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Friday, January 23rd, 2009
5:10 A.M.

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My show n tell is a simple, uncluttered one today. But first, before you scroll down to the item I'm showing off, let me give you a bit of history of how I came to have this in my possession.

One of my favorite old west towns in the states is Tombstone, Arizona. When we lived in Tucson, we'd try to go up to Tombstone for lunch at least once a month. The atmosphere in the tourist town of Tombstone was fabulous. Daily, they have mock shoot-outs for its visitors from around the world. The streets are lined with boardwalks, the main street, Allen Street, was more or less quite a lot like it was back in the 1800's with the historic buildings and history. One place in particular, one of my favorites was an establishment called Big Nosed Kate's Saloon. Back in the days of Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday it was The Grand Hotel. Now, the same building is a bar and restaurant, with an original dark walnut bar. The floors are wood slatted, the wall hangings are of the old west decor with nude paintings, lanterns and lots of stuff that makes one feel as if they've stepped back in time.

One time when we had a few too many cool ones with our meal, and it was a cold winter's day, I had a jacket with me that I had taken off and laid on the chair next to me at our table. As we consumed our burger and fries, I accidentally on purpose dropped one of their menus...somehow it slipped ever so gracefully into the opening and hid from view. Hmmmmmm, and somehow, it was in the car when we got back to Tucson in the early evening. Now how did that happen, you wonder?

It's been in our kitchens ever since. Come on over...Kate's is always open, year 'round. Sit a spell, and enjoy the live entertainment of Country Western singers, an old antique, upright piano bar...enjoy the days of yore while dining on a burger, or steak...or perhaps your preference would be authentic Mexican food! Come dine with me, the menu choices are yours.......

The front cover of the menu.
Describing the different parts of the building.
The 'Shaft' is below the ground floor, and it DOES still have a mining shaft that you can visit. Below the restaurant IN THE SHAFT is a small gift shop.

Inside the first page on the left of the menu, you'll be shown the choices of appetizers, the kid's menu, their pizza and sandwiches. I'm sure that by now, the prices have gone up in cost. Hasn't everything?

On the right side on the menu as you open it to view their list of foods prepared, you'll find the Mexican entrees and Combo Plates. Plus more choices for children and a few choices of side orders.

And on the backside of the menu it tells the history of Big Nosed Kate. the first prostitute in Tombstone, Arizona Territory. However, her biggest claim to fame was the fact that she was also Doc Holliday's girlfriend. Kate had saved Holliday from the hangman in Fort Griffin, Texas, by breaking him out of jail. For this, Doc was eternally grateful, and the two traveled the West making money the best they could: Doc with his gambling, and Kate, well, with her, ummmmmm, womanly charms.

I love the history of this town, and I love learning about how women of the old west survived even if their occupation was "shady". Even tho I wouldn't agree with this lifestyle, it's still part of America's history, and you can't turn your back on the fact and pretend it didn't exist and it's still a profession of today. Being a prostitute doesn't make them 'lower' than I am in any way, I'm not better than those women of the times...we're all sisters. More on Big Nosed kate's life HERE


  1. Gday Dear Anni...
    Nice little bit of history on Tombstone.. Hehehe I wondered how you had the Menu.....

  2. you know, i'm visiting places here on your blog i most likely never will get to see in reality. thank you for that!

  3. My *Hs* are up. :)

  4. We went to one of those old western towns, while visiting Ceekay. We even ate rattlesnake and got a certificate saying we did.

  5. Too funny, Anni! I love to watch Gunsmoke and realized after watching it awhile (I was young!) that Miss Kitty was more than a tavern owner!

    I had to do a little addendum to my proposal story - check it out, if you have a second. I'm so glad you enjoyed the interview answers.

    Have a fabulous week-end!

  6. Awesome Anni!
    Thanks for sharing. I didn't see worm on the menu lol. I'm not in Texas but from Georgia.. and hopefully my show 'n tell worm has morphed and taken up residence in sunny Florida for the winter.
    Thanks for stopping by..
    ~Blessed Hugs..

  7. My parents live in AZ. It's got such fun towns to visit; like the old west is still alive.

  8. I would love to visit one day, very interesting! My old home was supposedly built for the sheriff in town as a bit of a bribe for ignoring the the womanly entertainment. It is right downtown in an old logging community filled with history.

  9. Love your "accidently-on-purpose" moment, Anni! :)

    OK've convinced me. Before it gets absurdly "warm" again, I want to take the drive down for lunch. I've never been to Tombstone!

  10. Imagine we have been in Tombstone in the 90th ! whenever it came to something "western" to visit, like old goldmines or ghost towns we did it. Women who imigrated at that time were mostly prostitutes, but look what brave mothers they became !

  11. I've only been in one real-live saloon, and believe it or not, that was in Alice Springs Australia!

    Book signing going on at this weekend if you want to stop by!

