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Tuesday's Heads or Tails prompt is "GUARD". November 4th, being America's election day, I stand on a tall podium and am voicing my right to opinions and freedom of speech, GUARDing my thoughts and ideals ---GUARDing my inalieanble rights to freedom of the land on which I live, on freedom of living the American Dream.

It's a LONG, very long, winded speech as I stand proud and clear minded. It all follows. Be prepared to stay a while, or tho I feel saddened that you're leaving because of my political stand, rest assured I feel that my words in MY BLOG are worthy of my personal views. I don't expect anyone to agree with my point of view, nor am I trying to have a heated debate issue. I'm not after anything of the sort. If you disagree, fine....and I'll state right here, right now -- refrain from leaving hate remarks in the comments...I WILL DELETE!!! My post is MY point, my GUARDed opinion and very personal.....

!!!I'm in BLUE ---for everything Tuesday!!!
The Blue party ---The American Democrats

My favorite Quote from the Campaign Trail:
"What the naysayers don't understand is that this election has never been about me. It's been about you."
~~Senator Obama

Well, Tuesday is the day of a new dawn....and praying a new beginning for a stronger USofA!! There has been a 'meme' going on around the blog land of ours. I happen to see it at RJFlamingo's the other day and I wanted to say, along with her and many others, it's not a state of sadness. On the contrary!!! Not in this country. Blue is the color of PRIDE! Being blue is of the Democratic party. If you're American, and you haven't voted yet...Go out. Stand in line ---your vote is worth it. Vote for a CHANGE. Get the Republicans out of the White House. Vote for the new commander in chief...Barack Obama!!! That is my strong opinion!! Ever since the beginning! I've gone to campaign rallies for months and I feel an urgent need to get this country back on its feet with a stronger foundation than what we've had for nearly a decade. A decline in the confidence and stability of a great nation. There is a need to rebuild our shattered country that the Republican Party is leaving behind for us as their legacy. One that we need to vote OUT of office by choosing the right man....The Honorable Barack Obama!!

Facts and statements I've heard during the campaigns:

I've heard so many times, over and over again around our area that people actually think that Barack Obama is NOT an American born citizen....Here's his birth certificate.

Also, the stipulation of Obama NOT being baptized. Ummmmmm, people! Religion is NOT an issue here for me, it's who is BEST for making our country a stronger nation and once again respected as it was before, across the world ---the hate and distrust I've seen since 9/11 in 'our own backyard' is disheartening --lack of respect for our OWN people, who cares if one neighbor is black, or white, or Christian, or Jewish, or Muslim, or doesn't practice ANY religion...people are good, not matter WHAT they believe...there are people who are NOT so good in ANY religious sect also....believe it or not there HAVE been atheists running our country as Commander in Chief throughout our history. Jefferson for one. In the ancient times and modern times of the world, religion has been a factor over so many deaths...a crucifix comes to mind. Now, look at the death tolls from wars vs. religion...I could go on and on on this subject, but it's not the case in point today.

Then, there is the fact of the "Not wearing a USA flag pin on a lapel!" Get real!!! Is that truly an issue here? Does this actually account for being a PATRIOT? Have you all noticed that McCain doesn't wear one? Either man, without a lapel pin of the flag....does this make either one less of a patriot? So many, MANY issues I've seen and heard; so many darned trivial issues, it makes my gut ache!! The thing to do is DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.

- - -


1] I lived in Arizona for a dozen years. I didn't like him as a politician then, and I still don't. My best word to describe the man as a Senator --then, and now, would be 'wishy-washy'!

