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Welcome to my Friday's Show N Tell. This week it is of my new ceramic tea collection. I also have a few bone china cardinals, as I love the beautiful red birds; so naturally when I spied this set at the gift shop one day this past month, it was 'a must.' Hehehehehe, my hubby just shakes his head, and continually reminds me that "You don't need any more junk in the house!!" Then, he ends up liking it all. Go figure. Men!!! Hey, it was pretty, and cardinals ---I couldn't go wrong!!!

The following photos are of the same set, but just more 'close-up' than the top of the hutch above. With this photo you see the serving tray and the tea pot. The red is just so vivid, and it's all hand painted.

This, of course, is the tea cup. It's rather large and a hefty booger! It's definitely not fine, fragile china. LOL ---but I think it'll be a festive touch for the holidays coming up soon.

Sugar bowl - - -For me, what makes this set so special, as I said, it's hand painted - so the cardinals are not all indentical; not all the same as you see in 'pressed' patterned sets. They're all 'more or less' individual birds. And...

...the holly & pine cones are a great added touch for more of the intense colorations. The creamer - - - As I said, the set is new, I bought it in October, and I haven't had time to try it out, but maybe I will!! Which brings me to a question - a household hint: Does anyone know how to get out tea stains? I'd hate to mar it up with discoloration. But then again, on second thought, I may not even use it.

This is what is painted on the reverse side of the creamer, sugar bowl, teapot, and cup. Pine cones...


Jumbled Holiday Movie Titles.

2-The Perfect Holiday
4-How the Grinch Stole Christmas
5-White Christmas
6-A Christmas Carol
7-It's a Wonderful Life
8-Jack Frost
9-The Nightmare Before Christmas
10-Home Alone
11-Christmas With the Kranks
12-Jingle All the Way
13-Santa Claus


~Chocolate or NO chocolate?
That is the question!

The heart specialist sent me to a nutritionist the other day. And she was telling me what foods eaten would trigger rapid heart rate. She told me to stay away from coffee, teas, chocolate and colas. Well, I don't drink coffee, and I do drink herbal teas [she smiled and said all herbs are more or less stimulants of one kind or another.] And cigarettes have licorice which is a high stimulating herb! I haven't drank much cola since my first heart rhythm one time I drank a lot of Pepsi/and or Coke! Not any more....I now am told to drink Ginger Ale OR DIET root beer. Tho the regular root beer [non-diet] is lower in caffeine, it still has enough if drank in high quantities that the heart would be affected. I can handle diet drinks. But the chocolate?!! Oooooo, baby, that's gonna be a difficult thing to give up. Even if consumed in small amounts, it makes the heart work harder. Hmmmmmm. So, I got to thinking after I came home that day, "Wonder if WHITE chocolate has caffeine?" Well, I kept forgetting to research it...'til yesterday. After we went to the grocery store for cat food, I was tempted to buy me a Nestle's Turtle snack pack. Yummy. But no, I used my will power! But, I DID remember to come home and look up the caffeine content of white chocolate. Here's what I found:

"Does white chocolate contain caffeine? I've been taken off all caffeine owing to a bout with insomnia and while I'm not addicted to chocolate, I do crave it once in a while.


All individuals react differently to caffeine ingestion. In adults, it takes three to seven hours before half of the caffeine ingested is metabolised and eliminated from the body. Milk chocolate contains 180mg theobromine (a caffeine-like substance) per 100g, whilst white chocolate contains only a trace of theobromine because it is produced without cocoa. Therefore, white chocolate would be a better option
- - -

White chocolate contains no cocoa powder; then it contains no caffeine (it could contain very low trace amounts but nothing that's going to keep you awake at night!)

I say to this: "Yay!!!" "I can satiate my craving for chocolate without the caffeine content!!!"


You know what they say about sloppy cooks? [check closely on the bottom right area of the photo...see the white specks off the outer edge of the counter in the dark area? That's flour dust.] I swear it just jumped right off the counter onto the dishwasher door---all by itself. Honest :::crossing fingers behind my back:::

No worries mate! Pie's done and hubby cleaned up my mess. He's truly my sweet cheeks! I knew I married him for something. *giggles* Hot, fresh, apple pie anyone?


What is your favorite carnival/amusement park ride?
Actually, I'm not much for this kind of entertainment any more for me personally, altho when younger I loved the roller coaster and the ferris wheel...but if it were Disneyland....well, Indiana Jones ride is way cool, and space mountain. Right now tho, I'm much too physically weak for anything that's jerky these days. Now, I would have to say riding the elevator up and down to the 7th floor at the drs. complex is as thrilling as it gets for me.

How do you react in uncomfortable social situations?
Me? I'm not much a socialite, so I would definitely not have to react to uncomfortable situations. Give me a quiet home and a peaceful day/evening and I'm very content!!


