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Tuesday, December 2nd
4:45 A.M.

Join Here This week's theme/prompt is: HEADS - Shine

- - -

There is the sunshine of my life. She is something that will always shine in my eyes. In fact, when she was saddened by something, anything in your younger days, I used to sing to her:
You are my sunshine
My only sunshine
You make me happy
when skies are gray
You never know dear
how much I love you
Please don't take my sunshine away.

She'd always smile and feel better and run to hug me. Now, today, she sings the very same song to her boys. And every time I hear it I think of Irene. This is a photo of Irene shortly after her divorce from her abusive hubby. I so wanted to be there in person to sing "you are my sunshine" right then!!! She looks so lonely and sad.

- - -

Along the same token with Irene, her first born has a personality that shines. If you're in a bad mood, just take it for granted that this grandson of mine will make your whole world shine. It shines for him all the time! I will tell you a short story that I personally think is true. It's my belief. And I've never told this to anyone; always keeping it to myself. You see when he had his open heart surgery and he is still with us today....after about a 12 hour operation and he being in intensive care for months, I was talking, in the hallway, with his surgeon and pediatrician while the kids were in there with him so they could have some alone time with him. I found out that Clint had died on the operating table twice and they revived him twice [of course]...but the thing is, I think he had an experience some how...he has always been and will always be 'with God' in his daily routine. At the time, our daughter and son in law never went to church, yet Clint always seemed to have an aura about him ---not visible, just in his actions and his demeanor. Well, when Irene was beaten and she finally took the kids and herself to a safe house, then the dirty divorce, etc. etc. etc.----Irene starting taking the boys to church. To make this long story a bit condensed, Clint had a way about him with the congregation. He'd flat out tell people they will be happy one day...or don't be sad, He's above us. Things like that. The preacher was astounded with his acute sense of God. He has become a spokesperson for the people attending. His favorite hymn is "Here I am to Worship". When he sings it...he SHINES!!! [and the congregation, so I'm told, always applauds him and gives him a standing ovation]. I just plainly and simply think that Clint's connection with the man above us is supreme. That's all. He has drawn so many around him and makes people in awe. This is Clint with a microphone, singing 'his' hymn!

Of course there is Bud, Erik and Dillon. I can't leave those other three guys that are part of my life from this post...they too shine in my eyes!!

- - -

Associating the word 'shine' with me, personally, would be a realm of different things. I love how sun shines on the water and the movement of the currents make it look so sparkly like crystals in the light. Here in this photo are a few ducks on a city pond within a small park. Water reflecting the sunshine just makes me instantly in a good mood!! Or a coin that shines, perhaps a clean new car right off the assembly line, or the drops of rain falling from the roof after the sun peeks out...another prism of colors, diamonds, many many things. OH! And the Christmas tree [it's artificial, so it comes up early in the season and stays 'til Christmas is over] how it shines and glistens in the room when the sun filters through the blinds. I'm done decorating it...


  1. Anonymous12/01/2008

    What an uplifting post, Anni. I love the story about Clint. Sounds like he has a real connection with God. I love shiny sparkly things too. I just commented to Hubby as I was passing by our decorated Christmas tree that it looks much prettier at night. Everything shines and glistens.
    Have a great week.

  2. I love your Sunshine! Your grandson sounds very special. I glad your daughter got him out of that situation. I love the sun shine on our ponds, I love when it rains and the sun comes out and shines on the drop of water on the tree branches, Today the sunshine came on the sleet we had and it was beautiful. Anni you have been my sunshine too.

  3. Oh, Annie, come read my post. The light I tried to write about it the exact light Clint has shining through him. I got shivers reading this.

    Thanks for the info also -- I just haven't had time to do anything different yet. Maybe this weekend.

  4. That is a really nice story about your grandson...It really makes you wonder if he had a spiritual experience during his surgery, etc. What a blessing!

    I passed a short Meme on to you on my blog. If you are interested...


  5. This was such a beautiful post, love you.

  6. Hi Anni--I remember your writing about Clint's ordeal and recovery in an earlier post. I know you're so thankful to have him every day--and also to know that your daughter is in a safer, better place. I'm sure parents must really mourn when their child is caught in an abusive relationship.

    Thanks for stopping by my place to look for a Fun Monday post--I was late writing it. It's finally up and about border collies if you have time to check back.

    Love your Christmas template.

  7. you certainly are shining today. you have lovely memories.

