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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Sunday, January 25th, 2009
5:55 A.M.

Play along with your subconscious; Sunday's Word Association.
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I say ... and you think ... ?

1. Unwanted :: pregnancy [that's the 1st thing that came to my mind!]
2. You’d better :: watch out, you'd better not pout!
3. Woman :: izer
4. Weighed :: in
5. Upright :: piano
6. I feel :: pretty, oh so pretty.
7. Ill :: sick
8. It’s like ::, y'know? [I sound like a Valley Girl!]
9. Poor man :: Rich man...actually it's Rich Man Poor Man [book]
10. Great :: balls of fire!


We're back. We didn't get home 'til early this morning. Neither one of us wanted to stay overnight, so we drove home from Houston just before 10 PM and it takes about 3 hours to drive the distance. And being that it was dark, and neither one of us likes to drive at night, well, you get the picture. LOL You know the scenario...a couple of old geezers driving like we didn't belong on the highway, and all are passing us and flipping us off? Ya, that was the two of us last night. By the time we got home, I just dropped everything on the kitchen counter, fed the cats and fell into bed! Clothes and all.

It was a good day. We had breakfast when we got there, and then when the art gallery opened, I believe it was called William Reaves Art Center, [there are a gazillion art centers and museums in Houston, I had my choice and I liked the sound of 'western Texas artists' ---but the names of all that I had to choose from, I am not sure this is the right name...LOL---besides, I'm still not fully awake]...we perused all the exhibits of the Texan Local artists from the early 1900s up to more modern Texan artists. I think my favorite was Moonlight Caller 'cause it has always been the way I pictured Texas when I was a small girl...the old adobe construction and the Mexican flair before 'civilization' took over the state and you have cities like Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antoinio. LOL All in all the gallery was a great way to spend a Saturday.

We went to a late lunch at Carrabba's Italian...but, I had grilled salmon...DEEEEEElish!!!! We played a newer version of Trivial Pursuit..."The Americana" version, which was something different. I learned something with the brown category when I landed on it...the category PLACES....did y'all know about the lake called
Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg?
Ya, you read that right!! Well, that was one of the questions I got stuck with. And I was supposed to actually KNOW[?] where this was? Ya right...and I can't even remember where I put my eyeglasses from one step to the next? I think not!!

First thing this morning I had to look it all up. By the way, it was --or IS-- in Massachusetts. And today, they call it Lake Webster. Well, dang...if I'da known that was THE lake, I coulda answered Massachusetts! I knew that!!! [insert wink here] But the part of the game that made me...all of us....laugh so hard our sides ached, was where Bud had to pronounce the lake!! You shoulda been there. Why, lordy, I am good at spelling, but....hey...I couldn't even begin to spell it, and I was given the card and tried to spell it--and I was READING it off the card...too funny. You had to be there with us sitting at the table. Trust me. It was a natural high...we laughed and laughed so hard. I'm wondering just why the locals changed the name to Webster?!! hehehehehe

We had pizza delivered while all the chatting was going on in the evening...we waited to get the beer that we consumed with the pizza to get 'peed' out of our system and left late. All in all it was a very fun day. [For Erik, it was to be my February birthday celebration, early]

I received these from him---

A hardcover edition of Ayn Rand's "Fountainhead" and also "Capitalism" by the same author and a pink glass candy dish. It was filled with hard candies, but they disappeared during the game of pursuit! I love the rose lid!!!

I'll be taking a nap today for sure! We got to sleep around 1 a.m. and only four hours of sleep...that is not good for my system. roflmao


  1. I am glad you enjoyed your day sweetie, love you.

  2. Good Morning Anni.... Sounds like you had a splendid day... And I am happy you made it home safely. I loved all the gifts you got especially the PINK candy dish. And what fun playing Trivial Pursuit... I love that game. Have a restful Sunday


  3. It sounds like a perfectly delightful day with your son - and well thought out as well.

    The laughter sounds like medicine for the tired soul! That lake name is a lot like the name of the official fish of the Big Island in Hawaii - I'd have to go find DC's souvenir shirt to share it with you!

