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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

edition #62

[click to play a short 'tribal beat' for ambiance!]

A new feature that may show up again, will be all in fun. I love humor, I love joking, I love laughter. Hope you will too. My thirteen this week comes from a wise ol' lady named Jefé [pronounced HEH fay in Spanish slang - meaning 'boss or chief', being in this case, a "chieftress" but I like Jefé - you guessed it, I really DO have chin whiskers'] These are thirteen tried and true living experiences from the aged one with her keen perception on life-------

1] Don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things.

2] You really should be scared that doctors call what they do "practice".

3] Trust me....your nose does run, and your feet do smell!

4] 22 is pronounced twenty-two, but 11 isn't pronounced onety-one!!!

5] A wise man and a wise guy are opposites!!

6] Barbie is not that popular...why else would we have to buy her friends and Ken?
[insert tribal talk now -"Oomgumbow-wow"]

7] Chairs are made the way they are 'cause our knees bend only one way!!

8] I've never been able to find a specialty shop for the plastic shoelace ends!!

9] "Fonetic" is not spelled the way it sounds!!

10] Throwing a cat out the car window does not make kitty litter!
[insert tribal talk now -"pittergumboogaloo"]

11] Speed of light, yes....but there is no speed of dark!

12] You're up the crick without a paddle on a one-way dead end!!

13] The reverse side also has a reverse side!!

BONUS: The alphabet is in that order because of the song!!!!

- - -

If you liked this, knock three times on the cave ceiling...


  1. Anonymous6/11/2008

    nice may have some people visiting just to get your Italian ice recipe,I mentioned it as a comment on a site.

  2. Thanks for the laugh! I especially liked #10 - Throwing a cat out of the car window does not make kitty litter!

  3. No. 10 is devilishly funny! Fun list, Anni.

  4. This has my brain twisted in knots!

  5. I loved this! And a recipe for Strawberry Italian Ice! Yummy! One fun thing about visiting you Anni is how colorful and fun your blog is. Thanks for being a positive spot.

    Happy TT!

  6. HAHAHAHA oh my #1 made me hoot (which is fitting for your site:)

  7. Funny list. The reverse side of the reverse is the obverse side. :D

    Happy TT.

  8. You've done it again. Another great TT. I always enjoy reading your blog. This was so very funny. Thanks for stopping by mine.

  9. Anni--enjoyed the lite list---good chuckles. I'll be one of those "sweaty things' when I get off the treadmill in a few minutes"!

  10. Ornery says, "She sounds like a redneck waitin' to happen..." Just sayin'!

    Happy TT

  11. This was clever indeed. Thanks for sharing it.

  12. Oh, those are good. Do more of these, Anni!

  13. ...and don't squat with your spurs on.

    Thanks for the giggles, Anni and I LOVE this layout.

  14. I've seen many of these around, but they're still good for smiles! Love the first one especially!.

  15. True ! my nose runs (at least for the moment) and apparently my feet smell because cat Arthur likes to snif on them !

  16. Knock, knock, knock! That was great!

  17. ROFL, loved them Jefa!!!

  18. These are so funny cause they are true lol!

    My TT is here

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  19. Ha! Great T13, Anni! If you're a Hobbit, 111 is prounounced eleventy one!

  20. knock, knock, knockin', Anni -
    thanks for the morning laugh!

  21. I was laughing out loud after the very first one! Great list! Thanks for the grins. :-D

  22. I got some great chuckles out of these, Anni! :)

    I also love your current patriotic look!

    Come visit my TT when you can...

  23. here I am knocking three times on the cave ceiling!! Okay? Sandy

  24. Haha - that list is priceless, especially #1. I shall be especially sure never to pet sweaty things! Happy TT.

  25. Those are soooo funny! I love the one about Barbie!

  26. Oh always manage to make me giggle when I come and visit you! hehe I so loved this...knock three times on the cave ceiling!!! lol Now that I'm 50 I'll have to check out your Blogger Over 50 and see what it's all about:-) Love ya! xoxo

  27. Anonymous6/12/2008

    That was so fun! Those really made me think - about how true they really are!

    I'm going to add you to my blogging buddy list - can't believe I haven't already done it!

  28. Knock, knock, knock. :)

  29. Anni,

    I got a good chuckle out of this posting and I sure needed it tonight. I am bushed. Had the boys all afternoon and took Brandon for his animal therapy. We had a talk with the psychologist there and he said he felt so much better after that. He was not as depressed today but had a migraine. He's going back to school tomorrow. We'll see how it goes.

    Take care and thanks again for the laugh.


  30. Hi Anni, I laughed so hard when I read #4! 22 and 11!! That was so funny! Any way it hit my funny bone! I love the way you have made your blog look for the 4TH of July!! Great Job! Love and hugs, Grams

  31. This is hilarious! I have been trying to add you to my google reader and I tried the button thingy but I still haven't had any success-any ideas?

  32. OK~I believe I figured it out~but it doesn't show everything like the other blogs on my reader...that's ok~I am getting the main part of your posts!

  33. Jefe has a wicked side, I see! Thanks for the smile.