On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, how much do you enjoy discussing deep, philosophical topics?
Well now, this is a trick question. 'Cause it would depend on the SUBJECT! Not that it's a deep philosophical topic...the topic has to pique interest first.

Main Course

Did you get a flu shot this year? If not, do you plan to?
[1]No, and [2]probably not. It's not worth it....why? 'Cause you get the flu ---and it's over in a few, why bother? I mean, have a 50/50 chance of catching the flu...but with a flu shot the odds are NOT in your favor, you usually get the flu from the shot.


Approximately how many hours per week do you spend watching television?
Average-wise? Let's see 2 1/2 hours on Monday. Tuesday, one hour. Wednesday - Saturday a whole whopping ZERO ---Sunday, about 6 hours --SPORTS. [We watch movies!!! TV isn't good these days] So, that would be a total of 9 1/2 to 10 hours a week...if there's overtime on any game. Television has not been much for me ---I'd much rather read, play games, crochet....or watch a movie with my dear hubby.


  1. Happy Friday, Anni!

    Your share for today's Show & Telli is so lovely!! How festive are those beautiful cardinals? So glad that hubby likes 'em! Mine says the same things about junk. ;o) LOL!

    Yummy pie, as well! Have a blessed end of the week!

  2. Hi! You have a schedule of tv watching there!

    Your blog is really nice! I love your graphics!

    I hope you won't mind, I added you to my blogroll.

  3. Anni,

    I love your tea set. I love cardinals and that set is more special because it is handpainted.

    Here I am up and about before 6 am and I didn't go to sleep until 1am. So, I've been tinkering around on my blog because I didn't figure anyone would be up yet. Please be sure to drop by and participate in the Pay It Forward Exchange if you'd like to. It should be fun.

    Have a great Friday.

  4. Good Morning Hootin'Anni,
    Wow, I love your Cardinal Tea Set. It is just beautiful and shows so much detail. I normally am not a bird fan, but this is just beautiful. Makes me want one of them now. LOL. I have some Christmas dishes that my Mother bought me several years ago, but they have Poinsetta's on them. I don't use them to eat out of, just for decorating my table. Oh, I love chocolate as well. Have you ever thought about the Sugar Free Chocolate Candy? I don't really know what the caffeine content is, but my parents and myself are diabetics and my sister usually buys my parents the Sugar Free Candy. I've eaten it before and I can't really tell the difference. It's just a thought there. Your Apple Pie looks yummy. Can I have a cold glass of milk with mine please? LOL. I have never heard of this Friday Feast. This is new to me, but if ya don't mind, I will tell you my answers: Appetizer: I don't do any kind of rides anymore. They just make me sickly. When I was younger, I used to ride the log ride that's in the water at Libertyland. Soup: I am definetly not a Socialite type of person. I am a homebody type. Therefore, I don't socialize unless it is with family or maybe a Church function and then I stay near family. Salad: Philosophical - What's that. LOL. I ain't one of them that knows what them big words mean. LOL Main Course: I did not and will not get a flu shot this year. Dessert: I watch t.v. approximately 15-20 hours a week. I'm a big Food Network Fan here. Got to have my Food Network. Oh, this was fun Anni. I appreciate you letting me play along. I am sitting here having my coffee and visiting my blogroll, so take care and have a great Friday. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Karen H.

  5. but
    cocoa is what makes chocolate chocolate
    'white chocolate' is corn syrup with a good advertsing exec

  6. Hi, Anni! It's been forever since I've dropped by. Love the Christmas layout... it's boootiful! And your dishes are great.

    I like the Ferris wheel as well.

    Hope you get along well through the holidays... take care of yourself, y'hear?

  7. I am a dish lover Anni and these are truly out of this world!!!

  8. LOL! Anni... yours is without a doubt the most VERBOSE blog I visit daily! Woman... you've got a LOT on that mind!!!

    I love your tea set! That is totally awesome! What a treasure!

    No wonder I didn't GET #2! I never even HEARD of that movie! Sheeeesh!

    I didn't know that about white chocolate... makes sense though! For ME the issue is more about fats and calories than caffeine... at least THUS far into my 50 years... but I'm gonna keep this in mind.

    Your feast is delectable dear! :)

  9. I love that cardinal dinnerware. I love red and birds so it's a winner. I just bought two little wood? cardinals and put them under my cloche. So glad that you can still eat white chocolate.
    Have a great day.

  10. That tea set is wonderful!

  11. Great Feast! Your appetizer and salad are very similar to mine. And I'd much sooner stay at home than get embroiled in social situations, too! Happy Friday.

    My Feast is up at Siani's Pot-Pourri.

  12. I love the cardinals!! Very neat!

  13. I love your cardinals too! I also like your Christmas hat. It looks so cute! I know how that flour is, it just flies where it wants without asking. :D

  14. The dishes with the red birds are wonderful! Thanks for the answers to your TT... and about your Friday feast, I've never had a flu shot either.
    The pie looks incredible and how wonderful that Hubby cleans up after you!!

