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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Monday, March 16th, 2009
1:01 A.M.

Our hostess for Fun Monday has challenged us with a great one this week. Well, it's great for me anyway! Altho my kids are now adults, I can always chuckle about this particular memory of when Erik was about 5. He was still a toe-head, platinum blond booger with an intense fascination of his LEGO™ set. He'd spend hours and hours building ships, buildings, even more or less science fiction type creatures of his imagination. What he came up with when he finished a certain project, he was always so proud and had to show everyone and ask the same thing...."Do you know what this is"? Okay, so that's NOT the part of the challenge. I'm just getting you primed. Are you ready?
    picture this....

    We all finished with the nightly chores of cleaning up the kitchen, the dinnertime meal has been consumed, the dishes were done and the lights shut off. Enter the living room. We all sat down together for a quiet, peaceful evening, relaxing and having 'family time' before getting the kids ready for bedtime. The television was turned on and Bud switched to National Geographic special. It was all about monkeys this particular evening. Bud and I were on the couch, Irene was in a chair near the table lamp, reading some of her Laura Ingalls Wilder books on the Little House on the Prairie Series. And Erik, our dear little man, was busy, sitting on the floor a few feet from the television. Yep, you guessed it....constructing something from his LEGO™ set.

    Bud and I were sort of listening to the program and still at the same time, talking about our day, and watching our kids. We were the epitome of a typical "Leave it to Beaver" home that night. Quiet and content, and a bit familia-like! The Geographic Special was teaching us all about the monkey species and showing us videoes of such and such when the narrator began talking about the survival instincts. And they kept the subject going about the instincts of the mothers, the adults and them teaching their offspring...when all of a sudden, out of the blue...the little construction kid on the floor comes up with this....keep in mind that the house was quiet except for the tv being Erik is pushing the bricks together, building taller and taller...and not even looking at the TV OR to US....he says almost to himself: "I know what stinks, monkeys stink"!!! It took a few seconds for Bud and me to realize that he was actually listening to the program and the talk about instincts. We held our laughter inside so much it actually ached!!

    Now, today, when the word instinct is mentioned or read, I think of monkeys and Erik. Naturally.

- - -

I'm discontinuing the Day Book issues. Even after about a month...I found that it is just too redundant. It seemed like a good idea at the time.


  1. What a great family story! When ours were little, one sat on a fosa and another liked to picnic in the forest brassieres. Miss those days a lot!

  2. You always make my heart smile, thank you.

  3. Hahaha ! that was cute !!

  4. That was a darling story!

  5. now THAT is the association of a true mom and dad... personal and private to you both.

  6. Good Mornin' Anni,
    I enjoyed the story about your son, Erik. Leave it to a child to come up with somthing go funny to say or do. Our youngest daughter used to be the same way when she was smaller. She would do or say things tht litrally made you fall out of your chair laughing. We always called her our "Little Comedian". LOL. We always told h e she was going to grow up and make Mommy and Daddy rich. LOL. I have aset of those Laura Ingalls Wilder books that was given to my one year for Christmas from my favorite Aunt. I have read those books many a time. I also bought our oldestdaughter a set for Christms a few years back also. I hope your weather is warming up. It's suppose to be up in the 60's here today and in the 70's tomorrow and Wednesday. Take care my friend and have a great day. May GOD Bless you and yours.
    Karen H.

  7. I can totally picture this! Thanks for sharing this adorable story of Erik. Just whe you think your kids are not paying attention, they say something that proves us wrong every time!

  8. monkeys throw poo, too

  9. Hehe! I love when they get parts of larger words. Thank God for the humor they bring into our lives!

  10. Erik made that comment instinctively!!!!

  11. Ha that is cute....but i thought you were heading in a different direction with it!! See once we were all sitting watching a national geo was on monkeys and my daughter, Cece who at the time was around 9 loved monkeys and had recenley got to hold a Lemuar(sp) so we figured she'd love the program and so would our youngest Paboo.. Well lets just say...all the sudden the monkeys are consorting....grizzly is trying to switch the channel my eyes are wide my mind Cece yells there beating the monkey up there beating the monkey up...paboo is looking worried..Grizzley calmly says..I see and thats why iam switching the channel...he switched it and I breathed a sigh of releif!! we haven't watched a monkey program since!!! anywho..that where I thought you were headed!!

  12. It always amazes me how children do not appear to be listening but are taking everything in. This is a classic!

  13. Very cute! But, he was right. they do in-stink!

  14. I just love to read about family time, just goes to show us that kids are listening , when we think they are not.

  15. I love how words can be heard so differently by little ears! Too funny!!!

  16. LOL...instinct! I will associate that work with this story from now on...

  17. Anni,

    This is so cute. I can just see Erik doing that. Brandon is very into Lego, but he doesn't miss a thing and never has. Kids don't miss much. Thanks for sharing this delightful memory.


  18. LOL. Very cute. What a great memory.