2] He so many times has come across as weak in willpower, yet he has an unknown temper [for many people across the world] that I fear. Many many times in Washington he as thrown 'tantrums' and even the majority of Washington in Congress doesn't like him. Not because he's a maverick as he likes to call himself, it's for the fact he makes poor choices for most. Does that say something to you? He wants America to continue with the war in Iraq. Why? Is there a purpose that we need to be there? At the cost of BILLIONS of dollars that we have doled out as taxpayers, to keep the troops there? Does this sound familiar to Viet Nam? Not to mention the lives that were wasted and are wasted, daily? Is it because of the mess that was started in Bush's administration? Or perhaps he wants to continue with the exorbitant actions to save face? Save face for what? To show the world just how insipid and wasteful we are as a government? For nearly a decade I've seen the fall and decline of our government in the view of other foreign countries. What were our allies at the beginning of the Republican [NOT just Bush or McCain, but Republican in general] government, and today? many around the world hate us instead of revere us as a powerful country. We've weakened in the eyes of many of our own citizens, not to mention world wide countries. During the campaigning the last several months, many-a-time I've heard the question arise from the Republicans: "Obama is not experienced". Ummmmm, in my humble opinion, NO ONE is experienced to be commander in chief if they've never been. That is like comparing apples to oranges. You don't have the experience at a new job until you've worked there for a while! Give me a break! [Not to mention Sarah Palin! She has proven HERSELF that she would not know diddly squat on how to run the American government without being prompted with a script! She's just, as she stated, a hockey mom. Nothing else. It's been brought up that she has 'ripped' into abusing her authority in the state of Alaska, the RNC has allowed a budget for clothing and her CHILDREN? Ummmmm, is this fair? While so many Americans can barely afford food on the table at night? Is this what the RNC does with the registered Republicans' donations to the GOP? I think that stinks! Truly stinks!! Unfair to the taxpayers and the Republican Party. What would she do to our citizens if, by chance that McCain would die in office? And SHE would be our commander in chief? Scary thought for me. Very scary to even visualize. It chills my bones. During her rallies, she is quoted as saying "It's nice to be among REAL Americans." Just what are all those that are not at the rallies? Democrats, mind you? Are we FALSE Americans?

And, another thing lately that is bothering me about this man, McCain...he claims that he's NOT Bush [which he isn't] but yet his speeches and his policies mimic the same thing that we Americans have suffered through the seven years of this last eight-year administration! AND! Voted nine times out of ten FOR Bush's policies?

Thinking of this new homeland security lie ---I don't feel it. I feel we are no more safe today than we were in 2001. Still, Bush has breached our privacy....AND McCain proclaims to continue. McCain's promises lately are: "I will WIN the war, I know how to win, my friends, I've been there." I say: Firstly, is war the only just means of making our country safe? Have you looked around the cities Mr. McCain? Do you even comprehend the state of being of your own neighborhood, the cities in which comprise America? Just because you're a war hero doesn't make you fit for presidency.

Another of his speeches' stand is tax cuts....they seem to me the same as the Bush administration. Granted I don't have to worry on this, but the issue is in every Republican presidency, the rich get richer and the poor or middle class go deeper in debt, because of the capitalistic Republican party --does deregulation ring a bell? Not to overlook the economy of our country and what the effect of the markets around the world are in now, because of it.

I LOVE the fact that Obama continues to say "WE" not "I" like McCain -being the 'we' are the WHOLE country, and 'I' is John! Obama also says "Main Street"...being that USA is all American. McCain stated in one debate, referring to the plumber..."You're rich, congratulations". He's probably said that to all his Republican co-horts on Capitol Hill also. The middle class or the poor, be damned.

Have y'all read what McCain's military LIES record was like?

3] Headlines show: "McCain Flew on the Edge in the Navy". [1960] Believe it or not, his FIRST crash [among MANY] was in Corpus Christi! He wrote in his autobiography that the engine quit....Navy investigations show differently. He wasn't paying attention and used a power setting too low. Crashing into the Gulf. Navy Officials repeatedly shows they questioned his flying skills and judgment. His 'most serious lapse' was over Southern Spain. McCain was 'clowning around' in a Skyraider flying into electrical wires. Causing a blackout over Spain. [1961]

In 1965 he crashed a T-2 Trainer in Virginia. Other 'accidents' are on the United States Naval Records. Yet, he never brings this up when's always his 5 1/2 years in Viet Nam. In the '60s, actions that he showed then would NOT be tolerated in today's Navy. His lapse in judgment would end his career as a Navy pilot. Perhaps McCain, being a grandson and son of Naval Admirals swayed exemption of reprimanding him? I don't know...thing is, the GOP campaign refused to divulge any of this information to the public. Yet, it IS public record...look it research.

Others, of the same era, and some of the same squadron dubbed McCain 'flat-hatter' meaning in civil terms "showoff".

In 1965, a crash where he supposedly tells in his autobiography that -'flying to Philadelphia', but he reported, in the record, that he was flying to Virginia!! He flew a USN plane to see an Army-Navy game...and crashed...taxpayers expense once again. Yet, of the same mentioned crash, his report and the Navy's investigation, show so differently...USN's investigation showed nothing wrong with the plane...yet, as he stated 'the engine quit' in his records.

