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My first "LONG" photo I found this week, is this. It's the iron bar-like fixture near the topside of the photo, that's going clear across the photo. Can you guess what it is? It's something household, and quite useful. Guess? Awwwww, come on. I know you'll know what it is. I'm sure!! [This image can be enlarged for better viewing/guessing]

And then, for my 2nd choice, to continue with this month's holiday theme, I have this group of's a new Santa. Funny thing is Carole at Pea's Corner had posted on her blog of the most terrific looking and charming angel tree. She also noted that she found it at Michael's and that there were Santa trees too...well, with the word Santa looming out in front of my eyes, I was down to our neighborhood Michael's that very day....

It's standing about 14 inches tall from the tip of his boots to the top of his pine tree hat/tip of his head. He can be posed whichever way you choose. I think he's a delight. I even like how I captured his backside reflecting in the mirror. But the reason I picked these photos is because his legs are extremely thin and lanky compared to the rest of the 'torso'. Which makes the illusion of LONG.

Last but not least, my 3rd photo - A long-standing tradition when our kids were young was to make a huge batch of pecan brittle. It's just like Peanut Brittle but with a better tasting pecan. And it's so simple to make. I kinda stopped making it for just the two of us after both kids grew up and left the 'nest'. But this year, I was 'tasting' it, and decided to make a small batch. The recipe states it can serve 16, but I'd like to know just HOW they know that since it's broken up into pieces. Anyway, it's delicious. AND DID I SAY EASY? Yes, it's microwavable, and only takes about 10 minutes to prepare the mixture, cook it, and get it on the pan to harden. Simple, tasty, and okay, mouth-watering!! :::running out to get me a small piece as I type::: Yum!!!

And this recipe card can be enlarged to save if you wish!! Just click on the recipe image shown below, it's in the jpg format ....


  1. Wow your post is long on wonderful christmassy shots! I have no idea what the first one is. I'll have to come back to find out. Have a great weekend

  2. Anonymous12/07/2007

    It's the track to the garage door,.... right?????
    Love the new tree santa, pretty cute! Have a good weekend.
    Can't believe how fast Christmas is coming,..... only a few more months of this cold wet white stuff and the flowers will bloom again. I hope it goes by as fast as this whole year has gone.

  3. Great take on the theme. I love peanut brittle so if I can get motivated I'll try your recipe. The problem is I'll eat it all myself if I don't wait and make it when my daughter gets home. I'm guessing that long rod is some kind of hanger, place to hang out of season clothes in bags, in the garage maybe. I hope you have a great weekend.

  4. Long iron board.. I use that everyday too..

    Mine is up too.

    happy weekend


  5. Anni I think it is the handle to one of those grabbers!! We have one of those and they are nice and LONG and can pick up those things that seem to be too far up or down to reach. I have no other ideas...Sandy

  6. I've never been big on pecans but my mom loves them. Thank for the recipe!

  7. I think the loooong bar thing is the track of the garage door!

    And that pecan brittle looks MIGHTY yummy!

  8. I have no clue, how about a hint

  9. I don't know either!! Your pecan candy looks sooooo good!!Yum!!

  10. Hi Anni

    That's a cute Santa and different, too. As for your long thing, the first picture, is it leaf rake, or the "stem" of said leaf rake?

    Pecan brittle...yum, sounds pretty good to me, and why shouldn't you make it for the two of's Christmas, anything goes!

  11. I have no clue but it IS long.

  12. Hi AnnI, I love your long legged santa tree, Im guessing the long Rod is from a settee pull out bed.

  13. Oh I want some of that brittle right now!!!

  14. Lol I'm so glad you were able to get one of those Santa trees...I had thought of you when I'd seen them:-) I've had so many compliments on my angel one because of it being so unusual. Oh my goodness, that pecan brittle looks so good....I've got that exact same recipe but haven't made it in you have me hungry for some! xoxo

  15. Good photos for the hunt, nice take on the theme in each one.

    Mine will be up at midnight EST.

    Please come by and visit. It is of my favorite road photo.

  16. can't figure out what that first photo is. but they're all great shots for this week's theme.

    happy hunting.

  17. Wonderful long post! Thanks for the brittle recipe, I'm totally going to try it. :)

    My LONG picture is up too! :)

  18. I love the long legged Santa tree. It is so different from others. And also thanks for visiting my photo hunt. Have a fun day!!!

  19. I really don't know what this long metal thing is for sure not a Christmas decoration, lol !

  20. I enlarged it but nahh, I couldn't get what the first picture is.

  21. WilStop12/08/2007

    Wow! You really got a great entries here... Love all those things... Thanks for dropping by mine...