  12. What a great find and a fun thing to share with friends. I'll be your guests get a kick out of it. :)

  13. Anni,

    I have always wanted to visit the Old West and Tombstone is on my Destination Wish List.

    This post is awesome. I loved reading about the town and all that it entails and that menu is spectacular. I did it get into your car? ;-)

    I enjoyed learning about Kate and followed your link to learn more about her. I'm sure that many women chose the same life as she did just to survive.

    Enjoyed my visit, as always. Have a great day and remember to take time to relax.


  14. What a neat menu! I've never been out west, but would love to see Arizona too.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. So nice for you say that about your cookbooks, but I do have a few 100 and need to downsize myself.It's too hard to do! I'd have to keep the tried and true ones.

  15. It's probably not the first menu taken, nor will it be the last. Thank you for sharing. Happy Show and Tell Day.

  16. Interesting post. I've always wanted to travel out west. Maybe someday.

  17. Anonymous1/23/2009

    We've only been to Tombstone once. I took several pictures. I'll have to share them some time. The menu is interesting.

  18. I went to Tombstone once and would love to go again. I loved the Rose tree. I should show my piece of silver I bought there. Great memories. Unique menu!!

  19. Hi Anni, I have been to Tombstone once. I just loved it!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Love, Ann

  20. How funny! What a fun story to read!! Thanks for sharing made me laugh and smile!!

  21. Great story of the old west,I would love to visit Tombstone.You have a neat souviner of your visits there.

  22. Great story!!! My mother used to have the same problem, particular itms from hotel rooms and sometimes restaurants would follow her home too..LOL!!
    Thanks so much for dropping by my blog.
    Have a great week.

  23. Wonderful story

    I have a few menus that I have accidentally acquired LOL

    Thanks for visiting me

  24. Fun story, don't you always remember those favorite places too, with or without a menu, tee hee. I know I do.
    Our family still trying to find out if we are related to Doc Holliday, relative doing DNA tests etc. Our Holliday was at one point changed to Holady.

  25. Great story!! When I lived in Tucson we visited Tombstone several times, and I know the story of Big Nosed Kate and Doc Holliday and, as I recall, one could stand at the same window that she stood at, looking out at the OK Corral and what happened there. Love that kind of history, standing in the same footsteps.

    Speaking of Kate's profession, there was a theatre show there one was outdoors in a round ring with bleachers. Some of it was funny, but they also did a skit about a recently widowed woman who had no money and no one to take her in...except the ladies of the night, who became like her "sisters". It was the only way she could survive without any education. Very interesting.

    BTW, the statue of limitations on a accidentally found menu is 5 are you safe to display it now??!! LOL

  26. Great show & tell Anni.... You made me want to go there so next summer when we head out west I will be stopping off and eating at one of your favorite places...
    Have a good weekend


  27. Hi Anni,

    Sounds like an interesting place to visit. I thought Ed and I had been there, but I'm not sure it is the same place. The place I'm thinking of had an old, old graveyard there. I'm talking about 1700 or 1800's graveyard. I must be thinking of another place.

    Now you got me wondering how that menu got in your car. Wait!!! I think I've figured it out.

    Have a good weekend, Anni

  28. Looks like a fun town, and the items offered on the menu sound really good!


  29. I would soooo love to visit this place! I've always been a big fan of westerns and its history. So, things slip in your purse without you knowing too, eh? hehe It's no wonder you wanted that menu, it's terrific! I went to the link to read more about Big Nosed Kate...hey, the city had a license for it so it was legal! lol I love what they say about these women choosing survival and being proud, rugged and independent. In those days, when you had no choice but those to make, you can't blame them for turning to that profession. I did cringe, though, when I read "Big Matilda...300 lbs of Black Passion"! lol xoxo

  30. I would love to visit Tombstone. I just love history. Thanks for sharing this.

  31. I have been to Tombstone too..My brother lives in Sun City West, Arizona. I remember we had a great has been a long time. I got involved in one of their cowboy skits in the street when we went.
    Yes, I know that you are always there to help me and believe me I thank you..i just WANT to learn...

  32. Fun!!! Reading your post brings back memories of when I visited Tombstone years ago ...
    Hugs and blessings,

  33. I've never been out west. We would like to some day. How you describe it makes it very appealing:)

    Linda C

  34. That is too funny. Now from my *H* list I'll have to chastize you a little you know all that honesty stuff I wrote. :) Wonderful post. I love Tombstone too. Robert and I visited there several times while his folks lived in Tucson. We have great pictures of the kids with the gunslingers.

  35. Anonymous1/23/2009

    What a great find that menu was.

  36. Anonymous1/23/2009

    What a great find that menu was.

  37. Anonymous1/23/2009

    Interesting history for Show & Tell today.

  38. How cool! thanks for sharing today:)

  39. We took the family there a few years ago. It was fun to watch the shows.

  40. A very interesting show & tell.
    Mama Bear