In Viet Nam his plane was equipped with SAM alarms which means that the pilot can maneuver, avoiding missiles. Hmmmmm. On the other hand, he may again be a 'war hero'...but his prior judgment and actions -during his Navy stint AND now, today- along with his infamous maverick attitude in Congress does not make him qualify as a leader or a nation in my opinion.

- - -

URBAN LEGEND PROOF Found online about what David Letterman wrote [it's a proven hoax, people!!] this past month... and tho it's interesting, it brings up other questions. Questions about why so many people agree to disagree on certain subjects of why America is 'great in the minds of its citizens and those wanting to come to our country'. There was one statement he [FALSELY] wrote, and only one, that I would totally agree with, tho it's still from an online 'urban legend' and that is "Don't rely on the media for news!" Sure, it helps put doubts and questions in your mind...but!!! I say, check out the records...they're public records and you can do RESEARCH before making an all important decision such as voting!!!

Now, anyone that watches the David Letterman show would KNOW this is falsely written to begin with, but it still brings to mind some rebuttal issues:

He supposedly wrote: Is it that we have electricity and running water 24 hours a day, 7 Days a week? --I say: What about the homeless? Or the ones that have been laid off work because of the Republican economy? Do they have electricity? Or food? Or shelter? It's not because of those that have no desire to work and panhandle on the's about those who no longer have jobs because of the state of economy!!

Is our unhappiness the result of having air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter? I say: Not ALL people have these luxuries! Look around. Listen to the people, write editorials, talk to the poor who have nothing because of the state in which our 'rich' country treats its own people! If you HAVE the privilege of summer cooling and winter heating --a great majority couldn't afford to have it repaired if it stopped working! Learn how many die in the summer heat or the winter cold for reasons such as not having a job/money/income/assistance.

Could it be that 95.4 percent of these unhappy folks have a job? I say: Is their job and income efficient and enough to pay the exorbitant cost of living? While the government spends our money on the wrong war? Or feeds the rich with higher wages or corruption in corporate offices [remember the trillion dollar bail-out?]. Refer to those who have to have two jobs with BOTH parents working to make ends meet!! Do foreclosures come to mind?

Maybe it is the ability to drive our cars and trucks from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean without having to present identification papers as we move through each state. I say: Have you traveled by car from one state line to the next? On the interstate when I've traveled, how many 'in state' autos are pulled over by patrol cars? They're mostly from 'out of state'. Also, I've seen and witnessed plain ordinary citizens of this country that are of minorities being pulled over and beaten for no reason, other than they're different!!!

Or possibly the hundreds of clean and safe motels we would find along the way that can provide temporary shelter? I say: Give me a break! The ones that the minority can afford for shelter are NOT clean, nor are they safe!! Ones that ARE safe and clean are above the travel budgets for many!! The ones that are more 'affordable' are crack houses and prostitute hang-outs. It's safer sleeping under the stars!!

Or could it be that when we wreck our car, emergency workers show up and provide services to help all and even send a helicopter to take you to the hospital. I say: Ummmmm, I've had emergency services before...many times. Our grandson has also...One in particular was a helicopter to the Children's hospital to save his life when his heart failed and our daughter brought him back with CPR....the cost? Let me just say, nearly ONE MILLION dollars before it was over. Insurance coverage? Some...but the CEOs decided differently. Complaining? Yes. Still today. Remember Katrina? Ike? Dolly? Even farther in history...Andrew, Carol, and other national emergencies? FEMA come to mind? Oh and by the way, if you DO have a wreck...the insurance premiums go up to the point you either have to do away with most of your coverage, just to afford it again. It's all about 'big bucks' and profits with the Republican Party.

Perhaps you are one of the 70 percent of Americans who own a home. I say: For the last year or more it's become almost impossible to HANG ON To YOUR Possession!! Foreclosures, banks going under...bankruptcy filings to an all time high!! That 70% may be the privileged ones, but my estimation is HALF of that 70% is struggling to pay the mortgage or heat their home, or make necessary repairs! Go to the 'poor side of your town' and take a sad look at the disrepair of their one and only possession. Or look at your neighbor who just lost their jobs because of the Bush Administration and deregulation...their homes will be having a 'for sale' sign, or will be repossessed by a loan company. Or sadly they'll just LEAVE and not come back.

