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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Bee Dancer is our hostess for Fun Monday. Her request is to:
    Tell me how you got started or why you got started and why you keep it up. Plus there's a photo requirement: Post a picture of the one person/place/thing that most symbolizes the town or area where you live.

Well, first, I'm happy that you have decided to host. Thanks! And tho you may be 'new to blogging'...and even if we have done this [I really don't know, myself, as I'm still learning what has gone on with Fun Monday too. Kinda sorta] But anyway, even tho it may have been a Fun Monday before, there are always newbies and it's good to have these kinds of assignments come our way. So, I feel privileged to be part of it this week.

An online friend in Texas [P J - at No Deep Thoughts], was describing what she does. Blogging. And it was mainly about what her life was like at any given day. I got hooked with visiting her and then she started a cat blog of her furbabies. It was hilarious and so enjoyable. Well, I got t'thinking that this may be something I'd like to do also. I set up my personal blog ---all about memories. But, to be honest, it became a drag. I wanted something more fun --a little bit of humor, a little bit of crafting, maybe a movie review now and then...more on the steps of our own front door...more of a personal blog. I started out by designing a humorous layout with an old couple driving into the cactus gulch [above graphic] only to come upon an old 'ratty' shanty...this was Hootin' Anni's domain. And from find me HERE. It's been a joy of my days meeting so many wonderful people. Some in person, some still online friends that I hope to meet one day....

Now the 2nd part of the assignment. "One person/place/or thing that symbolizes where I live"....Hmmmm, the most prominent thing would be the Gulf of Mexico. From November to April we have visitors from all over the world. [Not to mention one of the largest Spring Break Beach Parties in the coastal area ---college students that are here, partying and the beaches are 'butt to butt' covered with the students!] The winters are very mild, the sea is inviting and the natural uncluttered beauty of the famous Padre Island Sand Barrier that stretches from Brownsville, Texas to just north-east of Corpus Christi. In kilometers, it's over 185 --in miles, that's just a little over 114 miles long. It's the largest 'chain' of islands all divided into three sections...the south [South Padre Island near Brownsville and Old Mexico] to the Central [being mainly National Park Property --keeping it pristine and uninhabited mainly --The National Seashore] and then, of course, North Padre Island reaching to the north of my city.

There are reportedly 350 water fowl seen in our area, where the islands provide a nursing ground for fledglings. 600 different plants and flowers cover the barrier. Padre Island National Seashore is a protected area where it's a world wide known facility for the most endangered sea turtle...the Kemp's Ridley Turtle. Each year you can go through the early month of June [I believe] to witness releasing of hatchlings into the Gulf. It's a phenomenal sight to see!!

Also, Corpus Christi is the 6th largest Seaport in the United States. Many many oil tankers and such come into our area from foreign countries. We are also home of a 'farm team' for the Houston Astros. Hunter Pence, last year's Rookie of the Year played here in our ballpark.

Corpus Christi is also home of the Southern States' What-a-burger Chain of fast food restaurants. 1950 was the beginning, still around today. It continues to be a great commodity and a booming resaturant. I happen to have a photo of the very 1st What a Burger that has been 'stored' for display at one of the modern restaurants here in town...

Trust me, if you've never had a 'What-a-burger' you can't say anyting about them, they're the BEST! For fast food anyway.

Today's version of restaurant.


  1. I really enjoyed this post sweetie, love you.

  2. thank you. that was a delightful read this monday just past noon...

  3. Hahahaha... we eat at What-a-Burger at least three times a week. My son loves the pictures inside the restaurant of the old ones - there's a picture of the original right above his favored booth.

  4. What -a-burger? Never heard of it! Sounds good, though! Love the sea and the mild winters. We have had snow flurries already this year!

  5. That's neat of how you got started. My story is similar to Karisma's. Love your view and stories of where I live.
    Hope you have a Beautiful day!

  6. Hi Annie,
    I'm glad you started blogging. In my mind, you are kind of the glue that holds this little Fun Monday group together! You always comment and you always have a great post to read. I remember Whataburgers! We lived in Houston for a year - they are the best!

  7. Enjoyed reading about how you got started and where you are now with your blogging.

    I love the beach and I've been all up and down the east coast, been to California's coast. Now I need to visit your coast! Have to get me a What-a-burger while I'm there, too!

    Always enjoy visiting your blog.


  8. Seems we all start blogging and go down the same path. Agree with you Anni, my day to day is just not that interesting--or I'm not willing to share. People do like humor and a good story, plus exciting webpages. Your blog fits all those categories. I became interested in Fun Mondays when you hosted it over a year ago. I read your "Simon Says" challenge on Three Dog Blog where we got to see people's blogging spaces and the Peter at Holtie's House helped me get connected. The rest is history. So now every week I get to talk with nice people like you!