    Have a great day!...c",)

  22. Hmm. That long iron bar seems to be in the garage, but what is it? Could be a rake or similar tool, but I don't really think so.
    Love the santa tree.

  23. If you would please give me permission I would love to post your brittle recipe on my recipe blog ( and I have no idea what the first photo is and I would like to know what. Unless of course it is a kitchen thing.

  24. Pretty cool entries... Thanks for dropping by mine...

  25. I agree with the others who guessed that it is the track to a garage door!

    Thanks for the visit. :)


  26. It's up! It looks great and I thank you. The recipe is a wonderful addition to the blog.

  27. stared long at the enlarged photo.. but still couldn't guess what it is. hehe

  28. oh, I'm still not sure what that is. I'll agree with above and assume it's the track for the garage door...

  29. Looks like a garage door runner. Love the other shots.

  30. Ho Anni. Sorry I can't figure out what the first photo is.

    Read that particular post of Pea and it's nice that you got your very own too.

    Thanks for sharing the recipe. It sounds simple enough for me to try. I just have to fun some pecans first.

  31. I know Anni that each visit here will be a treat, and this is not an exception!

    Thanks for visiting.

  32. Hootin' Anni, great work on the LONG post. Is it a track of some kind? I feel like I know but can't figure it out...beautiful christmas decoration and delish looking peanot brittle Yum!

    Come visit me at Answers to the Questions and Deb has cruise pix up at Deb's blog

  33. You got me with the pecan brittle! Yum. Thanks for the recipe.
    Nice set of "long" you've got here.

  34. love the spirit of Christmas always, Mine is up at 4 Seasons and
    2 Cents Worth . Hope u can visit me too. Happy Hunting.

  35. Great, Christmas-y pics for this week's theme. Hope you have a lovely weekend!

    My LONG pics are up at Siani's Pot-Pourri. Don't forget to stop by and pick up your awards!

  36. Interesting photos for today, and I have not a clue as to what the first picture is. I enlarge it and still don't know, ha!! I will be interested to see the answer.

    Thanks for the pecan brittle recipe. It sound easy to make. I've never tried making brittle before but may just have to try this recipe.

  37. Anni,

    All of your photos are wonderful. I love that Santa tree. I had full intentions of getting to Michaels to check them out, but with all the chaos, I never did get there.

    Love the pecan brittle recipe. Thanks so much for posting it so it can be printed.

    Blessings my friend,

  38. HI Anni,

    I can't guess what your 'long' photo is!

    But your Santa tree is cute as all heck!! And that pecan brittle sure looks good! I used to make the peanut brittle...but in an iron skillet! :) yours sounds a lot easier!

    OH! I finally got my tree up!!! Yay for me!!


  39. Good Afternoon Anni,
    Thanks for coming by. I'm feeling much better now and I'm not going to quit blogging. I enjoy it too much. LOL. I think I'm addicted to it actually. Oh well, I'd rather be addicted to this as to being addicted to drugs. I have no clue what that bar-like fixture is unless it is a Exercise Bar of some sort. I love your Santa Tree. I tell ya, all of yall find some of the prettiest things. I guess I live in the wrong part of the country. There is a Michael's in Memphis which is about 60 miles from here, but I ain't going over there. It's too big of a city for me to drive in. People drive way to crazy for this gal. LOL. I'm a back seat and front seat driver. LOL. Your quick and easy peanut brittle looks yummalicious. I may have to give it a try sometimes. Well, take care my friend and "Thanks" for the encouraging words. I appreciate it very much. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Karen H.
    P.S. I've never heard of plain vinegar being put on beans but I have seen my Dad put Pepper Sauce on his beans before.

  40. I wonder what is that on the first photo..but great entry though!the santa tree is really cute! ;)Mine is up too

  41. That seems to be an easy recipe. Will give it a try. Do you cover it when you cook or do you just leave it open?
    By the way, I did your meme about 12 Christmas questions. Come have a look.

  42. this pictures are beautiful. I enjoy watching them. Thanks for sharing....
    Mine is up too:
    Every Beat Of My Heart

  43. Garage door thing right?
    I make that microwave brittle too. So easy.

  44. Is it a curtain rod or something that can be used to slide something else? I love your Christmas tradition and I hope to try to do the recipe. Thanks for sharing,Anni :)

    Hope you have a great weekend!


  45. How can they say it serves 16? with my friends and family it'd be easier to say serves who ever gets there first!