Or if, while at home watching one of your many flat screen TVs, a burglar or prowler intrudes, an officer equipped with a gun and a bullet-proof vest will come to defend you and your family against attack or loss. I say: I'm laughing, period! I have a right to bear arms! If the intruder comes to my home...I'll shoot on sight! We DO have an alarm system in our home. Yes, I'm one of those guys, if you look at it from that perspective. But wait....we DID have a break in. And the alarm went off! The call from the alarm company didn't come 'til after 15 minutes!!! WE ended up calling the police! The patrol car showed up late!! Ummmm, scary to think our tax dollars protect us in time of need?!! It depends on how 'lucky or unlucky you are'.

How about the complete religious, social and political freedoms we enjoy that are the envy of everyone in the world? I say: Issues like pro-life/pro-choice, Muslim, anti-American candidates? Not to mention "paling around with terrorists" slogan used by Ms. Palin against Obama? Ya...WE DO have these freedoms, and they should not be in rallies. Rallies should consist of what the candidate will do for the American people...not incite riotous actions of the followers...that is NOT leading a country!! Oh and by the way? If, as stated in the constitution, the government should not control religious freedoms and social freedoms...why then is there an issue with abortion rights and religion in the schools and government offices? If we should be so bold to say this to our countrymen who 'lead' us ---IF! there is a stipulation that we should not be controlled by religious beliefs then....why not have Congress open year 'round? OR! ---Christmas should not be considered a holiday with government closed?!!! Religion and abortion should be a FREEDOM, and individual choice, not governed.

He also was falsely accused of stating: Maybe that is what has 67% of you folks unhappy. Fact is, we are the largest group of ungrateful, spoiled brats the world has ever seen. No wonder the world loves the U.S. , yet has a great disdain for its citizens. They see us for what we are. The most blessed people in the world who do nothing but complain about what we don't have, and what we hate about the country instead of thanking the good Lord we live here. And it's the media's fault. I say: I've heard and read enough to realize that we are NOT the best country to others, that they're happy where they are! This false urban legend statement makes it sound like EVERYONE wants to be Americans!! I don't think so. Look at how many left our country? Because they found out that it isn't all honey and gold. Sure, don't WATCH TV or listen to news or read paper/magazines...just get out and drive around your town or can witness crimes/thefts/poor neighborhoods!!

And lastly the legend states that he asked: So why then the flat-out discontentment in the minds of 69% of Americans? I say: We, as citizens, have been manipulated too long by a corrupt government, the Republican Party. We need to be discontent and disconnect ourselves; for a change in economics. Yes, I'm one privileged fellow citizen that doesn't have to struggle. YET!! Times have been rough and money has been tight throughout our marriage. But we still have comforts. We've not bought things [BIG expenses that is] on a whim, ever. We still live under a roof. Cost of living goes up tho...and yet instead of 'giving to those in need'...the government spends trillions of dollars for a bail-out, and then the CEOs of those companies party to the price tag of thousands upon thousands of those very dollars? We, as a majority, ARE pissed! [My sister is Republican, and she's wholly P O'd with the bail out also, it's not just's Republicans and Independents also on this issue.] We have been treated unfairly! We have been blindsided by corruption. We have been mistreated by our own government. Sure we have the two cars...or the home...or the boat....or the expensive trips....or a filled refrigerator. But we [Bud and I] worked for over 45 years, combined, for that privilege. We also see strife with two parents working to make ends meet. We also see parents saddened because they have to dip into their savings of a child's dream of a better education in years to come ---only because the costs go up and up. Losing jobs, losing homes, trying to pay mortgages, trying to keep food on the table. Trying to replenish costly fuel for their vehicles to even GET to work for their wages. Sure we don't need a lot of luxuries, but we DO NEED the essentials and it's getting harder to come by...we as citizens of a whole nation HAVE [in general...I don't use credit cards ---I don't believe in credit...if you can't pay for it ===in my opinion===, don't buy it!!] seen the American dream go down the drain in recent months...tho it's been building to the climax for nearly a decade. It's a domino effect people.....we have a RIGHT to complain and seem self-centered or spoiled. America. The land of that freedom!!!