  15. I don't believe in flu shots either, that has become a real fashion now since a few years but probably not so much then in the States. I only know people who got sicker with the shot then without. I keep myself out of the crowds, I don't work anymore so who could bring me the flu besides my cats ? The cermic set is beautiful !

  16. I'm getting ready to leave for a week and really don't have time to do replies, but when you said tea set, I just had to pop over and see! Then I see it's red cardinals!! I always think of my mother when I see them, they were her favorite bird!

    It's a beautiful set, go ahead drink tea, it probably won't stain if you rinse it out right away when you are finished.

    Yep, I had a flu shot two weeks ago. No, they don't make you sick, they prevent it!

  17. I love Space Mountain too, although there's a special place in my heart for It's a Small world as well!

  18. The cardinal set is so festive. As I child I never knew what they meant in alphabet books when they said C is for Cardinal. We don't have them in California. Any way I think they are a great addition to anything Christmas. Your blog is so fun!

  19. Hello! I found your blog through T*mmy over on My Gentle Retreat. I'll have to come back more often!

    I'm glad to hear you can have some chocolate! Christmas just isn't Christmas without it. I swear I thought my grandmother-in-law had every redbird thing in the whole world but I don't think she has a tea set of it. Too cute!

  20. I just love your cardinal tea set. It is just beautiful. Thank you for sharing those photos. Thanks for the tip about chocolate and diet drinks. I like my coffee in the morning but rarely eat chocolate. I do drink diet drinks, but I usually drink Diet Rite which has no caffine, and I only drink about one of those a day. Thanks for all the health tips you are passing along. Have I told you how much I enjoy your blog? Hopefully when I learn my way around the blogging world a little better I can participate in some of the show and tell, Thursday 13, etc. I see it is a wonderful way to learn about others and a way to share things about myself.

  21. Hello dear Anni:-)

    Oh how I love your new cardinal tea set...I'm very much like you and can never resist such beautiful items! hehe I love the fact that each piece is handpainted so that the birds are not all exactly the same, adds so much more character to the set.

    If you're asking about tea stains in a cup or pot, I just pour a bit of javex in it and let it sit for a while then wash it out thoroughly.

    Glad you found out that white chocolate has hardly any caffeine...I'm a real chocoholic so I'd have a really hard time not being able to eat it! I guess where health is concerned, though, we need to make the right choices:-)

    That apple pie looks sooo yummy, I'm comin' right over! You should have seen my kitchen after I had made my 10 meatpies last week...I had flour from one end of the room to the other and all over me! lol

    Enjoyed your answers to the Friday Feast...I've never had the flu shot, don't believe in it at all. I get head colds very rarely and that's it, no flu!! Have a wonderful weekend dear friend. xoxo

  22. I am envious of your cardinal collection! Very pretty. I've got a display of them I'll be sharing soon.

    Pass that apple pie over and a side of white chocolate please ;)

  23. Your page is lovely!
    My dinning room will 'accept' your set so nicely. It has a red wall or the lounge visiting cosily with a mugga instead of a cuppa. Go on enjoy it.
    And the pie!
    Plain coco butter compare very well with he taste of candle wax. Luckily for the sugar.

  24. I too love your cardinal tea set!! I have three cardinal's in my Christmas tree!! and I love them on my snowmen! I have two bird houses with cardinal's on them and they are adorable!!
    Nancy and I do get flu shots!! Because I have diabetes and she does too the Doctor said we had to!! and with her having lupus too! I have never got sick after having a flu shot!!
    I linked you to my blog on my last post on blogs that are decorated pretty!
    Love and Hugs, Carolyn

  25. oooooohhhhh, I love cardinals--so those are really nice. I do have trouble occasionally with tea staining my cups---I confess I have used bleach, but do not know if you are supposed to.....I wonder if baking soda would work...or using dishwasher detergent in a paste form?

  26. What a beautiful tea set! It reminds me of my grandma who died when I was a teenager. She loved cardinals. She even said the Cardinals sang her last name.

    The colors are very vivid. LOL about your hubby! :)

  27. Lana G!12/01/2007

    Love the tea set! It sings Christmas!

    Lana G!

  28. What beautiful dishes! I am starting to really like birds too. I didn't used to, but they are growing on me, especially the fat ones! Your red birds look so festive and perfect for Christmas!

    Hugs! Sharon

  29. Anni, your collection is super cute! It's great to visit you again!

  30. I adore the cardinals dishes. wow !!! That is my favorite bird and my daughters too !!!


  31. I love the ceramic tea spells Christmas to vibrant and colorful. Keep posting the pics I love em.

  32. Your new teaset is gorgeous! I love cardinals too!