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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out


10 Reasons Why It’s Great to be a Woman (or Man)

1] Okay let me get this out of my mind. It certainly wouldn't be the monthly 'curse' ---I hated that part of being a woman. Always did.

2] We do get pampered. We may not admit it, but it's nice to be doted on at times. With flowers and candy and an unexpected gift now and then.

3] Loving men!! What can I say!! With me the hormones may not be full bloom, but I still like men. I'm actually a butt girl!! Men's butts are so cute.

4] Having my significant other get up at 2 a.m. for the babie's feedings!! [years ago for me of course!! But none-the-less, having a man around to help a new mother is a blessing in disguise] If I didn't have him....I'd still be missing out on a lot of sleep!! It's nice being a woman with a man.

5] Fashion. I've said it before, I AM a tomboy at heart, but I DO love to dress...and I do love to shop! A woman, if y'all are like me, can spend hours just browsing the racks.

6] Did I say we're doted upon? Well, I am. I love the fact that we are considered the weaker sex [tho I don't agree-see below] ---it's nice to be taken out to dinner or lunch, with the tab paid for by the man.

7] I like being called ma'am. I really do. And I LOVE being called mom and grandma!!

8] Tho, I'm happily married to a strong man [lol], I mentioned above about the weaker sex....I think ANY woman can make a life on her own! But it'd be mighty lonesome....still - we ARE stronger than given credit for; our strengths [both physical AND mental]. Give us credit where the credit is due!!

9] I think women have a lot more reasoning in them. Compared to men. Sorry fellas, but I do.

10] Did I mention this? What man can get by with batting their flirtatious eyes/eyelashes and get away with speeding, and just given a warning instead of a costly ticket? [Of course I'm too old now, but boy howdy I used to do it! I confess.] Huh, huh? We women can!!! Women Unite!!!! hehehehe

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November 20: TAILS - Never Say Never (What is something you thought you'd never do or say, but now you do?)

This assignment took a lot of thunking [misspelling intended, I get myself into a lot of work when I thunking is less of a task oriented baseline]. And I finally came up with two things to discuss here:

1] When I was a teenager, I had a pet dachshund. While away at work, a pack of dogs got on our foothills property and mangled our poor dog that we had to have him put to sleep! I vowed then and there I'd never get another animal for a pet!! Well, when our kids came along ---we got 'em pets! In fact at one time we had three dogs and two cats. All at once. A siamese, Felina - a Doberman Pincher, Sir Paladin - a Siberian Husky, Kemosabe, a himilayan, Tempir [he was grumpy!], and another dacshund named Hootz. They either went with the kids when they left or died of old age. The last one to go from that bunch was the siamese cat....she graced our lives for over 20 years!!! But, the last day of her life was torture not only for her, but for me!! I bawled and bawled! Again, I vowed no more pets! It's just too hurtful to see them suffer and watch them die! But, another year and another sweet face begging for you to take them home and love 'em. We now have two more cats!

2] When I was working full time, I vowed to never go back to colored walls. We had someone come into our home and paint the walls all white...throughout the house, while we were on vacation. It was so crisp and everything went with white!! I vowed, because of the ease of the upkeep [you could get a gallon and touch up walls all over!], that white is the ONLY color of choice for me. But, once I got online and all my online friends were showing me there newly painted wonderfully decorated rooms ---I now have turqoise walls, deep rich brown walls, plum colored walls...two bathrooms wallpapered...and a small bathroom with walls painted black! Yes, black.

Guess I should never say never---

Never eat yellow snow.
Never test the depth of the water with both feet.
Never, ever make absolute, unconditional statements.


Yesterday was so hot and very humid. It was like summer all over again. But I hear that there is a cold front moving in our area. S'posed to hit here around Thursday, and believe me, I'm ready for it. And hubby and I were out and about in the downtown area, doing errands, going to lunch and just dubbing around. We ended up at Wal Mart, and while he was getting his midnight snacks and treats that he was running out of, I walked around all the Christmas stuff. Thank gawd for air least it was cold indoors!!

While doing wheelies with my cart, and running into things...I spied a set of Santa pot holders. The ones I have are pink, someone got them for me...I like 'em but I'd much rather have RED! So, these pot holders had the Santa I've come to love and know...I threw 'em in the cart. By the time hubby came and met me with his arms full of milk and cookies [speaking of Santa! LOL], we were heading to the check-out stand and he spotted some hand towels for the kitchen that matched the pot holders...and we both saw the Santa oven mitt. They too got tossed in the basket. All items with Santa were VERY inexpensive. And we were done. Both of us were hot and ready to get home. It was a long day. But after I got the Santas I was pretty pleased. Decorating for this time of year, it's all about Santas [collecting] for me y'know.