- - -

Socialism vs. Capitalism

Many of us, I think, don't realize just what socialism is by the basis of fear shouted to us in recent days, by the Republican Party and what is being chanted against Obama. Capitalism is an economic system based on private ownership of the means of production. Under capitalism, individuals, companies or corporations invest in, own, and share in profits (or losses) of the entities that produce goods, distribute products or provide services. Here again, it's like all the big oil companies & insurance big whigs naming a few, Exxon and AIG, not to mention large banks and other insurance companies that were just bailed out...their means of capitalizing on HUGE profits...greed. Based on the now capitalistic white house administration's deregulation bill and much more. While on the other hand, a social system [socialism] is one which favors collective ownership of the means of economic production and distribution....sharing profits such as Obama has stated regarding the bail-out if he were BACK to the people who's tax money is being spent to save the economy and the greediness of CEOs and the like that Republicans deregulated and multi-billion dollar profits soared! Capitalism is self-centered, individualistic - where socialism is for the people. Has John McCain said anything of the sort? NO!! Oh and by the way, I still say that "Joe the Plumber" was a set up job by the RNC. It's mind boggling that he is now on the podium with McCain and Palin; isn't it? Not often does the microphone follow Obama [or McCain for that matter] AFTER their rally speeches. Hmmmmmmm. Amazing how one camera and microphone happened to be there at the right time when Joe the Plumber asked Obama to explain his tax breaks! AND to top it all off, the Mr. Joe Q. Plumber isn't even a LICENSED plumber and owes back taxes!! The American Dream is to be a citizen and share in the wealth. NOT steal from the poor and give to the rich. We've been ripped off by the's time for a change---

- - -

I've been waiting until February of this year to show these special bottles!! They're special in a way that they're Bud's and they're copyrighted!!! No, he didn't copyright them himself, they're copyrighted by JIM BEAM Whiskey. ©1964!! The one photo shows the bottom of the whiskey bottles [by the way they are empty...been emptied for years! LOL] that they are NOT to be sold or reused under Federal Law Protection. Under James Beam Distilling Company, 1964. These bottles are of American Political Parties, the Donkey [Democrats] and the Elephant [Republicans]. Decorating our home for the day.

One more little cutie for the Election Day---isn't this cute? It's a Pez Dispenser. Donkey, of course!!! I have him opened now, and sitting out of the package, on the hutch.

- - -

Texas Hootin' Anni VOTED Early - Obama



Live Blog on election day found HERE


  1. I'm with you Anni! Happy HOT day and all the best with the election of your new president tomorrow!

  2. I love you my friend.

  3. I think that as Americans we can have our own opinions and I am happy that you have yours!! That is the American way!! I so respect your opinions as I hope you respect mime!! Great post...Tomorrow we will see of course...

  4. Today it's a big day for all Americans ! The once living here in Waterloo and they are quite a big community are all for Obama of course or at least for the Democrates. If you live outside America and you are not influenced by this "circus" of election campain it is not difficult to vote !
    I got the impression when I read blogs, that all these Republican voters are living in the past century and still think that they are alone on the planet !

  5. Here's a cute little article I just read:

    "DIXVILLE NOTCH, N.H. – Barack Obama came up a big winner in the presidential race in Dixville Notch and Hart's Location, N.H., where tradition of having the first Election Day ballots tallied lives on.

    Democrat Obama defeated Republican John McCain by a count of 15 to 6 in Dixville Notch, where a loud whoop accompanied the announcement in Tuesday's first minutes. The town of Hart's Location reported 17 votes for Obama, 10 for McCain and two for write-in Ron Paul. Independent Ralph Nader was on both towns' ballots but got no votes.

    "I'm not going to say I wasn't surprised," said Obama supporter Tanner Nelson Tillotson, whose name was drawn from a bowl to make him Dixville Notch's first voter.

    With 115 residents between them, Dixville Notch and Hart's Location get every eligible voter to the polls beginning at midnight on Election Day. Between them, the towns have been enjoying their first-vote status since 1948."

    - - -

    I hope this is the direction the WHOLE entire election turns!!!

  6. First off, I've gotta say: WOOT WOOT WOOT!!! You GO Girl! AWESOME rant!

    On the one hand, I feel like a little kid on Christmas Eve - all excited with anticipation! On the other hand, I feel a little like Rachel Maddow - Why is this man (McCain) smiling? Does he know something we don't know?

    Thanks for the link and the nice plug, Anni! (Symbolic clink of glasses, here) Here's to HOPE!