  8. A great post. I'm a great believer that if we can come through adversity, we are better off because of it. We do, indeed, shine.

  9. I'm singing the song now. I love it. I suddenly miss my mom.

  10. Anni,

    I was honored to meet Clint. I've heard so much about him and now I know even more. I'm so glad that Irene was able to get out of her abusive marriage.

    I didn't realize that your Clint had had open heart surgery. I can see how his light shines even in the photograph.

    Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful "men" with us today, as well as the other things that shine. I absolutely LOVE your Christmas tree. Like mine, there are lots of red bows.

    Your award looks lovely at the top of your sidebar. I'm glad you are enjoying it.

    Take care, Anni and have a beautiful day.


  11. This is a beautiful post. Your grandson must be such a blessing to everyone. He must touch the hearts of many with his kindness and love for others.

  12. That story about Clint doesn't surprise me a bit! I'm sure you're right -- he KNOWS what's to come! I wish I could go to his church and hear him sing!

    We have a young man at our church who is similar. He's not Down's - but he had a horrible accident when he was very young and though he is now 22 years old, he will never have a mentality above about 10 years old. But spiritually? Spiritually he is miles above us all! And it's sO much fun to watch because he can NOT contain his love for our Lord! Like Clint, he just GLOWS with it! GREAT share Anni!

  13. My grandfather used to sing You Are My Sunshine to me when I was a kid.

    Nice post - sounds like you're family is lucky to have you.

  14. What a touching story.

  15. There a lot little tunes that makes one life more joyful.
    One I like is "This little light of mine is going to shine"

    Coffee is on.

  16. Anonymous12/02/2008

    My dad sang song that to me. I didn't know him for 20 years.
    I sang that song to my children. My sunshine was taken away. I'm waiting for the day the clouds are gone & my sunshine comes back.
    Happy Tuesday! :)

  17. Oh, they are, aren't they? The children, grand children, great grands - they are, indeed, the shine of life! Excellent.

  18. Anni Dear
    What a beautiful and touching story about your grandson, he is truly blessed, he could very well have"met" something when "near-dead" we can never know or understand, and my belive is, that we shall not.
    Clint, obviously do have the ability to
    "split the sky into two and let the face of God shine through"

    Thank you for sharing, and God bless Clint's soul.

  19. Hello dear Anni:-)

    I so enjoyed learning about Clint and reading your words, I truly believe, like you, that he has a special connection with God because of what he went through while having open heart surgery. I've heard about that happening before and I believe in it so much. You are so blessed to have such a grandson in your life, may hi light always be shining bright:-) As for your daughter, she got her life back the day she left that abusive marriage!!! Good for her!

    I so love your Christmas tree, it's beautiful and it made me smile to see that you also put tinsel on yours. So many people tell me that it's not the style anymore and hasn't been for years...I don't care, every year my tree gets lots of tinsel:-) xoxo

  20. What a wonderful story! It sounds like God has a purpose for Clint and he seems to be taking to it. And how inspiring that his mom was able to get out of that relationship!
    Your tree is beautiful - I love all of the red!

  21. You certainly know how to make the most of a 'theme' like this! Everything is wonderful, just like you.
    Hugs and blessings,

  22. Anonymous12/02/2008

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  23. Anonymous12/02/2008

    I loved your Shine post. It reminds me of three of the people closest to my heart. My dad sang "You Are My Sunshine" to my mom at least once a week from the time I can remember. Hearing that song (or reading the title) brings back so many memories. Also, my husband broke his neck and during one of the surgeries he needed he had a near death experience. I too believe he "shines". Thank God they both survived.

  24. Your holiday themed blog is delightful to look at. Your entries are really good, and your graphics are something else. Very talented gal you are!

  25. Your grandson sounds like a wonderful young man! What a blessing.

  26. I used to sing that little song to the sunshine of my eyes, too, when he was little. Those are the first English words he heard.
    Enjoyed reading your post.
    Lovely, Anni!

  27. What a wonderful post! Thank you for sharing this with us :) I also enjoy my visits to your blog Anni!

  28. What a beautiful post!
    Your daughter and grandson are lovely and the story you told, beautiful. They are blessed to have a Mother and Grandmother who values them and loves them so.

  29. What a lovely "shine" post. :-)

  30. Oh Anni.. what a touching and inspirational post.

    I know exactly what you mean about the aura, too. My oldest grandson has it and I've always had the hardest time explaining it to those who never met him. (He's the 6 year old I wrote you about not too long ago.)