    There is a light skiff of snow on the roof of the neighbor's house out my window. Kristen will be driving home from a ski place today - praying she'll make it safe and sound! I've had all 4 kids since Friday morning and I'm TARD, as they say in Arkansas - do they say that in Texas, too??

  4. Gday dear Anni Sounds like you had a fun trip. Now Im not even going to try and pronounce that lake.. but lake webster yes...
    Oh Anni I so hate driving at night when I visit my kids in Melbourne 3 hrs drive I always stay over and leave next day in time to get home before dark....

  5. I have heard of #9 a while ago but I have never read it myself. Thanks for visiting my blog. I really hope you had a wonderful weekend :)

  6. nice mutterings. thanks for the vist.

  7. Anni,

    It sounds like you all had a fantastic day. I would have loved the western art and I like playing Trivial Pursuit. I find that it teaches you many new facts that you didn't know and it seems that you learned about that lake. I'm not ever going to try to pronounce or spell it. But you know...the one they call Webster Lake. hehe.

    That candy bowl is exquisite with the rose on top and you now have some good reading material. Looking for reviews.

    Soon, I will be starting Centennial and I am anxious to get into it as well. Thank you once again. It is a treasure that I will cherish.


  8. Sounds like you had a good day. Great mutterings. When I was off the net for 4 months, your blog was most missed! Glad to be back.

  9. Great mutterings! (We matched a bunch.) and welcome back!

  10. Anonymous1/25/2009

    Great mutterings! You always have such great days to tell us about. Love the candy dish, it's beautiful.

  11. If the catogory had been World Places, I would have guessed a lake in old Siam because I recall from The King and I, that the boy was Prince...uh...Chulalonghorn? That has the kind of sound of, you know, that Mass. lake that had everyone ROFL! Think it might be a Jeopardy Question someday?! Category: Famous Lakes of the U.S. Exceeding 10 Syllables.

    Nice early Birthday gifts! Mine is coming up in February, too.

  12. Good day to you Anni
    What a wonderful tour you all had, and what beautiful gift from your Son, I like the candy glass bowl
    very much, what a wonderful son you have to find out both books and bowl and making your day funny.
    I can understand that you must be tired, after all that, but I'm sure, it was all worthe it
    Rest my dear, you both do, and I'll wtite you tomorrow
    "du er den bedste"
    kærlig hilsen'

  13. what a pretty dish! :)
    great mutterings....i only matched on the ill/sick one...i guess we're all pretty loath to be ill ;)

  14. You're just gonna love "The Fountainhead!" Glad you enjoyed yourself, Anni! :)

  15. Sounds like you had a great time. It's been a little chilly the last couple of days, but there is always something to do in Htown!

  16. What fun to do something different!! i remember that your birthday is also in is mine..good people born in that month right???
    I have had a time lately getting around to reading everyone's blogs..I am so so behind!!
    Today Mike and I are celebrating our 45th!! Blows my mind just thinking about that many!!

  17. Sounds like a wonderful outing! I know what you mean about the night driving. We don't enjoy it nearly as much these days. Thanks for welcoming me back.

  18. What a wonderful way to spend the day. Glad you enjoyed the museum, the food and the game, but mostly glad you made it home safely. We old geezers rule!

    No comment on the muttering because I skipped it.

  19. I like your! :)

    Thanks for visiting my UM :)

  20. Always fun to read your mutterings....

  21. Sounds like a wonderful day! I enjoyed your mutterings ... actually THOUGHT of the same answers for #2 and 6 but my fingers had a mind of their own and typed something else. We did agree on piano for upright, sort of. Sorry I'm behind ... I've been watching TENNIS!
    Hugs and blessings,