  7. We all have an opinion. I think I might be more in line with flip flop floozie, but I voted and that is the important thing. Who ever is elected I'll support him, because I honestly don't think it is the president who runs this country. What about all those other men and women who serve their own intrest in the House and the Senate. One man does not have all the power in this country. It is called a check and balance system for a reason. Yet now I rant. Sorry.

  8. Well, I think your guy will win. You know I may be wearing red today, but I did enjoy reading your well written opinions and will stand in support of whomever our country chooses today.

  9. I'll dream with you :o) In blue, of course...

  10. YOU are the change we've been waiting for! Wonderful, thoughtful post! I'm doing a little dance of faith over here today. Come join me, if you have a chance.

    Happy Hope Day!

  11. Anni,

    I tried to comment last night but for some reason I couldn't. Since I'm Canadian, I voted in October and am so glad that you and Bud voted last week.

    I'm watching your election carefully, as what happens in the US always affects us. By tomorrow morning (hopefully) we will know who your new President will be.


  12. Well, if I was American, I'd be voting for Obama, but only because he seems to be the best of a bad bunch. It seems to me that with most western politics nowadays, it's big business first, people second.
    I'm also very wary of the Tony Blair experience here in the UK. I think we need to be suspicious of a 'likeable' politician even more than the others. I hope I'm wrong.

    I also had trouble commenting earlier. Wouldn't take. I'm glad I came back.

  13. Anonymous11/04/2008

    I did enjoy your blog post today. I will be doing the same for several days

    Abraham Lincoln
    Brookville, Ohio

  14. Hot Diggity Dog!
    What a great blog!

    Work it! Work it!
    Hootin' Anni.

    Get out all the votes.
    Use your good blog notes.

    Work it! Work it!
    Hootin' Anni.

    Iraq, a big, big flop.
    U. S. not world's cop.

    Work it! Work it!
    Hootin' Anni.

    Bill had Wall St. Bulls.
    Bush us all The Fools.

    Work it! Work it!
    Hootin' Anni.

    For Our U.S. Dream
    John, Sarah ain't keen.

    Final chorus:
    Work it! Work it!
    Hootin' Anni.

  15. It is wonderful that we have the freedom to voice our opinions. Have a great Tuesday.

  16. Hey Anni, I came here to look for your Fun Monday and found that you had a lot to say...Go Obama!! I am with you here. I cannot wait for the results, it is killing me!

  17. Hear! Hear! I couldn't have said it better!
    Great blog for the day!!!
    (and hopefully the next 4 years)

  18. Excellent post! So few people research - they just take for truth scam e-mails and faux news. I'm with you and I voted early. Thanks for the post.

  19. Our country is wonderful as we all have Freedom of Speech, among so many other freedoms. We are very fortunate to live in this great United States. No matter who wins, there will be a lot of people disappointed. It's always been that way and always will be.

    (((((( HUGS ))))))

  20. Anni, great post! He's going to win!! I've posted that he will win! I join you in celebrating... All the crap that was said before will be forgotten and we'll have a new start! :)

  21. I love you!!

    that quote up top is so much of who Barack is!

    "We are the people we've been waiting for"

  22. Did my best and gave him my vote early this morning, Anni.

    I'm amazed so many people want to believe the worst of Obama. I truly believe he will change things that have to be changed!

  23. If at first ya don't succeed ...
    YES!!! I've read your post a few times actually and find it PERFECT for today. I'm relieved that I voted early because it's been one crazy day ... but I managed to get to class just 45 minutes late. Fortunately my neighbor had turned on the computer and gotten the instructor to 'restore' my PSE files to the Organizer (their computers reset themselves each time they're turned off so students can't mess up the lab) ... so I was only a few minutes behind and was able to catch up pretty quickly. I'm relieved to finally get the popup window here and I'll be watching election results closely tonight. Thanks again for suggesting the popup window for comments as a temporary fix.
    Hugs and blessings,

  24. I voted and it posted how I voted sure be glad when Dubya will be out still don't trust the man.
    He still could do something awful by January 20th.
    Pray he doesn't.

    Coffee is on.

  25. Anonymous11/04/2008

    Very patriotic post. Kudos.

  26. Congrats Anni !!! He won !!!

  27. I wish I could write like call tell you did a lot of research and if only more people would do that, then there wouldn't be so many difference of opinions! I truly believe the media really messes it up, they're the worse culprits. I hadn't been listening to the speeches and such so I really didn't have a favourite in my mind. I'm just glad that you're happy with the results and hopefully everyone will give him a chance:-) xoxo