reports of rapes. One is much better than dozens of reports. Most of the tickets and reports of crime were alcohol related and police were kept busy none the less patrolling our beaches and highways. Still all in all it was pretty peaceful this year. At least it seems this way for me. Maybe I'm getting older and wiser....staying away from the sand and surf and shops during the break. hehehehehe
But, now it's time for the city and volunteers to go out along all the miles and miles of beach and clean up after them. This is another thing that appalls me. How can anyone...any age...just go to places of such beauty and leave behind such an awful mess? It's beyond my comprehension. Things like this in the photo will be washing ashore for weeks now. [Ummmmm, the beach access roads are posted....and it says NO GLASS ---- I see a Corona glass bottle here!]
And this is just one day's worth of clean-up. And just one small area. I would wish against all hope that the twenty year olds would have much much more respect for the land and the fact that it was beautiful when they came into the city and headed for the look what they left behind!!! The coast line around our state stretches, if you go on foot for the distance, is a good 2 or 3 day walk!! It'll be a long haul off the island. The trash will be cleared out eventually, and the beaches will be here for y'all next year. I guess I should look at the bright side of it least it's not New York City streets the week after New Year's Eve. I can only imagine the tons of trash collected there!!

...until next year, same time, same place we'll meet again.


  1. it's sad that festivities, so happy and colourful, leave such desolation behind...

  2. Dear Anni ~~ I am glad that the Spring break festival was better than usua; and only one rape. Guess it's cleaned up by now.
    Thank you so much for your message and good wishes for my return to good health. I am getting there and
    can walk now without bad pain.
    I don't think that woman who caused damage to 4 other cars and her own
    will ever be allowed to drive again.
    Take care my friend, Love, Merle.

  3. The lack of respect for the land is indeed frustrating... the lack of respect the heads of many companies show is indeed frustrating, hopefully time has come when people start to realize their responsiblities in life and the world....... I hope.

  4. Guys in thongs?! Yikes! Such a shame the college kids are so disrespectful leaving all of that trash behind. I've never understood that. How hard is it to carry it to a trash can? Oh, well... glad you all have nearly survived another round of spring break.

  5. I think my reaction would be to want to leave for that week! College kids can be very disrespectful - I kept thinking, all those years I was at CSU, that they'd be better than that, but I was continually amazed and appalled. But there are so many good ones as well. They just go somewhere to volunteer their time to those in need during spring break instead of destroying the beaches and being wasted the whole timerea

    AIG -- UGH!!

    Fun fact about Easter candy - unbelievable amount of jelly beans! And Peeps - I never can understand why anyone likes them!

    It snowed a LITTLE bit overnight - and it's gray and cold. We'll see if we gain any real benefit for our poor dry land from this day. Please, Lord, let it be!

  6. Some college kids can be very careless!! How nice to leave where people want to vacation!!

  7. What gets to me is that these "kids" abuse the beautiful places they can go to and when it gets closed down due to pollution or whatever, they're the first ones to complain! It really saddens me, the lack of respect they show and to see all the garbage lying there after they've all left really makes me want to cry. I'm glad I don't live near a popular beach like yours, I'd want to go over there and strangle a few! lol xoxo

  8. It's as if kids that age simply live in the moment and don't give any thought to the consequences of their actions for anyone but themselves.

  9. Wow ! your beach was rather crowded ! it's a shame that there are pigs apparently everywhere. We have them on the beaches too. It's even an insult for the poor pigs !

  10. I only wish they would behave like they do at home...
    Wait: that's probably not a good idea! I wish they would behave properly! and showing respect for the environment.

  11. Good Mornin' Anni,
    I would like to "THANK YOU" for the lovely card you sent me, and for your prayers asd birthday wishes for yesterday. I so appreciate it all so very much. You are such a dear friend and I value our friendship very much. It's a shame that some of those college kids don't clean up after themselves. I bet they wouldnt' like it if someone did that to their place or room? I don't mind them going to the beach and having q good descent time, but they are old enough to know to clean up and pick up after themselves. "PRIAISE GOD" I came thru the procedure just fine and there were no blockages in my heart. I did put up a new post this morning and have something for you on ther also. Take caer my friend and have a great thursday. May GOD Bless you and yours.
    Karen H.

  12. I just have to compliment you on your blog! It's beautiful and interesting.

  13. Humans are such pigs! I know that anytime a large group of people are together the amount of trash generated is amazing.

    I hope to see the beaches are back in pristine conditions soon. I know with people like you who want them that way too they will be.

    Great post.