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Saturday, January 24th, 2009
12:05 A.M.

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This is a very hurried post and really nothing spectacular for the Photo Hunt theme this week. By the time this is posted on the pre-scheduled option for Blogger, I'll be still snoozing. But at the very early dawn, Bud and I are going to hit the road around 4 or 5 a.m. We're going to Houston for the day to be with Erik.

So, I won't be visiting anyone...and may I say now, that if you stop by here, know that I appreciate your visit.....

The photo is of my left index...where I chipped a fingernail, on the right side right down to the near quick, while I was pulling thread from the new curtains I've been making to give the master bedroom a new window treatment. I'll just let it grow out more and then file away. LOLOLOLOL
That's all I could come up with in a hurry before I shut the computer off for the day!!

Have a wonderful Saturday everyone.


  1. Too funny, Anni! Of course, don't think that I didn't think about doing nearly the same thing - but didn't!:-)

    Have a great weekend, and do stop by later, if you get the chance!

  2. Anni that is going to be so annoying while it grows out. But you did it at just the right time for the theme.

    Have a good and safe trip.

  3. chipped fingernails are awful ! Have a nice weekend !

  4. Enjoy your day dear.

  5. Just wanted you to know that I received the book thong, though I'm tardy in notifying you. It was lovely. And it made a beautiful gift for my daughter. Thanks.

  6. Too funny! Perfect.

    Have a great day with Eric!

  7. damn those nails when they decide to do that!!!! but never mind, you enjoy your trip to houston now!

  8. Anni,

    The chipped nail fits the subject perfectly. You have very nice nails. Breaking to the quick is something I did a couple of weeks ago. Not pleasant.

    Have fun with Erik and take lots of photos. Safe journey, my friend.


  9. Hi Anni, I never thought about chipped nails and I get them often..Have a great day in Houston with Erik.. Hugs, Baba

  10. Oh Sally I am ROFLMAO with your chip picture... It was great... Have a safe trip...


  11. The fingernail works. :) One of those few times it came in handy. LOL Like your new Favicon, too :) Hope your day with Erik was perfect.

  12. Well, Anni, I think that's a nice take for today's theme. It really hurts when a nail breaks down to the quick.

    Have a fun, safe trip to Houston and back again.

  13. That must have hurt.

    Enjoy your day in Houston.

  14. Have a safe trip sweetie! I thought about a chipped nail, but had gotten my nails done and they looked too good for the post! I know youre not getting around to the other Photo Hunts this weekend...but you'll be missed!

  15. Hello Anni,
    I just wanted to let you know that I wear the lavender scarf, all the time, and think of you each time I put it on!
    Thanks so much for it, it's just the prettiest thing, and it makes me feel pretty too!

  16. Ouch! I hate when that happens. Hope you enjoy(ed) the day.

  17. LOL...great 'quick' post!

    Thanks for stopping by my place the other day!

    Looks like you will be playing catch up like I am right now. ;)

    Have a safe trip!

  18. have a great week ahead! safe journeys always =]

  19. OUCH! But hope you had a great day in Houston. Want to thank you for the info that one can select a pre-schedule option in Blogger. I have always thought that it was write now, post now! Learning something new all the time.

    Oh, did I remember to thank you for letting me play the alphabet game and assigning me "P"? I'll let you now when I get that Posted; I've been Pondering it Purposefully. HA!

  20. I loathe a chipped nail! I hope you have a nice getaway!

  21. Ai, chipped fingernails are awful! Still, a great picture for this week´s theme. Have a safe journey and a great weekend!