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Hmmmmm, gosh, I don't think I coulda found any red this week! NOT!!! It's all over the house. Red, red, and more red. I chose this's on our fireplace mantle a large poinsettia in a wooden 'plant watering can'. If you look closely, you can see the 'cans' water spout under Santa's arm. :o)


Christmas Poinsettia Legend:

The Christmas poinsettia legend begins long ago with a peasant girl in Mexico, faced with a problem on Holy Night: she lacked the means to contribute a gift in the Christ Child ceremony at the church, as all the other children would be doing. The girl was, however, reassured that, to use a modern expression, "it's the thought that counts."

Taking this advice, she picked some roadside weeds on the way to church to make a bouquet. But when she arrived at the church and it was time for her to present her gift, the bouquet of weeds was transformed into something much more colorful: red Christmas poinsettias! Thus was born an enduring tradition, as we continue to associate Christmas poinsettias with the holiday season.

Poinsettias (Euphorbia pulcherrima) are native to Mexico and like lots of heat. Poinsettias which are grown outdoors may often reach 8-10 feet in height, and may become quite leggy, so regular pruning about every 2 months is a must. Pinching the tips will produce a bushier plant with smaller flower bracts, while thinning the branches will produce larger bracts. Growing them outdoors generally requires a minimum temperature of about 45 degrees, and they do best with night temperatures of about 60 degrees. (They will tolerate a VERY light frost) In areas where the temperatures drop below this, I suppose that the most prudent method of keeping these holiday favorites growing year after year is to keep them in a sunken pot which can be brought into the house when the temperatures drop. If you want to plant a poinsettia in the garden after the holiday season, make sure to keep it healthy while indoors by placing the plant in a sunny, draft-free location and watering it when it is approaching dryness. Avoid sudden temperature changes. When the leaves fall in late winter, cut the stems back to the two healthiest buds and reduce watering to the bare minimum. When frost danger has past you can move the plants outdoors. Choose a well-draining location in full or partial sun preferably against a southern exposure wall to protect them from strong winds which would quickly tear them to shreds. When new growth begins to show, feed with an all purpose water soluble fertilizer every other week, or you may use slow release pellets. The soil should be slightly acid. Root disease is a major problem with Poinsettias, so garden soil is NOT recommended if you are repotting your plant to a larger pot. Use only a sterilized, lightweight potting mix.

Poinsettias are short day plants. Although they will eventually bloom, if you want the plants in bloom for the holidays they must be subjected to at least six weeks of 14 hours of total darkness per day (mid to late September). This may be accomplished by placing a potted plant in a closet or unlighted room, or by covering the plant with black cloth, black plastic frame or a cardboard box. The plant should then be returned to the light each day and given a minimum of 4 hours of direct sun. Feed your plant every 2 weeks with a high nitroger fertilizer once color has begun to show.


...and just for fun today I had to check this out about my blog.

I don't know if this reflects on my writing ability or not....but, hey, it's nice to know. Makes me wonder if it's comparing MY High School or today's level. I'm thinking that today's kids at that age are much smarter than I WAS at that age!!! rofl

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What's your blog's level.


  1. Beautiful. Love the Christmas theme. :)

  2. Hey girl! Thank you for taking the time to stop by my blog!

    Beautiful choice for "red". Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Beautiful Christmas flowers! I love this time of year and I love your theme right now! So fun!

    My photo hunt pictures are up now too! :)

  4. Nice red flower! I like it!

  5. Lovely choice for red and thanks for the legend - I didn't know that.
    I always spend too long on your blog you have so many great things - I love the reading level as it called me a genius - LOL - so wrong!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving such a nice comment. I absolutly love the service set. I love birds, most Cards. Our high school here in town is the Cardinals. Love it.......Kitty

  7. thanks for that info about the poinsettias ... i never knew! :)
    uh, I did that blog reading level, too! lol ...

    have a happy weekend!
    My PhotoHunt post

  8. Great shot and I love the new header!!

  9. Hi Anni. Wow, only 24 days before Christmas. I'm not yet half way on my Christmas list.

    I love red poinsettia. They add to the Christmas spirit. Thanks for sharing that interesting legend. I learned something new today.