  1. Hi Anni. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here but I want to wish you a great one ahead with your loved ones.

    I felt sad when I read about your poor dog. It must have been difficult seeing a beloved pet in such a condition. When I lost my pet dog, Miko because of old age, I felt terribly sad. I had a good cry and also told myself I will not get another dog because it hurts to lose one. I still have another dog, Bruno but I don't think (for now) of getting another one.

    Nice Christmas finds. We haven't started decorating for Christmas yet because we've been so busy but perhaps this weekend we can start already.

  2. Erma Bombeck was such a wise and witty lady!

    Losing a pet is losing family. I never tried to replace one with another because you simply can't.. but I would eventually go get another. I can't hardly remember a time when I was pet-less.

    You certainly are brave with your walls! I've always wanted to do something like that. :)

    (Thanks for getting the Elvis song stuck in my head. Laugh.)

  3. Good morning! I loved your Woman list! I am with you on being pampered!! I am definately of the strong woman type, but a little coddling is good for the soul! ::hugs::

  4. Would you believe I felt that way about a houseplant? I bought him (yes, "him") on a whim when I was entering Wal-mart one day. Just a tiny little sprig of potted ivy. He grew and spread and had to be cut back, and he grew and spread some more. I kept him for several years. But then my family went on vacation and I moved him to the bathroom sink but forgot to tell my uncle he was in there and to turn the water on at least once while I was away... when we got home from our two-week trek, he was brown and crispy. I tried watering him and hoping, but he was gone. Flatline. :( I actually haven't owned a plant since. His name was The Jungle.

  5. Hi Anni,Oh I did so love being pampered when my hubby was alive. but I must say when the family visit they take over and pamper me im not allowed to do anything not even cook.
    its very hard loosing a family pet like loosing a family member. I said after the last one we had was17 years old I said never again its 2 heart wrenching, but of cause the kids turn up with Clayton now 7 years old.

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog, and bless you for the sweet birthday wishes.

  7. Yes, never eat the yellow snow!! LOL

  8. LOL--my kids want a dog and I said never by kids are persuasive aren't they? :) I think we will be adopting one next year.

  9. What a neat list of great reasons to be a woman! I love being pampered too! I also love the role we get as wife and mother! We get to be strong when we want too. You didn't mention multi-tasking, but we rule with that! It really is great to be a woman!

  10. Thanks for stopping by to wish us a Happy Thanksgiving!! I wanted to say the same back to you!! I have been working so much that my blogging has been neglected. Today is about my ONLY day at home this week so I have cleaning and all to do. But I am going to stop and BLOG non the less!! I want everyone to know that i am still around. I am having troubles getting used to working again. Wish I did not have too..BUTTT!!! i loved your woman list..GREAT It is all very true for sure. Sandy

  11. ur 10 on Tuesday..*Oh I hate my monthly thingy*

    By the way..I've tagged u @ my take a look..see if u want to join..

  12. Great list of the 10 on Tuesday. Go bat your eye, girlfriend!

  13. Love the top ten!! So true. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!! Cheers!

  14. I swear I will never be without pets ;-)

    I LOVE your black walls!

    Great post, as always.

  15. Somehow, I kind of got stucked on the words that you seem to have it hot there... Which sounds fabulous in my ears. We have such a cold and damp weather here right now, so I'm only dreaming about getting way to the warmth!

    "I would never say no to the heat"

    Though I suspect it's like that. We never get satisfied hah? When we have heat we want the cold and the opposite. So we never should say never.... *lol*

  16. Hi Anni, I am sitting in front of the fan as I blog!! We broke a record yesterday in Kansas City! 77degress! But, by late afternoon today there is suppose to be a cold front blowing in here from the North and brings us rain/snow!

    The high tomorrow is suppose to be 36 degrees!
    I have a new post today and then I will be back Sat. My family just laughs at that!! They said You won't make it that long before you post again!!

    I love Christmas and all that goes with it! I love Santa's and Snowmen I have a whole bunch of them! and so many snowmen that I can't put all of them out! My grand kids get me new ones every year!
    I said I like hens and roosters once and now I have a bunch of them too!! You have to be careful what you tell the kids and grandkids because this is what you are going to get!! But I really do love my hens and their eggs sitting in a basket.

    I think it is so neat how much fun you and your hubby have going out and about!
    Wishing you a very Blessed Thanksgiving!! Love and Hugs, Carolyn

  17. I forgot about that never get another pet thing. For our wedding my aunt gave us 2 cats. When we moved they ran away and I said we'd never get pets again. We still haven't...but I know my husband wants to get a dog someday and I'll probably give in...once the kids are older.