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It's all about a book collection today [and a couple other things]. I have several more than shown here, but I just grabbed a few. And it's just pertaining to a certain subject that is dear to my heart. Over the many years I've tried to collect as many as I can find. All having to do with Gone With the Wind...the actors and actresses, the movie itself, the author...

[all photos have caption mouseovers to explain what you're viewing]

and need for titling these:
Rhett & Scarlet above the headboard of the bed.
Bud made the frames, I stained them turquoise-green and added the metal and purple beaded branches for effect.


  1. I was surprised to see that I have the same Screenplay book as is on your shelf! That movie made a HUGE impression on me as a child! I was 9 years old and my mother took me to see it at the beautiful, old Ambassador theater in downtown St Louis. I was mesmerized and hated it when it stopped for the intermission. It began an interest in finding out more about the Civil War, an interest that continues to this day! I remember my mother bought a beautiful, colorful booklet on the movie while we were there. Sadly it was destroyed in 1993 when the midwest was ravaged by all of the severe flooding. In high school, while on a field trip up to Chicago, we stopped at a "Stucky's" type place and I bought the paperback. I read it the entire bus ride up and back again and then stayed up the remainder of the weekend and read non-stop. By Sunday I was wiped out! My MIL's favorite movie of all time was GWTW (she gave us one of her set of collector plates). There's just something about that movie, maybe it was because it was so foreign to me growing up and I was transported so easily to another time and place!

  2. And to think I had to wait till I went to college till I could read the book (another story in itself)- my Dad wouldn't let me read it because of the "d" word in the moving that came out when he was a young man, I guess!

  3. Did I ever tell you that I did my college thesis on Gone with the Wind?

    Book collections are the best. I have a Michael Crichton collection, and Harry Potter collection, and just other random books I like.

  4. If anyone ever asks me what my favorite movie is, I always reply "Gone With The Wind" first and then It's A Wonderful Life and of course Wizard of Oz. My husband and I have so many favorites of the older movies, but Gone With The Wind is my top one. I saw it in 7th grade. My history teacher took us on a field trip downtown to see it. I had never heard some of my classmates cry until that movie. I have read the book may times and I am a HUGE Vivien Leigh fan. Thanks for the post and memories!

  5. Be happy that I am not living near you ! I would steal the whole stuff ! I love everything too that has to do with Gone with the wind !
    I only was disappointed with the second book "Scarlett" it was a rather poor continuation. What a beautiful couple they were ! I wished I could go once to Atlanta, do you think there are some traces of old times left ?

  6. What a unique collection!!

  7. I remember going to the movies when I was probably in my 40's for the first time (wasn't "allowed" as a child) to see a reshowing of Gone with the Wind. It is definately one of my favorites! Thanks for coming by and visiting me!

  8. You have quite a collection.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  9. I love Gone With The Wind. You have a very awesome collection!

  10. Oh what a happy chance to read your post today because I too have marvelous memories of GWTW...indulge me here, please
    :0) mom took me to see it for my 16th birthday and I was the book and read it and intently questioned anyone who would listen: DO RHETT and SCARLETT RETURN TO EACH OTHER? It took sooo long for the next book Scarlett to be written, didn't it? Oh, the costumes, the scenery, the teenage heart was forever touched. To this day, whenever I hear the theme music, I feel tears come up! My mother tells me that when she lived in Germany in the late 50s (my dad was stationed there) the local movie theatre brought in the movie...but it was dubbed in german! Mom was just wasn't the same and she had to leave.

    Anyway, so glad to see that you are obsessed with this classic (and other are, too, from these posts ha-ha!) Oh, and though I was born in Chicago, I grew up to marry a man from Mississippi. Think I was meant to be a Southern Belle!

    hug to you from Elizabeth

  11. You have quite a collection! Gone with the Wind is one of my favorite movies. I saw it for the first time with my boyfriend (who is now my husband). We drove 60 miles to see it. The drive there was fine, but on the way back home we drove in quite a snowstorm. What memories!

    Thanks for sharing your collection.

  12. Wow, that is such a great collection! How long have you been collecting them? I haven't been buy in such a long time. I'm going to need the afternoon to catch up!

  13. So glad you shared your collection with us. It seems we all love GWTW. The strong stubborn heroine and the guy that won't put up with it. I have never read Scarlett, the reviews were never that good and I didn't want to spoil what I hoped would happen. You have an amazing collection and I am sure you enjoy it. BTW, LOVE LOVE LOVE the patriotic theme! You do such incredible work! HUGS!!!

  14. I love all things "Gone With the Wind". My son gave me the DVD for Christmas a few years ago. Love the music too. Enjoyed seeing your pictures.
    Is it hot here yet? It's over 100 every day now. As long as it stays under 110 it's not bad. The humidity will come with the monsoons which will be coming before long. I hope the monsoons are not as violent as weather in other parts has been lately.

  15. You should have explained why you love the movie and book etc. That was one long movie!! I guess you need not explain why, but I find it interesting why people love things and collect things.

  16. Thanks for visiting my blog. About the hand valance in my craft room, I will take a better picture and post it on Monday with 2 or 3 other valances I have made. Sorry my camera is not the best--blame the camera--HEEHEEHEE!!Ilove Gone with the Wind. I was born in the wrong era!! Julie

  17. Wow, I LOVE the Rhett and Scarlet photos and how they are framed so beautifully!

  18. I just finished Gone With the Wind this week and it was the best book I ever read (or one of them). Thanks for sharing. This was awesome.

  19. Anni,

    Your Gone with the Wind collection of books is awesome - and those photos are great too. A lovely collection. GWTW is my favorite movie of all time, but I've never had a large collection. This is awesome.

    Sorry I didn't get here sooner. I was plumb tuckered out last night.


  20. sooo, is it safe to say that you MIGHT like Gone With the Wind just a bit???

    just wondering.

    Thanks for coming by my place, come on back!!

  21. Anonymous6/14/2008

    Great Gone with the Wind collection!

    I'm afraid I the only person who doesn't love the Gone with the Wind film. It was interested to see it, but I read the book when I was 14 and since then this book with all characters was my true love.


  22. Wow! This an amazing collection of
    GWTW themed books! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my fun