  10. Hi sweetie...I love your pointsette plant! I myself dont have much red around this year, as I went with aqua and silver and a 4 foot tree... I posted my red bed heels for this week, I know you've seen 'em...but come on over for a visit

  11. Poinsettias are my favorite this time of year!
    My Red!

  12. love the red! :) and learning about the tradition.
    happy weekend!

  13. Real live poinsettia in your house, that wouldn't last a week in our house since I have a black thumb,lol!

    Have a great weekend, Anni :)


  14. larry@larryhnetka.com11/30/2007

    I have no luck with poinsettias - btw, my blog reading level was "elementary" -- go figure, I say!

  15. I love poinsettias. They are on my photohunt too.
    My PhotoHunt photos are up!

  16. Anni,

    Your poinsetta is beautiful. I had never heard that legend before.

    With all of your Santa's, I can imagine how red your house is. Maybe this weekend I will get some of my decorations unpacked. Life keeps getting in the way.

    Thanks for sharing.

  17. I'm going to test my blog tomorrow for its reading level. It's getting late right now.

  18. Poinsettias amazes me on how it changes its leaves from green to red and only on this season.

  19. red is definitely the color of the season! though others experiment on other color motifs for their decor, I still like the traditional red and green.

  20. Pretty nice RED!...Well, it really shows... In fact, your template is pretty red!... thanks for visiting mine...

    Dare to Blog
    Life Realites

    Have a nice day!...c",)

  21. You remind me that I have to buy a poinsettia too !
    I laughed so much about your blog level so that I did it too and guess what came out : My blog is GENIUS !!! level ! I have never been a genius in my whole life. Now I HAVE to put it in my sidebar, lol !
    I agree with you the FF becomes more and more Kindergarden level. That's why I always give ironic answers. Who cares if I like a rollercoaster or not and how many hours I spend in front of my TV !
    Why don't we put up another FF called Friday menu for example and you propose it on your blog you know much more people than I do but I can help you with the questions.

    BTW Today I take the Cyber Cruise members on a convoy through the Egyptian desert. So if you want to warm yourself up hop over.

  22. Anni I swear you get more decorated every week. Beautiful photo. You are really in the Christmas spirit early Have a great weekend.

  23. Great choice for our "red" theme. Thanks for including the legend as well.

  24. Poinsettia: Would Christmas be complete without one? Have a great weekend

  25. wow!!! merry christmas anni! i love your template! i hope someone will do mine. :)

    can i have that little angel?

    great photo! yes, i see santa's arm :)

    happy holidays! :)

  26. That's a lovely poinsettia. I'm not fond of them, though, since they are poisonous to cats.

    My red photo.

  27. I love your pointsettia plant in the watering can, Oh my 24 days till Christmas...

  28. Love the poinsettia. Mind, you hardly needed a photo this week - your whole blog could be an entry!

  29. I don't think I've heard that story about the Poinsettia. Thanks.

  30. Loving your whole red and green theme for your blog. You always do it up right.


  31. Beautiful poinsettia Anni! I have posted my answers to your Meme today - along with my photo hunt! And I took the reading level quiz -LOL! MY blog is ELEMENTARY, my dear Watson! I don't think I'll advertise that!!! LOL!

  32. What a beautiful choice for the theme!!! I love red, and at Christmas, hey...everything looks fabulous in red. (oh, and green!)

    Happy Holidays!!!!

  33. Perfect choice for this week's theme - so nice and seasonal. Have a lovely weekend!

    My red pics are up at Siani's Pot-Pourri.

  34. The red looks perfect! I love red, too, and I use it all year long. Then, when Christmas comes around, I just heap MORE RED on!
    Your blog is so pretty and festive with the red and greens.