    I'd love to see those turtle hatchlings being released. There was a scene in a novel around that experience. Do you remember?

  9. What? you didn't put up Selena's grave? I thought that was the only reason to visit Corpus! (That, or the snow cone stand on Shoreline Drive).
    Interesting to get the whole story. Love it!

  10. Min? Now YOUR comment cracks me up. To the 'natives' - the Tejanos may think that's the ONLY thing in Corpus. LOL [sorry, but you're right on in that little aspect.] That made me LOL


  11. Love. Love. Love What-a-Burger ! I don't think there are any around Grand Junction, so I may just have to plan a trip to your part of the woods to have one. They are lovely !
    As is Padre Island...went there about 100 years ago and loved every minute of it.

  12. What a fantastic area you live in Anni!

  13. How wonderful you could still go to the beach... Anni, on the 4th around 10 PM EST I'll have a post up "Obama Wins!" linking to Dianne at Forks Off the Moment. She'll be posting live all day...

  14. Anni,

    Fun Monday at your place is so much... well, FUN. This is a great post.

    Love your original blog header.. the old couple in the car and your little shantly. So quaint.

    Now the What a Burger sounds delicious and I love the original restored restaurant. There used to be a burger joint not far from here that looked very similar. It sold the best bacon burgers in the world when I was young. It was called the Country Kitchen and it was had the best food.

    Take care, Anni and thanks for a fun morning. I enjoyed my visit.


    The second part was informative and fun. I just HAVE to get down there for a visit. I would love to see the National Park and all the islands. I love the ocean and that would be awesome.

  15. Hi, Anni, I loved reading about you, love the car, and I love What A Burger, In our early 20's when we went to Florida, we would always eat there, it was great and cheap. Wish we had them in Mississippi.

  16. And I've been here since the beginning! Cuz I remember those folks in the car that you used for your design!

  17. First off, I'm sorry I didn't get you on the F.M. list when i should. iwas away from the computer all weekend, so was making the editions at a bleary 5 AM. Aceept my apology.

    I enjoyed your contribution and especially liked the 'dillo in your graphic...We've got a lot of them here and i find them endlessly entertaining.

    Your photos are great, but I have to disagree...5 Guys is a superior burger to What-A-Burger...W.A.B. is pretty darn good, but 5 Guys is the best.

  18. BTW, if I could type I'd be dangerous.

  19. Bee Dancer? Yes, I had stopped on a street in my college's hometown once and had a 5 Guys there...just a few years ago while attending a CSU reunion. It's good, but we don't have them here in our city. So, Whataburger has to be the best for now :0)


  20. Great post, Anni! I'm really enjoying visiting everyone and seeing where they live :-) (I'm not nosy, oh nooo.) And thanks for visiting me too! The Gulf of Mexico looks beautiful. I visited Corpus Christi when I was a little kid and I remember being amazed at the beautiful beaches. It must not have been spring break time, because I could actually SEE the beach. Thanks again for the great post!

  21. How fun to learn how you got started ... then how things evolved for you to what we know and love of Hootin' Anni's blog. Did you mention how long you've been at this? My memory isn't what it used to be I'm afraid ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  22. Thanks for showing us a part of your world!! I have always loved blogging. Nice to see how you started.
    I am so pooped anymore that I can only get a few things done in a days time.
    I am on my 3rd B-12 injection and it is not even beginning to help. Doctor said that it is going to take time...Hm!! Guess I need to wait more patiently!!

  23. I bet those original burgers tasted far better than what we get these days! Everytime someone starts up a franchise the food goes to crap! Everything is "fresh frozen" as opposed to fresh!

  24. I love your graphics! Blogging is fun!

  25. Never been there but would love to...when the spring breakers aren't.

  26. Thanks for the history lesson on Corpus Christi, will have to come visit this great city. Love your graphics. Keep on blogging.

  27. Alway a fun stop at Anni's. Enjoyed the history of your blog and the Corpus area. I frequent the What-A-Burger here in Bay City quite often, but I usually get the chicken strips with gravy and fries. Now that is my kind of meal and their's are the best. :)

  28. "I didn't know why you started to blog, but now I want to know where you learned to do these wonderful webdesigns ?? I am already so proud of what I learned all by myself with the html language. Imagine that my "DIL" is Webdesigner but never offered me to help ! anyway I want to learn it too.
    About Corpus Christi I read on the net, I wanted to know exactly where you live ! "

  29. Anni I have always loved all your graphics. Your blog is always great fun to visit.

  30. What-a-burger seems an interesting place to eat :)

  31. Great post! Never even heard of What-a-burger! Guess I'm really missing something. Our favorite is White Castle. We have to travel to Ohio to get them fresh.