  35. Good Morning Hootin' Anni,
    I just love your Poinsetta decoration above your Mantle. We had a Mantle at our other house that my Dad built for me and I'm missing it this year. I love Poinsetta's. One year we decorated our tree with some homemade decorations that I had made prior to my marriage and then I bought some silk Poinsetta's and separated them and placed them around on the tree. It was beautiful. I love the tin that you have your Poinsetta in. It is just beautiful. I love antique things. Well, take care my friend and have a great weekend. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Karen H.

  36. I'm having a tough time getting into Christmas this year. Guess I better keep stopping by for some cheer! Have a great weekend..:)

  37. http://www.lifecruiser.com12/01/2007

    That Poinsetta decoration looks wonderful. You're such a hoot when it comes to decorations!!!! We haven't bought ours yet.

    Loved the Legend about them. Hadn't heard it before.

    My blog was also high school level when I tried that out a while ago :-)

  38. Thanks for the info on the Over 50 Blogger button.

  39. Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts12/01/2007


    Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts

  40. You live in Texas right ? and it is warm there the whole year ?? Why the heck all retired people move then to Florida which I personally found awful ! Such a humid heat !
    I know Texas only from once crossing through from the Cowboy movies (hehe !) and of course the ol' Bush who sits there in his Ranch.

  41. great shot!!

    happy photo hunting!

    mine`s up!thanx!


  42. I love the meme you made up. I will have to do this one after the Fun Monday. :D

  43. That's a beautiful poinsettia and a lovely legend!!! Thanks for your kind words on my blog!
    Oh, and my blog has junior high level, I guess I should work a bit on my English, lol!
    Happy weekend, dear friend!!

  44. now, you reminds me to pick some of this flowers soon, thanks..lovely choice for the theme.

    Mine is up at 4 Seasons Of My Life and

    2Cents Worth . Hope u can visit me too. Take care.

  45. Hi Anni,

    Just wanted to say I decided to do your Christmas meme- so hope you'll visit me there!

    Your blog site is so pretty and interesting these days! :)

    Hugs ))

    From Junie (another Christmas lover)

  46. Your post was a great read, Anni! I watched the Polar Express last night...wonderful movie!

    Thanks for visiting me!

  47. I love your "red" choices this week. Very pretty.

  48. Beautiful photohunt...Thanks for sharing them..
    By the way I love your blog color is matches with the theme too....I love red...

    Mine is up too:
    Every Beat Of My Heart

  49. I love the legend of the Poinsettia...I had never heard that!

    Your little test said my blog tests out Genius level...I just don't know about that!!

    You have a great "red" day!! =)

  50. Lovely red shot!

    I am a genius btw...How in the heck did that happen??? To quote Homer Simpson, doh!

  51. I would LOVE to have a real poinsetta but afraid that our cats might try to eat it!! Guess i need to go buy one of those pretty FAKE ones! Yours is pretty. I have always loved them. You know that you can plant them outdoors too.

  52. Beautiful plant! I simply enjoy how you change your blog to fit the occassions. Have a great weekend.

  53. Antoinette12/01/2007

    TG for your special nickname, I lost all my blog entries from July-Nov 20 including the link to your blog.
    I googled for Hootin' Anni and you came up as #1 on the list :)
    Glad I found you again!

  54. Not sure if this is where I leave word that I participated in your meme, but I did... snagged it from Judy at Welcome to My Worlds of Dreams. Thanks for the fun meme!!

  55. I love poinsettias and must go buy myself a plant this week! Love the legend behind it too!! Anni, I just posted your 12 Questions Of Christmas meme with my answers:-) Ok, way past my bedtime now so I'm heading to bed! xoxo

  56. I love poinsettias but since I have a cat and they're poisonous I can't keep them :(

    That reading level thing is cute! I did all three of my blogs and came out with a high school for one, college for another, and genius for the last one lol. Thanks!

  57. Great story with a good shot!

    P.S. I got high school level too, and it means that our readers do not have to stress their brains too much ;-)